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The Little Voices 9/26
Subject: They Are Baaaaacccckkkkk!
Thank you to the voices who have returned to the Brad Messer show! I heard the redneck voice and the lady-in-the-street voice, today. Still waiting for the comment-line-old-lady voice.

Very Sad Photo 9/26

I am not sure if you received this picture, however, this is very sad. I was in NYC on top of the WTC a week before this happened and I have a picture of myself similar to this pose with the same background of NYC with the Empire State Building in the far back. This is very sad and I just pray for this young man's family because he is still missing according to the e-mail that was sent to me with this picture. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about WHAT IF this happened a week before. I THANK GOD every single day for sparing my life. By the way, I am a new listener to your show and I love it! Keep up the good work!
REPLY -- It is a hoax photo, Deb.

Terrorists Are Winning 9/26
... you are right! The terrorists are winning! Know it is hard to do but everyone has to return to normal living and pull themselves up and out of that "Down in the Dump” syndrome. We cannot be scared at this time!

A Good Laugh
Subject: Osama’s lips
Thank you, thank you. My family from Hawaii to Key West and all points in between have had a good laugh, and something to look for on the net that doesn't have to do with terrorism. The whole gang was madly looking for an elephants rear. This is great.

Voice Of Reason
Hey Brad,
I am an avid listener to your radio program. ... I enjoy the show very much. ... Yours is a voice of reason in this "expletive deleted" world we live in. Peace.

See A Connection?
Hey Brad,
Long time listener and fan. You tell it like it is! Has anyone suggested a connection between NYC WTC and the apparent "suicide" of the pilot on the Egypt Air flight some months ago? Wasn't he supposed to have said some prayer just before he put the plane into a plunge? Always asking.

Leave The Country
... after the two "little old ladies" you had on, one suggested you leave the country. I agree you should leave the country and take her with you and then you return! ... I am a below knee amputee and wear a prosthesis. ... I have even gone through airports and the machine did not pick up the metal in the limb [and] there is enough metal to make a good sized gun ... You are correct! The things we are doing in response are stupid and the things we are not doing will get someone killed eventually.

Losing Our Freedoms
It's simple: people are ready to give up freedoms if they are made to think they will be safe. But ... they take measures that look reasonable when in reality they are just Band-Aids ... and we wonder why our freedoms are flying the window. WAKE UP PEOPLE, THINK! Don't give up your freedom to think and to examine what the government does to keep you safe.

Losing Our Rights
Thanks for trying to wake us up. Too many well intentioned people have their heads in the sand and can't see (or don't want to see) that we ARE about to lose some of our rights if we don't wake up! Any right that we give up to fight terrorism is one more victory for the terrorists.People are over-reacting ...

Wrong Comparison
Subject: Elephant’s rectum
You are wrong, Brad. Bin Laden is a horse's ass.

Disgustingly Pompous
Dear Brad,
I like your show! I used to listen to the Mahaw Rushie, but the richer he gets the more disgustingly pompous he becomes. Now, I tune him out and listen to your show. About airline safety, there is an old adage: nothing succeeds like success. Why doesn't the U.S. pattern airline anti-hijacking efforts after those of the Israelis? They haven't had a hijacking since the '70s.

Rush’s Voice 9/26
I haven't listened to Rush on "Brand X" for a while because it's on in the same time slot as your show Brad, but I accidentally tuned it in the other day. What is the deal with Rush Limbaugh's voice? His voice seems to be a little slower and deeper than before. ... or maybe they just want to drag it out to give their 3-7 PM hosts more time to scan through "Highlights" to get more of their inane "cutting edge" material.

9/24 Brad,
Couldn’t find an elephant anus to compare to Bin Laden, but did find a nice photo of him.
Thomas in Austin

9/24 From: Mary
To: Everyone
Breaking News! Bin Laden found!

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