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Mon Mar 27 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

"Guest worker" immigration issue is hot in Senate
Senate offices say they are handling as many constituent calls as they have for just about any issue -- whether they represent states along the border or deep within the nation.
The bill to be considered by the full Senate today deals with securing the border and raising the penalties for being in the U.S. illegally.
Sen. John Cornyn said he would vote against any proposal that doesn't make illegal aliens return home before applying for U.S. citizenship.

500K in L.A. march 032506More than 500,000 protesters - demanding that Congress abandon attempts to make illegal immigration a felony and to build more walls along the border - surprised Los Angeles police who estimated the crowd size using aerial photographs
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Guest Workers --- RESULT
Mon 3/27/2006
Do you back Sen. Cornyn's plan to require that illegal aliens first return to their own countries before being able to apply for "guest worker" status?
Total votes 445-

Latin leaders balk at US 'wall'
The proposed 700-mile barrier is to be a big issue at Thursday's North American summit.

email choices
Do you back Sen. Cornyn's plan to require that illegal aliens first return to their own countries before being able to apply for "guest worker" status?
It is not like you to have such a limited choice:
Why not 'kick 'em' all out with no return'.
Why not 'build a big fence'?
Why not 'invite Mr. Fox to join the walk through the dessert'?
Why not 'send Senator Kennedy to Mexico'?
Bill W.

Corpus Christi leaders pushing beach ban on vehicles
Surfers soon may be riding a tram on their way to riding waves near Packery Channel

Election problems renew electronic voting concerns
Computer glitches. Overcounts. Improper computer programming. Bad batteries. These are among the problems that have cropped up in communities nationwide -- including in Tarrant County -- with electronic voting in recent weeks and months.

Ethics panel says there's no need to check check
Exactly how much did a major political donor give a state official as a gift? According to the Texas Ethics Commission, the public doesn't have a right to know. Those urging the commission to require disclosure ... expressed astonishment that the issue even warranted discussion.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Child Molesters --- RESULT
Should repeat child molesters get the death penalty in Texas?
Total votes 545-

email death for pedophiles


As someone who has defended quite a few death penalty cases I have to tell you that this proposition is ludicrous as a practical matter.

As you know, in Texas we only allow the death penalty for that small percentage of murders under special circumstances that amount to Capital Murder. The state seeks the death penalty in only the most egregious of even these murders, unless a police officer or someone in the social register gets killed.

Forget for the moment the moral implications of executing a pathetically sick individual who hasn't actually taken a life and would already receive an automatic life sentence as a second offender. Assume that the Supreme Court would even sign off on such a statute.
The biggest problems include:

(1) Finding a jury of 12 people who would vote unanimously to execute such a person.

(2) Finding an offender whose own sexual history was not so screwed up that he would be spared by mitigating evidence.

(3) Finding a prosecutor's office that isn't already so overwhelmed by trying to get killers executed that they could devote the manpower, expense and time (it takes about 8 weeks to try a capital case) to executing someone that they could get a life sentence on in a one week trial or less.

(4) The expense extends not only to the prosecutor. It currently costs in the millions of dollars to execute an offender.

Consider the unintended consequences:

(1) For those who believe in deterrence, please explain to me what incentive a pedophile would have to leave his second victim alive if he's likely to face the death penalty in any case. (Note: it is already a Capital offense to kill a child or anyone else in the course of a sexual assault)

(2) The lack of finality for the victim and victim's family while they're waiting ten to fifteen years for the offender's execution. (In California the victim might be eligible for social security by the time the sentence is carried out)

Your poll is a good reason why some vote hungry politician will try to ram this proposal through the next legislature. It's such an emotional issue that people will automatically favor it, the practicalities be damned.

Other than legislators, the only people who might benefit from this idea are lawyers like me who are paid by the taxpayers to represent Capital defendants. Hmmm, please disregard the preceding paragraphs.


Why people who aren't funny think they are
Why people who aren't smart think they are

The more incompetent someone is in a particular area, the less qualified that person is to assess anyone's skill in that space, including their own.
British philosopher Bertrand Russell once wrote that "the trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

Above article is a brief summary. The real deal is the original, scholarly report in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology:
Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments


Lego arena CLICK for more photos

Supreme Court to hear
constitutional challenge
to Bush's special war courts

".. case not only tests the limits of presidential powers over the 10 Guantanamo captives facing trial by a tribunal of American military officers, called a military commission. Legal experts say his case also has implications for the nearly 500 "enemy combatants": whether and how they can turn to civilian courts to intervene on their behalf in Pentagon detention processes."

Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico
Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico SETI@home in financial trouble
Commercial support for SETI@Home has largely disappeared. They need to raise $750,000 to keep running for another year. Without donations, the project will be forced to shut down.

FBI calls group after reading
about Patriot Act being criticized

FBI agent Al Dibrito said that Pingree's comments on the USA PATRIOT Act were "way off base," and that the League of Women Voters should have invited someone from the federal government to be on the panel and to respond.

Common Cause blog with story and comments

The FBI must be pretty hard up if (a) it did not train this agent to recognize and respect free speech, and (b) the guy still has a job after this move. Isn't the FBI supposed to be spending its valuable time chasing down terrorist plots these days?
I'll let you know if the agency calls to inquire about my criticism of this shameful, ignorant and frightening abuse of power. -Brad

Student auctioning date with herself on eBay with photo
The date, Cosby said, will include a fancy dinner at Subway with the winning bidder before they head up to the Packing House. Bidders must be at least 21 years old because drinking, she said, will be a must.
"And creeps need not apply."

THIS SUMMER : Pixar's Cars, directed by Toy Story genius John Lasseter.

1967 Barracuda Stock photo 1967 Barracuda
South Bend soldier no longer owns rusted '67 Plymouth Barracuda
An Indiana National Guard soldier who spent a year in Iraq returned home to a big surprise: In his absence, his friends had transformed his rusted 1967 Plymouth Barracuda into a deep blue, chrome-trimmed car lover's dream.

Todd Gillman Todd J. Gillman
Key Texans give McCain early nod for presidential race
For the first time in years, Texas will be in play during the 2008 Republican presidential race. And the current front-runner, Sen. John McCain, has wasted no time making an early push in Bush country.

45-foot ice towerTrickling pipe builds traffic-stopping, 45-foot tower of ice
Konrad turns on a trickle of water in the pipe each September and turns it off in May. In between, the dripping water freezes and piles higher and higher.

Pimp Rims on vehicle
"Pimp rims" on car can display any image in lights
with video

Rice Krispies and Frosted Mini-Wheats contain either beef or pork

corn statues
Real or Photoshop?

Doing mortal combat with adultproof packaging

Some Texas lawmakers to review arresting drunks in bars
Sen. John Whitmire defended the principle of in-bar citations. "Even though a public drunk is not planning on driving, that could change in an instant," he said. "There is certainly potential danger."

email drunks
From the article you linked I find this statement most interesting.
"Even though a public drunk is not planning on driving, that could change in an instant," he said. "There is certainly potential danger."
If I were in a bank, of course not being a bank robber, I suppose that could change instantly. The police could then justify my arrest as preventing future, as yet unplanned, crime.
Then there was this tidbit, "But the law defines public intoxication as not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties." I have listened to some of those people call into your show occassionally. So they obviously should be arrested as well.
Once we get all the potential perpetrators of crime in the jailhouse, the world will certainly be more safe for the rest of us. That is of course provided someone does not mistake us for potential perpetrators.
Don F.