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Tuesday, April 16, 2002
1880 - Tornado near Marshall, MO carried recognizable parts of a house 123 miles.
1929 - NY Yankees were the first major league team to add permanent numbers to uniforms; Babe Ruth was 3, Lou Gehrig 4. Their numbers have been retired.
1947 - Explosions and fires on the waterfront killed an estimated 561 people at Texas City when the French freighter "Grandcamp" blew up in the harbor. Some 3000 were injured
Friday will be the 5th ann’y of The Flood at Grand Forks, ND.

Kids: We killed our brother
“It’s a homicide. They just confessed to the death and burying the child,” Sgt. Douglas said.

Bushies bury boss’ bloopers
“At a speech in Bridgeport, Conn., President Bush declared that he wanted each American to volunteer for "4,000 years," a variation of his usual call for "4,000 hours" that produced guffaws in the audience.
Later, at a fundraiser, Bush bestowed a new name on Connecticut's lieutenant governor, Jodi Rell. "I appreciate Lieutenant Governor Judi Kell for being here," he said. "Great to see you again, Judi."

“Monstrous war crimes” in Jenin
British reporter: “A monstrous war crime that Israel has tried to cover up for a fortnight has finally been exposed. Its troops have caused devastation in the centre of the Jenin refugee camp, reached yesterday by The Independent, where thousands of people are still living amid the ruins.”

A&M won’t fire prof who stole
“...agricultural economics professor Mary Zey plagiarized the work of colleagues and falsified data in a 1998 research paper...”

IRS slave reparation refunds investigated
“... after the Civil War, Congress passed a bill to allow slavery reparations in the form of 40 acres and a mule, but that bill was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson and was never enacted into law.

Farmers Insurance to refund $15M

U.S. met Venezuelan overthrowers

Sex abuse at American Boychoir School

Yeah? Well, under their clothes they are ALL nude!
Midway through the first act, the character of Al Joad strips then jumps into a pool of water to bathe. At the end, the Rose of Sharon character breastfeeds a starving man after her baby is stillborn. The actress will convey this by drawing the actor's head to her breast.

Demented person murders lifesized doll

Supreme Court: simulated child porn is legal

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