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  Where was Hillary?
I watched the President's speech and was impressed with what and how he acted. During the speech they showed various reactions of those attending. It appeared to me that when Hillary got on she was aloof and seemed to me, not interested and bored. After the speech I watched him as he departed and was very very upset to see that he was greeted by only one of the senators from New York. Hillary was no where to be seen. My God, it was her state and city that was harmed the most and she simply left? ... Keep up the good work for freedom.
  Where's "I am falling"?
Dear sir:
How do i get a copy of the e-mail "I am falling"? Thank You!
REPLY -- Thanks for asking. I’m kind of slow to catch on sometimes, and I have just been deleting the e-mails when I put the new ones in. Now I will start saving them in the file E-mail Archive, and I have put a link at the top of this e-mail section. Because it was your idea, you may call it the Douglas Link.
  Scaring schoolkids
I know a family in the Lytle area with a son in the fifth grade. Yesterday while talking to him, he told me that his teacher told his class about Nostradamas and the end of the world was going to be today. He couldn't even tell me about Nostradamas without crying. This little boy and his school mates are scared. Teachers should wait until a child is older before filling their heads with such a profound subject. Brad I love your show. Every person I tell about your show I tell them you don't Messer round. GOD BLESS AMERICA. P.S. I can't wait for Saturday, to tell my little friend his teacher was wrong.
REPLY -- Nostradamus wasn’t profound at all in my view. His predictions were doubletalk gobbledygook, and he worked like the fortune tellers of today, carefully saying stuff that might apply to just about anything.
  Theme Park targets?
Dear Brad:
I used to be a WOAI listener big time. My husband convinced me to give KTSA a chance. I am so thankful I did. You've been talking the last couple of days about San Antonio being a possible target. I agree. I have 2 children working at Sea World. I am really afraid for them to continue working there. I feel in my heart any theme park as large as Sea World in a major city such as ours could be a probable target. I have called the FBI twice this week with my concerns. The agents are sympathetic and say we all should be concerned, but they also confirm if they had any info, they wouldn't be able to share it. So, are we just waiting for the next hit so we can pick up the pieces like New York? I am so angry at our government for allowing criminals on this watch list to enter our country without keeping tabs on them. As far as I am concerned, we have lost some of our freedom. Many Americans no longer feel safe and free to take their families to places we have always taken for granted. Thank you.
  Your website (and car)
Your website is developing into something of a source of good information. Thank you. Listen to you daily and appreciate you and your work, even if you do drive a pink Subaru!
REPLY -- It is grey.
  Redneck "experts"
As a very new listener & I can say, sometimes I do not know how to take some of these "redneck defense experts". I, as all people, am scared, mad, shocked, defensive, proud to be an American and many other emotions I can't explain. Being 30 years old and not exactly a "world history fanatic" I will say I am unaware of how to understand anything like this. I have not been affected during my life with anything like this before. I have 2 young children and want to get overprotective, but all in all you cannot control it. ... If we become a nation against one another we become like them. ... I like your show, keep it up. I am learning about things I did not think I needed to know.
  Nightmare each day
Mr. Messer:
I listened to your show for the first time on 9-11-01. I would like to say Thank You and your other talk show personalities for the coverage, information, support and mostly for the patriotism you have displayed over the last 9 days. I will not listen to any other radio station for a long time. I could not believe that the former station I listened to rarely ever mentioned what was going on and I never heard a patriotic song from them. I will never listen to them again. I am a military wife and Mother and it is very hard for me to get through each day not knowing when and if my daughter in the Army and my husband in the Air Force may be given the word that they are to go defend their country. ... God, I cry each night wondering if it will come to all this. So please tell all of San Antonio and the rest of the world to pray for our brave soldiers. ... I am living a nightmare every day.
REPLY -- First, I am Brad, not Mr. Messer (but thank you for the courtesy). Thanks for being a military family. We now rely on all of you more than ever.
  I was appalled

I cannot begin to tell you how appalled I was by your comment ... regarding the passengers of the three flights not even trying to stop the terrorists. I was driving when I heard your heartless statement and I felt sudden pain for all the families that lost loved ones on those flights. My prayer is that no one heard you! I have been tuned in to KTSA while in my car to get daily updates. I will never turn my station to your broadcast again. I truly cannot even comprehend your heart! How would you even know what those people went through to make such a statement.
REPLY -- I was reading an e-mail that someone had sent me, Nancy.

  Spell "American"
How do you spell American? All Men Every Religion InCluding All Nationalities. God protect and bless America.
  Response to idiots
I'm the "Jim" that called in today with the boy who gets called "chink". I called people idiots who go around hurting others just because of how they look. I'd like to respond to the "idiot" who called after me and said we shouldn't be calling people idiots who are hurting people who look Muslim because we should understand that people are upset about the terrorist act in New York, etc. So, caller, do you agree that we all should have gone around hurting white people, after the Oklahoma City bombing? A white person did that, so using your logic we should have understood people's reaction to it if they went around hurting white people, right? Didn't think so. Idiot!
  Mom's a real pain
Topic: Sique of Dominique.
This girl and her mother need to join the rest of us. Football, dyed hair, and a real pain, she is just causing more trouble than she's worth. I hope the mother gets all the attention she hopes for, to help her be somebody.
  Ol' Reliable Brad
Hi Brad:
You know what? I wish everyone could be as reliable and helpful as you. This is the second time over the last couple of years I've requested information from you, and both times I've had a response in less than 24 hours. Thanks and best wishes.
Don T.
  We won't leave home
A lot of your listeners think targets in San Antonio would be the military bases. I beg to differ. Terrorists won't try to bomb bases, unless they work there. Terrorists go after populated citizen/tourist areas, such as the river walk, Tower of the Americas, Sea World, or Fiesta Texas. I fear if things escalate to that point and we have not found all these fanatics, people will not leave their homes to go to the mall ... God bless and help America to stamp out this vermin.
Doug in Seguin
  I want to puke
Hey Brad:
Would you please quit having that woman from Poteet on your show, cause she makes me wanna puke. Her and her ... daughter bring all their problems on themselves, they think everything should bend for them. And the crybaby woman that wrote you saying she is so afraid, well she must have led some kind of sheltered life. I mean what a basket case, everybody dies of one thing or another and nobody gets outa life alive, she might as well lock herself in a closet and suck her thumb in a self pity party.
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