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Update: The lady with Little Rojo, the little red pickup with 300,000 miles on it, which lost its radiator in a road-rage incident, says KTSA listeners have provided repairs. Thanks a million, folks! Brad 9/1

Credit Where Credit Is Due
9/5 Author of new Texas law SB272 allowing 30% interest on small unsecured loans was John J. Carona (R-Dallas)

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Klamath Oregon farmers' water cut off
Do dogs laugh? Researcher says definitely yes.
Exposing fake military "veterans"
Whales are being killed by Navy sonar experiments
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God bless you, Brad! In this time of confusion and despair, you have been like a breath of fresh air. Your voice -- and your words -- have been comforting these past few days. You probably have no idea of what a key role you play in so many listeners lives. I'm fortunate to be able to listen to you each day. Keep up the good work and thank you.
P.S. I listened to about two minutes of Chris and Charlie on WOAI yesterday, and those two are idiots! They could learn a thing or two from you.

Thank you for your feelings on how we classify ourselves (African-Amercian, etc.). We are Americans and should be proud of our ancestors and where they came from, but we now live in America and should embrace that. Unfortunaltely, we have become a selfish society. Maybe we will come together as Americans and drop the name game. Sincerely,

Could you please pass this on to your associates? Thanks for the coverage that you have provided today on the assault on our country. It is in times of trouble that the true colors of professionals come through. Your commercial free, commercial refusing attitude that allows a community as proud as San Antonio's to grieve with one another as a family is worthy of all the thanks I can muster. Your dedication to excellence and your loyalty to this community will no doubt be rewarded. GOD BLESS Y'ALL

Everyone in the 99 county area, who has paid any attention at all, recognizes that YOU are the consummate newsperson!!! You've been on air for hours today--thank you for being such the professional. I've no idea how you did it. By the way, your voice is working at getting thready again. Please either take care or get some chicken soup. You ARE the best.

Well done to the entire KTSA team! It's 1:08 AM and you're still Live and Local. By the way: You (Brad) sounded better after midnight than the CBS TV anchor at 6PM. (Is it like the queen of England: he can't retire until Walter Cronkite dies?)...

What a surprise to find you on at this time of day! You are doing a great job...

Please tell WOAI to shut up during a big story. For about a half hour this afternoon I was listening to them and what seemed like every 30 seconds, I heard WOAI 1200 this, WOAI 1200 that. It got very old. They kept breaking into network coverage to say WOAI 1200. It sounded like WOAI was the story and not New York or Washington D.C.!
Tim Barlow

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9/7 Bad Hair?

See Mom's e-mail below: Monday 9/17 next chapter in battle over Poteet High honor student's "distracting" hair style.

Dominique Salazar

Send your opinion on whether the hair is "distracting" as Poteet High claims.
Send her Mom e-mail

9/10 Mom reported 100+ e-mails and only 2 critical of DS's hair

Got confirmation the school board is going to hear my complaint the 17th next Monday at 7:00 P.M. My daughters came home from school yesterday and told me the principle had banned all televisions from being on in school as they were watching the WTC incident. I could not believe my ears when they told me this. They said he said this news didn"t pertain to them or the school and they did not need to see or hear about this. I was absolutely upset with him.Why is it the schools in S.A. did not have a problem with the students seeing this and he does? This guy needs to be fired as he just constantly seems to cross the line. By the way 2 boys are now suspended at Poteet for dying their hair and will remain in OCS indefinitely until they comply with The Law's request, that is, The Law of Poteet High. Best Regards, Michelle Vallejo

9/7 Rainbow Farm
2 Dead in Standoff
So. Bend Tribune
F.E.A.R. criticism
Detroit News
(good) the most specific details so far
9/4 Highway Patrol
Been stopped and searched by the Highway Patrol in West Texas? story Send your tale to Frieda Powers and to the DPS
9/9 Metabolife

TX Health Rule Fight

On 9/6 I took almost an hour to explain big-money politics behind TX delaying a public safety rule for ephedrine. Later that day, Texas claimed to have put the new rule into effect on a "case by case basis." What's that mean?
Health Dep't refused an interview fearing I'd be "confrontational."

weak denial
9/6 L.A. TIMES real inside story

Texas requires a warning for ephedrine: "May cause serious adverse health effects." New rule requires FDA 800 number on label.

9/9 NY TIMES re. ephedrine

9/8 NFL BANS ephedra
9/6 Public Citizen asks U.S. ban


Brad Messer image

PGA Public Meeting
Next Wednesday
9/19 7-8:30pm Reagan High - VILLAGE DEVELOPER WILL BE THERE
PGA Village proposal and your comments

...being RUINED by Clear Channel?

9/6 KTSA=U.S. Rep. Bonilla on morning and afternoon shows. W-O-A-Lie had him after that, intro="EXCLUSIVELY on WOAI!" Duh.

9/4 Wall St. Journal: "Clear Channel's ... Unwanted Attention" Go

8/31KTSA=woman rescued from high water
W-O-A-Lie=canned show

8/30 KTSA=flood news
W-O-A-Lie=canned show

8/30 KTSA=live news conf. man who killed 6

8/29 KTSA=Pres. Bush local speech live
W-O-A-Lie=Laura tape


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