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PGA Village proposal and your comments
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9/18 Suspension details in 1 o'clock hour of the show today
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TX Health Rule Fight

On 9/6 I took almost an hour to explain big-money politics behind TX delaying a public safety rule for ephedrine. Later that day, Texas claimed to have put the new rule into effect on a "case by case basis." What's that mean?
Health Dep't refused an interview fearing I'd be "confrontational."

weak denial
9/6 L.A. TIMES real inside story

Texas requires a warning for ephedrine: "May cause serious adverse health effects." New rule requires FDA 800 number on label.

9/9 NY TIMES re. ephedrine

9/8 NFL BANS ephedra
9/6 Public Citizen asks U.S. ban


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added 9/15

"Nick Frucil" sent copies of his lies to everyone he could think of at my station, at Clear Channel, and the local newspaper. Anyone who actually listened to me on Friday knows what a miserable, hateful misrepresentation his e-mail is.

From: "Nick Frucil"
Subject: WOAI & KTSA on "National Day of Prayer & Remembrance"
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 23:02:00 -0500

Okay, I admit it. Due to this horrible act of terrorism, I've been going up and down the dial, searching for the latest news and information. When WOAI is at commercial, I check out KTSA and when KTSA is at commercial, I check out WOAI.

Today, on this National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, I went to KTSA and heard Brad Messer chastising callers for wanting to talk about God, Prayer, Remembrance and Mourning. Brad said, "We're not talking about Prayer here, we're talking about terrorism and war."

I won't call Brad or KTSA "Godless," but I did hear the National Prayer Service on WOAI along with many spiritual leaders like Buckner Fanning actually PRAYING on this National Day of Prayer and Remembrance.

It pains me to say this, being a longtime KTSA listener, but "Brand X" was truly alligned with my heart and prayers today. Guess I'll continue to spend more time with the station open to affirming Prayer and Remembrance today.


--- My public response ---

KTSA broadcast the national prayer service live on Friday from approximately 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Immediately following that, I promoted Friday as the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, and read this tribute [MEMORIAM] which I had composed to honor the victims.

At the same time I was doing that, WOAI was running a one-hour-old tape of Rush Limbaugh, which was particularly laughable because Mr. Limbaugh actually promoted the fact that the national prayer service was about to begin in a few minutes (it was, of course, over).

The quote from "Nick" is fiction.

While dialing around, "Nick" must have heard the national prayer service -- correction, a tape-delay broadcast of an abbreviated portion of the service -- on WOAI, after it ended.

While WOAI continued on with nationally syndicated programming, my show on KTSA went on to feature live coverage of news conferences by the head of the FBI and the Attorney General, which WOAI apparently felt were unimportant despite America gearing up for war.

"Nick" may have heard me tell two callers that their attempts to talk about abortion were not welcome, in that my program was a discussion of terrorism and the imminent war. "Nick" apparently confused abortion with prayer. I never did.

I am not sending this entire response to the dozens of people to whom "Nick" sent his lies, as enough of their time has been wasted with "Nick's" silliness already.

added 9/15

Please re read your Friday opening speech [MEMORIAM] on Monday. Thanks for the sentiments of many.

Brad, Thank you so much for posting this lovely piece [MEMORIAM] on your web site. I was in the process of e-mailing you through my tears to ask you to post it or please send me a copy. I have sent it to many friends. Hope you don't mind. You are doing a great job in an unbelievably difficult time ... Keep your chin up, don't get too exhausted or you will be sick again.

Thanks Brad [for MEMORIAM]. I've always thought you were the best. Heck, I didn't even vacate KTSA for Rush. Please always be there.

I got back from church at lunch and must have just missed your writings [MEMORIAM] from last night. I did manage to hear several of your listeners express deepest appreciation for your words. I hope your writings are posted on your website so that I can share in them, too ...

All I can say is, well said. The point of your memoriam was completely understood!  Thank-you for being part of my world.

KTSA in general and Brad Messer in particular are doing an outstanding job of reporting this crisis we are experiencing. You have been right on top of everything immediately and we appreciate it. WOAI is being the sewage station that it is now, and has been since Ashworth took over. I used to listen only to WOAI.

Hello Brad- I am not a Clinton lover, however, I am getting real bored with the idiots that hold him responsible for everything wrong in their lives and, for that matter, the world. The lady you cut off deserved to be cut off. She made her point and was beginning to digress ... You have a great show !

Keep up the good work as the ONLY radio station in this great city providing its citizens the real news, whether in a crisis or not.

Brad, I guess it is somewhat strange to feel close to a voice on the radio. But I have felt this way about you since first hearing you, even when I did not agree with you, since l990 or '91, somewhere around that time. I am just so PROUD of you and to "know" you! Your boldness, your lack of fear or intimidation, and above all else, your fairness and your honor! You are one in a million. Thank you for being there and being who you are Brad.

