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  Not another Jewell
Hi Brad,
I just heard on Fox News that the San Antonio doctor the FBI dragged to New York has or will be released. Good news, now it won't be like another Richard Jewel case. I think the past bumblings of the FBI have made me leery of their competence. Best Regards,
  Germ warafre
Hi Brad,
I like your talk show more than any other I listen to. I just want you to consider the fact that Germ warfare may also include infecting our meat producing animals with mad cow disease or foot and mouth. Seems to me this would be an easy method of causing havoc to our country. Just a thought.
  Sleeper terrorists
We keep hearing that there are a large number of SLEEPERS just waiting for orders from whomever to wake up and kill some Americans. It’s kind of hard to trust someone who may have been living next to you for a few years, with this type of information being heard on television and radio....especially if they are from one of those countries that are our sworn enemies. You have a great show.
  Nice to his patients
Regarding people saying how nice the doctor seemed. Well, Bin Ladin's pictures look like a gentle man too, but we snow he is not. Plus, why did the doctor and his family just leave suddenly before all this happened? There are those that help with the planning and those that do the terrorism. I don't know about this man, but it will just take time to put all the facts together. Just because he was nice to his patients and friends, doesn't mean anything. The terrorists would want to 'fit in' and be accepted as to not draw attention to themselves. Only time will tell.
  Where's the Eagle?
Can you email me the location of the eagle sharpening talons? I went in this morning to get it on your site and it was gone. My daughter in Delaware would like to have a picture of it. Thanks.
[ REPLY -- Sure. It's here ]
  Rights may be lost
Hi Brad,
... I have just begun to get back into talk radio after being out of the loop for several years. I am 29 years old and a computer programmer. For years I warned people of the things that are happening and I cannot believe how ignorant and gullible most Americans are. ... I believe that we are in severe danger of losing almost all of our "inalienable" rights in this country and I cannot figure out why people do not care or are simply not worried about it. Fear seems to give the ruling authorities whatever power they need to plot and implement their agendas. Please keep sending out the word that we should not believe everything CNN tells us, let alone Bush, who I believe is a puppet with his father as a marionette, hiding in the shadow behind the stage...
  Commie freak Moore
I heard you make mention of that communist freak Michael Moore on the air. I've been keeping an eye on him. Check out here for three or four write-ups. Briefly, he would like to see the federal government control all mass media. He believes the dot-com bust is just an elaborate hoax. And he feels that the true tragedy of 9/11 is that so many Democrats -- who never voted for Bush -- were killed.
[ REPLY -- Moore appeared Monday night at Trinity University. I mentioned him Monday in regard to a Washington Times story that said, "Movie and television producer Michael Moore blamed U.S. "taxpayer-funded terrorism" for the Sept. 11 atrocities. "In just eight months, Bush gets the whole world back to hating us again," Mr. Moore said. "He withdraws from the Kyoto agreement, walks us out of the Durban conference on racism, insists on restarting the arms race — you name it, and Baby Bush has blown it all." ]
  The Texas Butcher
Dear Brad:
I agree with your caller today who faulted our president for causing much of the world unrest. George's attitude on the pollution generated in this country was "so what." People in this country were unhappy, and the rest of the world was very unhappy. G. W. went into this job in January known worldwide as the Texas butcher because of the number of people he had executed. He could have gotten federal health insurance money (CHIP) for 1.4 million poor children in Texas, and he didn't. ... Plus, he has done nothing but talk and talk since 11 September...
  ID Card won't protect
I fail to understand how an ID card would protect me from anything. If the terrorists had valid ID cards (fake or authentic) it would not stop them from boarding a plane while carrying box knives. What is this card supposed to say? Check here if you are a terrorist or not? This sounds like that program Dr. Laura promotes for fingerprinting children for their safety. Having a child's fingerprints on file never saved anyone. It would only help identify their body, and that is not a safety feature.
  Card inevitable?
I don't see much chance of stopping legislation to force everyone to have national I.D. cards. After all, right here in San Antonio it wasn't even possible to stop the majority of voters (who were willing to turn out) from forcing fluoride down the throats of people who didn't want it.
  Card inevitable?

Brad, my dear friend,
I have finally just had to turn off the radio. First of all, I will give you a bit of a background. I did meet you, it was at the show at the convention center a few years ago. That is when I knew how very sweet and gracious you were. I was carrying a cup of coffee and not once but twice, I almost ran into you. You were so nice and said that is okay. So, you made a friend and admirer. Well, I have always loved to listen but I am a teacher and was always working. I just got tired and quit this year. I was so happy that I could just putter at home and listen to you all on KTSA all day. It was especially good when we had Gary Condit to talk about. Well, then this terrible thing happened. I have cried with each story and just got myself into a world of fear. But I am a realist. I know if I am to survive, I must get myself busy. So, I found I had to turn my radio off and go for long walks and find things to work on around the house. I am determined to do as they say, go on with life and do what I had planned. But then I turn the radio on and that seems to be all that is talked about. I find it makes me afraid and is depressing me. I just wanted to tell you that I think if people are to go on then they cannot think of this for so much of the day. It is not that we do not care or that we are not concerned but we cannot go out and live a normal life if we listen to so much that fills us with fear. You are not doing this like some, but still just the constant talk of it keeps me from thinking of anything else. Let's get some gossip going. What else is going on? Darn, where are those people who are always doing something we can talk about? Well, I am trying to move on and did my bit to spend this weekend. I would fly if I had somewhere to go. I was on the go all summer. Let's make people feel good and safe. Find some juicy gossip for us, Brad. I am depending on you, my friend. Hugs,
[REPLY -- We are slowly working our way in that direction. Keep the faith!]

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