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Guy goes in for a checkup and is told he has anthrax. Doctor says, "I'm putting you in the hospital on a diet of tortillas." Guy asks why tortillas. "Because that's the only thing we can figure out to slide under the door."
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For 2 days now I have had to endure the uneducated calling your show, crying about how the Founding Fathers were religious and did not endorse and Separation of Church and State. Time for a correction... Here is a Quote directly from Thomas Jefferson in which he does use those exact words. "Believing that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their Legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, " thus building a wall of separation between Church and State." - Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to the Danbury Baptists, 1802
PS Thomas Jefferson was a Deist. One who believes in a non-communicating, non-personal God or Gods. Deists believe a god created the universe then basically left us on our own. They do not pray to these gods nor have any relationship with them.


Well Brad, You really scourched the airways with your subject matter about Poteet. That's the reason that a number of people send their children to private schools or home schooled these days. The parents do become involved. We have become overly sensitive these days it seems to anything which may or may not upset others. Precautionary tactics are out of hand and have ran amuck. Continue to do your informative and entertaining program. I really enjoy your web site and links.


Since moving to the area 15 years ago, I have made a point of only buying strawberries that are locally grown, since I believe in supporting local economies when I can. I can guarantee that Poteet won't get any of my strawberry money from now on... As "GOD" is my witness.


brad, you dont really understand the half of it! i witnessed the other night on the local news over in moscow on the colorado an elementary school teaching the children to say, "and to the democracy for which it stands". im working on getting a tape of that crap so i can share the treason with everyone, as if anyone would care. if you are interested let me know.......


Brad, I heard the story yesterday about the people at A&M having concern that "non-Americans" might feel uncomfortable because the American flag was displayed at the student dorms. I am appalled!!! This is America! If someonehas a problem with the American Flag being displayed, TUFF *#$%! Maybe if this country would take a little harder stance and stop being so damned worried about hurting everyone's feelings from everywhere else in this world, then we might not be in quite the predicament that we are in right now. PS: Please don't say or publish my name or company. My superiors read this site and listen to KTSA also. Thanks


You gave us access to the pop up stopper, but the way you have your web site configured, all of your links will not load because they are considered pop-up adds. I know I can turn off the pop-up stopper. Thanks,


Yes, somebody got it. The city of Madison is indeed dead if they haven't marched on the school district with torches and pitchforks. Just another reason to do away with all government schools. (Oh, wait, that's another talk host. Sorry. ) Later!


Brad, Bill Clinton supported terrorist for 8 years even releasing some from jail to bolster Hillary's election. Tom Daschle was a Clinton worshiper so I guess he too is a terrorist sympathizer. What I don't get is why his own kind would target him. They must be dumb &*%$s!
Jerome in Kerrville


Hey Brad:
Thanks for your "bottom line" - "cut to the chase" attitude! Am I the only one asking the following questions? 1. It seems suspicious that the only person who contracted Anthrax at a birthday party at the ABC building was a producer's son. The report this morning stated that the parents noticed after leaving the party that the baby's arm was swollen and looked like a spider bite. They took him to the hospital where it was diagnosed as Anthrax. I suspect someone at the party who might have intentionally stuck the baby's arm with something and exposed him with the bacteria. I hope the FBI is investigating this. 2. If a person contracts Anthrax and takes medication, does that person become immune to another exposure? Can the spores live for any length of time on something like paper money? 3. How do the people involved in spreading Anthrax keep from contracting it? Even if it is pre-packaged the envelopes must be addressed and if the spores are falling out of the envelopes at the post office - what's to prevent this from happening at the place of origin? ... 4. What is in the text of the letters to the media and Daschle? Are they protesting something? 5. WHERE IS VP CHENEY? Don't tell me he's in a secure location - I want to see him. ... 6. And finally; if Anthrax isn't contagious (unless we come in contact with it) then it's safe to say that as long as we steer clear of the media and politicians we have no need to worry? No problem! Love your show!!!!!!!!!! (Please don't use my name)


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