Brad, yours is one of the few voices that I hear pleading for sensible measures to be taken in securing our nation. Thank you!!!! I have listened to the measures that have been instituted by the FAA. They are a pure "knee-jerk" reaction to what has happened. If they want to do something that makes sense, why don't they look at what the Israelis do. I have spent the majority of my life as an adult, in the military, and traveled the world. I have been through most of the major airports of the world and can tell you this. Terrorists have struck all over the world and yet security can be applied in a sane manner. This is one time that the United States can and should look to the rest of the world for answers, especially at the airport.

added 9/14

Referencing your take on airport security; I thought it would take longer than 24 hours for people to start complaining about how your pathetic lives would be inconvenienced due to what some would call extreme security precautions. What makes my blood boil is the incredibly stupid misunderstanding between what are rights and what are privileges. Check your constitution. I'm pretty sure there is nothing in there about your "rights" to plastic knives and curbside baggage drop off! ... To compound the "idiocy" is people like you make statements as fact on topics you have no background in. Why don't you reach out to the security community and get a reasonable assessment on why some of these things are done before you shoot your mouth off. Sincerely

Thanks for helping to quell all the Nostradamus bull****. I think that people with big gaps in their own personal information sphere (mainly because they didn't finish their education, don't read or do research on their own) will tend to place extra, undue importance upon other people's ideas and theories. This Nostradamus farce is a bandwagon that's available to jump on that helps the insecure explain things they cannot explain or otherwise come to grips with on their own. Confident, independent, and intelligent people dont need to pile on, and have the brainpower to sort this stuff all out in a healthy way on their own. It helps everyone that you are on the air (and have your website) to guide things a little. Thanks.
Joel remember that guy who broke a couple of windows out of that restaurant on McCullough? Why didn't anyone refer to the incident as "an act by a Christian terrorist?" Or, maybe even as a "radical Christian terrorist?" How about, "some dumb-ass, white Christian boy?" Just wondering... just wondering.

I listened to some of your shows on the radio, I think you guys are doing an excellent job.

Listen every day. I find it hard to put into words the feelings that I have had since 10am Tuesday the 11th. I have gone from shock, to saddness, sorrow, anger, and pure rage, then back around in a circle. I dont know any of the faces, and I will not remember most of the name, but I will take ALL of those valiant heroes and victims with me, in my heart every day for the rest of my life.

Thank you for your feelings on how we classify ourselves (African-Amercian, etc.). We are Americans and should be proud of our ancestors and where they came from, but we now live in America and should embrace that. Unfortunaltely, we have become a selfish society. Maybe we will come together as Americans and drop the name game. Sincerely,

I agree totally with you! Why are airports preparing for bombs when that's not what happened? Common sense is needed to defeat terrorism. Why hadn't our "intelligence" community considered that airliners could be hijacked and be flown into so-called "soft" targets? Warnings have been issued for years about how vulnerable our airliners are to hijackings -- especially considering the alleged "security" guards are paid minimum wage for the mind-numbing job of looking at X-ray pictures for hours at a time. The system needs to be federalized, highly sophisticated and with air marshals aboard all planes. Meanwhile, where have all our Rambos gone? Why would 90 or 60 people sit meekly by and let several bad guys armed with box cutters ram planes into buildings? At least, it looks like several people on one of the four planes had some guts. America has gone soft; so we're easy targets.

added 9/13
God bless you, Brad! In this time of confusion and despair, you have been like a breath of fresh air. Your voice -- and your words -- have been comforting these past few days. You probably have no idea of what a key role you play in so many listeners lives. I'm fortunate to be able to listen to you each day. Keep up the good work and thank you.
P.S. I listened to about two minutes of Chris and Charlie on WOAI yesterday, and those two are idiots! They could learn a thing or two from you.

Thank you for your feelings on how we classify ourselves (African-Amercian, etc.). We are Americans and should be proud of our ancestors and where they came from, but we now live in America and should embrace that. Unfortunaltely, we have become a selfish society. Maybe we will come together as Americans and drop the name game. Sincerely,

added 9/12
Could you please pass this on to your associates? Thanks for the coverage that you have provided today on the assault on our country. It is in times of trouble that the true colors of professionals come through. Your commercial free, commercial refusing attitude that allows a community as proud as San Antonio's to grieve with one another as a family is worthy of all the thanks I can muster. Your dedication to excellence and your loyalty to this community will no doubt be rewarded. GOD BLESS Y'ALL

Everyone in the 99 county area, who has paid any attention at all, recognizes that YOU are the consummate newsperson!!! You've been on air for hours today--thank you for being such the professional. I've no idea how you did it. By the way, your voice is working at getting thready again. Please either take care or get some chicken soup. You ARE the best.

Well done to the entire KTSA team! It's 1:08 AM and you're still Live and Local. By the way: You (Brad) sounded better after midnight than the CBS TV anchor at 6PM. (Is it like the queen of England: he can't retire until Walter Cronkite dies?)...

What a surprise to find you on at this time of day! You are doing a great job...

Please tell WOAI to shut up during a big story. For about a half hour this afternoon I was listening to them and what seemed like every 30 seconds, I heard WOAI 1200 this, WOAI 1200 that. It got very old. They kept breaking into network coverage to say WOAI 1200. It sounded like WOAI was the story and not New York or Washington D.C.!

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