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To the Manager:
Again, I am responding to poor programming and filthy mouths of your show hosts. Just the other day Brad talked about a possible penis that was cut off and left - somewhere - that made a "news" story. That trash isn't news it is "stuff" to fill the mind of perverse individuals who have their minds in the gutter - like Brad. I have already stopped listening to Trey and Roberta ... I personally hope your radio station goes broke ...
Charles S

... one VERY IMPORTANT point: yes, they have the right to build either a golf course or the 9,000 houses that they THREATEN, but we DO NOT HAVE TO HELP SUBSIDIZE THIS VENTURE. Give them NO tax breaks and let this project sink or swim on its own merits.

I find it funny that all your listeners go up in arms if the "Chruch" makes any statement about anything political. If Buckner Fanning were to have stated the same thing, everyone wouldn't make a big stink about it. I think that all the non-catholics in San Antonio are really afraid that they might become mindless sheep if they listen to a catholic bishop speak out. ... Love the show Brad. Tell John O'Rourke to keep playing that kickass music he plays and to try his best to get more airtime to play it. Just another mindnumb sheep,
Chris S

Why would Archbishop Flores be against the PGA Village? Well, how many golfers do you know that fill the pews on Sunday morning?

Brad, Just a quick note to let you know that Archbishop Flores has recently signed a contract on a brand new home in Encino Park. Last time I checked, the "Recharge Zone" boundary was under that particular area of San Antonio. I wonder how he'll feel each time his sprinkler system sprays/overflows onto the street. Maybe it'll just be his way of contributing to this sensitive region: surface runoff!!! Thanks,

Brad, I'm sure the Archbishop doesn't just dislike the PGA Project because of the water issue, he doesn't like the PGA's Collusion with a crooked Senator to shove a $60 Million Tax Gift to PGA & Lumbermen down our throats.