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Only 5 days until Wentworth-Shields race ends
Today and tomorrow
are final days of early voting for next Tuesday's March 12th primary election

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Brad, Carl and Jack make the national list:
Top 100 Talk Hosts
7th straight year for Brad
In the first 6 days of March this site had hits from United Kingdom, Norway, Estonia, Malaysia, Denmark, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands.
Talkers Heavy Hundred 2002

Audrey Hudson - Washington Times

GAO report on lynx fur fakery

“... government scientists knew they should not have submitted falsely labled samples into a national lynx survey and ... some supervisors were aware but took no action.”
“Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson”
Drudge: CNN news told to lay off reporting on new book critical of Jesse Jackson
[ Go ]
Woman left hit-run victim trapped in her broken windshield, hid car in garage until pleading victim died Go
Columbine photos might be shown Go
Brian Rohrbough, father of slain Columbine student Daniel Rohrbough ... called the photographs "horrifying."

Schoolboy dressed as Jesus is called Little Bo Peep Go
“The two then got into a fight...”

Lightning result: 85,000 dead smelly chickens Go
Mrs. Condit in a snit but TV show won’t apologize Go
Seinfeld's $1.4M garage irks neighbors Go

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Saudi Peace Plan cartoon

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From: Jack Landreth
Date: 3/6/02
Re: Talkers Heavy Hundred
Congratulations to KTSA's very own Brad Messer, Carl Wiglesworth and Jack Riccardi for each being named (again!) in the Talkers Magazine 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America. This is a very elite group, considering the number of news/talk stations there are in the U.S., and even better that KTSA has 3 hosts out of that 100!

Aw, shucks.

What happened to the monkey man reports from India? Has he been caught? Is he hibernating? For a while I was finding misc reports on him but now there is silence. Conspiracy theory-connection with Bin Laden. You never see them together. Both strike fear in the hearts of men. Please provide an update. I will be traveling out of the country and I want to be prepared. thanks

How would you propose getting prepared for the Monkey Man, jean? Armor? Force field?

Brad, Here is a copy of a letter I wrote my city council person re: new police chief! Some day soon, have him guest on your show and ask the questions referenced in the letter.
Council member Schubert, I sincerely hope that the new police chief will be more inclined to require the San Antonio police officers to enforce traffic laws more diligently than the exiting chief did. This town must slow down! This town must stop running red lights! This town must buckle up especially the children! This town must start using turn signals! ... Thanks

Yeayh, well, that'll happen about the same time that cops start giving each other tickets.

I was listening to your show by force one morning and heard you talking about the loss of the Dillards at Windsor Park Mall. I heard you say that the mall was dying. Well I am here to tell you that Windsor Park Mall is alive and well and the mall that you should have been mourning was McCreless Mall. This place has no major retailers, no bookstores, no nothing. I guess that a northside establishment losing a Dillards is more of a tragedy

By force? What, at knifepoint?