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No impulse to strangle 10/3
I just had to let you know that I love your show and your wit. You seem like the type of person I could sit and have a beer with without wanting to strangle you. You’re funny, a smart ass, and that is what this country needs. More funny smart asses for journalists or talk show hosts. It keeps a better perspective on reality when you add humor to a serious subject. Thanks for doing your job.

I had pretty much stopped socializing with people who might want to strangle me. Glad to know you probably wouldn’t.

Brad the peanut brain 10/3
This is in response to your comments on the congress taking up the farm security hearings. Especially the ones on peanuts. I am very sure that The Wall Street Journal had all of the facts correct and that all of their writers and editors have been farming peanuts for years and years. If you would only look at the counties to the South of you and check to see how many Peanut farmers are left, you would find out what a money making mint it really is. My wife and I farm in Southern Duval county, in which there used to be ten or more Peanut Farmers, and we are the only one left now. If it was not for The Government Welfare to farmers I do not think that there would be one out of ten grain farmers left, but I would bet that you would be paying a lot more for food at the grocery store. When most of our food comes from other countries, wait and see what the prices will be when you go to H E B. My wife listens to your station most of the day and I do also when I get the chance, and agree with all of you most of the time. Wish that I could have responded on the air, but most of my time is spent digging all of this gold out of the ground farming.

Had you been able to hear it yourself, you would know that I didn’t happen to be running subsidies down. The point was that a goofy congressman had tried to portray the peanut subsidy as being a national security issue, which seemed pretty idiotic at this particular time.

Don’t remove lead 10/3
I wish you could some way stop pointing out, on your show, there is a device which removes Lead from our water. I realize that the product is more than likely very reliable and does a very good job. However, at my age it is very important that I keep all the 'lead in my pencil' that I can... Thanks,

Attention mulch consumers 10/3
Listen to your show every day and enjoy it very much. I agree with you about 99% of the time Ha Ha. My problem is the new ordinance the City Council passed which charges 3 cents a pound for mulch [or] about $45 for a small truck load which most people like myself cannot afford being a senior citizen on a fixed income. We already pay for garbage and brush pickup and they just raised property taxes besides have you been out to the brush pile on Bitters Road lately? Well they have brush piled up for acres and cannot get to it plus piles and piles of mulch they will never catch up. So my question is what are they going to do with all that brush and mulch when the citizens refuse to pay for it... Thanks and keep up the good work you are doing especially now during this turmoil.

Way I hear it, the politicians are considering using the San Antonio Mulch Reserve to create a renewable supply of hot air.

Inquiring mind wants to know 10/3
... been a fan of yours since I was a fetus. Remember Suzy (or was it Sandy) Drew on KLIF? When I was a tiny baby on the ranch near Dallas, sneaking out to listen to the radio at nite in the car, she called herself Super Chick at one point. I talked to her the other day. Told her I listened to you all the time and she said "he still alive?"

You’d have to define alive...

Protecting the bigshots?
"The hazmat route is designed to prevent accidents near homes." Have they not traveled Loop 410 and seen the number of homes to both sides of it? And what about the shopping areas? 410 is more heavily traveled than 35 downtown! I think they just wanted to protect the bigshots downtown. What do you think?

Or maybe the bigshots are getting even with Castle Hills for something. When I finally ever get my All Conspiracies All the Time program this will be looked into or up.

Was it from a real source or only from you? 10/3
...Was the discussion on having federal guards on planes in lieu of flight attendants from a source or was it a topic you merely suggested for deliberation?... God Bless America!

I referenced the Wall Street Journal author several times. I do not actually produce any ideas myself.

Bob’s fantasy world 10/3
You are almost a master at cutting off listeners in midstream. Is that your training at listening to Limpedbaugh at his uneducated sense of how to screw the caller-ins when you can't understand the subject they called in about and don't have a written script on the answers. You have the opportunity now to go straight up if you'll get professional and not act like you are a foolish psycho. You may be near seventy but you sound a litle younger. Not a year over sixty-nine. I fly mucho airline and believe the non-lethal release of knockout gas into the passenger cabin is the best solution for control in addition to a separate outside access door to the pilot's cabin. If we pass an immunity to frivilous lawsuits against airline mishaps due to skyjacking will help make decisions about security aboard aircraft. THAT is the motivating factor for the silly cheap concoctions (innovations) for the pilot access doors and gas introduction into the passenger cabins. We are mental midgets for sensible answers.

Armed air waitresses 10/3
I can see it now: "Police Academy 2001: Coffee, Tea, or Handcuffs?" You get the money, I'll write the screenplay.

Is that a bottle opener in your pocket or are you just excited to be at the airport?...

Purge of worn-out items 10/3
... Let’s get rid of flight attendants, food, movies, and telephones on the planes. Then you can also get rid of the restrooms and replace them with additional seating.... You issue everyone a catheter and add those lap bars that are found in roller coasters. Now, you can have one uniformed and armed flight attendant. That way, no one can leave his or her seats to hijack the plane. I'm also very sure, if we examine it, we can find many more useless and dangerous freedoms that we can rid ourselves of in favor ofsecurity.

Sort of like spring housecleaning of civil rights and freedoms, getting rid of some of the older ones.

You phony! 10/3
Give it up! Your weight loss is as phony as the adds you expound on every day. The Diet program is totally phony and we all know it after trying it before. IT IS PHONY KTSA. They must be paying royally for the ads. Dn't eat three hours before bedtime and anyone will lose. By the way, talk or brag about Democrats once in a while. It shows total ignorance when everyone you bring up in a nice way is always Republican. The public is not the stupid thing that you think it is. Times have changed Brad. It's not the sixties and Nixon time anymore. WE are AMERICA, not Republicantown U.S.A. What happens in Texas is not a national consensus of what is thought in America. Try to be nuetral and you'll win.

Bob, Bob. Bob. Coooool off. One, I don’t do those weight loss ads. Two, I bragged on Dems just the other day when they were standing up in Congress arguing against the hasty passage of laws which would have eroded civil rights. Three, if you had been a tiny bit nicer up in the early parts of your e-mail, I would have corrected some spelling for you, but no.


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