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Wednesday, April 10, 2002
Bataan Death March began 1942 many Bataan links

Today Carlos Guerra joined me in the studio on the occasion of the anniversary of his first report on the PGA Village, which he called a "taxpayer funded folly" in this column
PGA Village referendum petition website
All Express-News PGA stories

Roddy Stinson exposé puts airport contract in doubt
Councilman David Carpenter told me this morning that the management contract for the half-billion-dollar expansion of International Airport is now in doubt– because of Stinson’s reporting in this column about the proposed involvement of a New Orleans insider named “Bunny” Charbonnet.
Carpenter's airport committee meets tomorrow morning to consider the contract.


USA Today: “At GM, safety optional”

“Free porn” worm hits internet

Accused priest had owned gay-oriented hotel

Evidence ups pressure on Boston cardinal

Sister Antonia: “Prison Angel” of Tijuana

Brad - This should get the old biddy stirred up! --EBD
Police Dog Severs Suspect's Penis

Drunk driver’s excuse is “9-11 worry”

Ed McMahon’s $20M mold claim

Kmart yanks tabloid over Martha Stewart story
"Kmart has requested the current issue of Globe be removed from the stores immediately," the e-mail said. "The issue contains a very negative article about Martha Stewart."
Posted 3:55p.m. Wednesday
Brad, I wouldn't buy the Globe even if I needed something to wrap up fish guts in, but the article on your web about Kmart yanking the copy with an article criticizing Martha Stewart sort of got my Irish up. So I went to Kmart's page with the intent of sending them an email. It is not exactly the friendliest site on the web, and it took several tries to find the page that supposedly lets the customer communicate with the corporate lords. Suffice it to say it did not work. I guess they don't want to hear from their peon customers. The worst part was that the form returned an "illegal address" message and would not let me go back to where I was, but dancing around at the top of the page was an animated banner saying Customer Service is very important to Kmart!...

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Posted 4:01 p.m. Wednesday
PGA Village petitions
HI! I wanted to inform you that, I just got back from taking my ten family members, who are registered voters, to sign our names onto the petition sheet. I drove them out to COPS/Metro at 925 San Pedro Ave. Also, for your information my uncle is in support of the PGA Village and he signed the petition because he believes everyone should have an opportunity to have their voice heard on this very important issue.
Sylvia M

You had to have been there...
Hi Brad, Thanks for finally telling us the truth about your commie* bosses. Re the Simpsons/Rio story - how can we be sure the complaints didn't actually come from a dengue crazed monkey?

Someone told me they heard on Carl's show that’s exactly what happened!

*refers to the Eastern Cartel that controls all news, not to my employers

James sets me straight...
I guess that guy from the Christian Science Monitor didn't know what he was talking about. You'd think that since he lives over there in all that turmoil that he would be as "up" on this stuff as you are.
James C

(This refers to my smart-mouth remarks about Israeli troops ruining civilian refrigerators in Palestine)

I have no idea what this is about...
My enjoyment of the recurring transvestitism on your site makes me wonder about at least one of us...

I am pretty much denying everything.

Airport security...
Dear Brad, ... I took [my .22 pistol] to Calif. ... At the airport, I declared it in my checked baggage, had it inspected, did everything legal. I also happen to be middle aged, male and on a one way ticket. Needless to say, I was searched before I got my ticket, again before I went through the metal detectors, again at the metal detectors again before I got on the plane. Swapped planes in Las Vegas, where I was searched again prior to boarding the flight to Ontario, calif. Wound up making five more TX-Calif trips with identical results. Funny, after all these "security measures", They allowed me to take on board several sharp glass objects I'd purchased at the gift shops inside the secure areas... Sincerely,
"Pyro 62"

Yeah, I bought 3 glass coffee cups at SAT and carried ’em aboard Continental last month, and thought how sharp they would be if broken right.

Puppy Protection Act...
Brad, This is too cute. Read the ending. Maybe there's hope for some common sense after all. Oh, I forgot, we're dealing with politicians here!
Thanks for your remarks about the Puppy Protection Act the other day. [Humane Society of the U.S.] has done such a snow job in getting supporters that this has been a difficult issue to address. It is difficult for the layman to understand and I have been concerned about going public because it would probably get more letters in support of the bill -- since it only addresses those horrid "puppy mills." AVMA has some great info on their website.
Thanks again for always being there for the real animal lovers.
Mary Beth

NY Post April 7, 2002 Page 27
Enter the Puppy Inspectors
by Jay Ambrose
When your dog has a puppy, you had better scratch that puppy behind the ears. If you don't, you could someday be in violation of a law known as the Puppy Protection Act. The act has been passed by the Senate and is part of the farm bill now under consideration by a conference committee.
This is true.
This is not fiction.
Some members of the Senate are apparently so convinced of the inability of this country to get through another day without the coercion and wisdom of the federal government that they voted for this measure requiring people to socialize with puppies before selling them. Depending on court rulings about the Agriculture Department regulations, such a law could apply even to small breeders selling to consumers instead of to stores, a Scripps Howard story notes.
The Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have argued that person-to-puppy contact will make the dogs nicer and thus prevent future owners from taking them for long, one-way rides in the country. Maybe so, although the American Kennel Club observes that raising dogs is far more complicated than the legislation acknowledges.
But arguing about the best method of puppy-rearing misses the point, which is that this sort of detailed regulation exceeds any reasonable intrusion of the federal government in affairs of the citizenry. This provision of an act that has some better-considered provisions would not be nearly as bothersome if it were not that such legislative overreaching is commonplace.
The farm bill in which this act is lodged is itself an example of going much too far. It puts billions from taxpayers in the pockets of multi-million-dollar agri-businesses, and to no purpose higher than helping members of Congress get votes and support from the handout recipients.
The Bush administration had resisted the excess, but now is going along for political reasons.
The administration has announced no position on mandating the petting of puppies. All that is known is that it now favors feeding the fat cats.
There is a photo accompanying the article. It is a picture of a mischievous beagle puppy. She has her head down chewing a bandana. She is looking up - you can see the white of her eyes. The caption is: If you don't play with me, I'm calling the cops.



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