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Brad's Ten-Foot Poll

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So far the war coverage on TV and radio has been

Breath taking in its scope
Inspirational in its depth
Better than I could have hoped
About what I expected
Shallow and mostly factless
Stupid, vapid, empty and boring

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San Antonio
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He might beat the bunkerbusters but he can't beat Photoshop
Thanks, G.S.

“Decapitation attack” on Saddam

No car searches at S.A. airport for now
No flags on tanks, no tossing candy to kids


TV and radio now in Full Stretch mode, having virtually nothing to say and taking 60 minutes per hour to say it. Last night's network television programming could easily provide years of "What Not To Do" source material for college journalism classes: a shameful amount of rumor reporting and oh-so-very-little actual news coverage.
It's a case of networks and reporters expecting one thing, except that another thing happens, but the nets are still reporting what they expected. A few missiles have been fired. This is NOT "shock and awe" so why the full-time coverage? Wally Baloo, does anyone remember you?

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I'm guessing it'll be a long time before this little Missy tries any free speech again, if she knows what's good for her.


I used to listen to you when you were at KLIF in Dallas. I am 54 years old. I was a kid when I listened to KLIF. Gordon McLendon ruled the airwaves then. I guess my point is we are both older than dirt.
Ken M.

Yeah, I was about 14 then. In these days of beancounter corporate music radio I sorely miss Gordon. He was such a great influence. In 2002, the work I did for him back in the 1960s, was considered good enough to warrant a place for me in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Ain't been no one like Gordon since, nor even halfway close. He was brilliant in programming, entertainment and promotion. When I was there, KLIF had the last 60 share in radio. Stations today think they're hot if they get a 4 or 5 share rating. By the way, a lot of the guys you listened to at KLIF are listed on the My So-Called Career page on my website here. Thanks for writing.

KLIF / Dallas 1960s

Origami Boulder floored me! I never cease to be amazed at your sense of humor and I have no idea where that website came from, but it is a hoot! Keep up the good work! Don't go away: stay at KTSA!

I'm not going anywhere. Well, not that I know of. You haven't heard anything, have you? You HAVE, I'll bet! Oh, now I get it: everyone else knows except me and I will be the last to find out because it's always like that in radio. Damn. I hate packing.

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It is so hard to decipher whether you lean this way, lean that way, or just stir the pot to see which pea comes up to be burned. :-) Or, it's just to stimulate callers and arouse their anxiety.