day, May 21, 2002 slow modem download 15 seconds
N E W S and such

"Copy-proof" CDs cracked with 99-cent marker pen

A similar CD story that was an urban legend

CNN tossed off Skywalker Ranch after Connie Chung report?

Auto mechanic for old lady remembered in her will

Star Wars fans report 40 blunders

Forgetful teacher shows pupils internet porn pictures

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Semper Fi
Since you're a pilot like me, I thought that you would appreciate something like this. Take a look, see anything funny?
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Hey Brad, After hearing about the possibility of suicide bombers making their way to the US, I have the perfect solution. become a mandatory nudist country. I mean if you're buck naked, ya can't strap bombs around your body .

Brad, I'm terribly disappointed in Bush, as soon as he heard of the possible rumored innuendos of an airplane hijacking he should have immediately issued orders that all arab looking males should be shot on sight upon attempting to enter an airport. No wait, the liberals would have had a problem with that. Get real, there was no positive action that was legal that he could have done.
Deborah B

I was told by my GP to not go to a particular doctor. Probably ten years later I had forgotten the warning, and I had an appointment with this guy. He finished his examination then told me to lie back on the exam table. I did, and he put his hands on my shoulders and drew his hands firmly down my body to my hips. When I wrote the SA Medical Board, someone called me and asked if I thought what the doctor did was sexist. Doctors can do just about anything, including murder, and get away from it.

Brad: Listening to you this morning, I remembered a book that is available that is the only state-by-state listing of doctors who have been disciplined by state and federal agencies - doctors who may be continuing to treat unsuspecting patients. It is sold by regions and the cost is $25.50. You can order by phone at (877) 747-1616. It is offered thru Public Citizen Health Research Group in Washington, DC. I ordered one but loaned it out and never got it returned. It is very helpful and everyone should have this in their library at home.
Jennie C

Brad-- . This ten-thousand-pound shipment of cyanide that has turned up missing in Mexico is worrisome to me. Let's suppose that the person who lightened the Mexicans' load was not some gold miner but rather a savvy terrorist. Let's suppose further that that terrorist and his friends were familiar with local water supplies. How much trouble would it be to toss enough cyanide in the process to contaminate a city's water supply for some time to come?...

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