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KIDNAPPED in Baghdad
Jan. 7, 2006


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email cancel
Due to the inability of most invitees to attend the special briefing on the Texas Tax Reform Commission, we are canceling the scheduled meeting on Saturday. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this short notice.
Gov. Rick Perry’s Press Office

Oh well. Some of my media-type colleagues now must cancel their fun trips up to Gomorrah-on-the-Colorado to hobnob. As I wrote the other day, I declined the invitation because the governor is available when he wants something, but never otherwise.

Death for repeat child molesters?
State senators are considering a proposal that would allow South Carolina to execute those convicted two or more times of sexually assaulting children.
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Child Molesters --- RESULT
Should repeat child molesters get the death penalty in Texas?
Total votes 545-

Regulations for boats, wakeboards and towed inflatables on Dunlap, McQueeney, Placid, Nolte, 4-H and Wood in Comal and Guadalupe counties. Canyon Lake not affected.

email Brad's program
Your program today was entertaining and informative, a big change from your normal program.

email state parks
I listen to your show whenever I can and visit your website almost daily.
Last year we visited several state parks in Arkansas. They passed a 1/8th cent sales tax to fund their park system and have really upgraded all their parks, really a joy to visit, why can't Texas do something like that?

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Free Speech --- RESULT
Is it acceptable for an American in another country to criticize US war policies?
Yes. Free expression doesn't end at our border.
No. In foreign lands, we should at least pretend to be united.
Total votes 491-

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Texas busting drunks ... in bars
The first sting operation was conducted recently in a Dallas suburb where agents infiltrated 36 bars and arrested 30 people for public intoxication, said the commission's Carolyn Beck. Being in a bar does not exempt one from the state laws against public drunkenness

New rules for sales of your
personal data by tax preparers opposed

Although law forbids the unauthorized disclosure of taxpayer information, return-preparers have long been allowed to disclose it, even sell it, if they obtain their clients' permission. Once the information goes out the door, taxpayers have little control over what happens to it.
Several large tax-preparation companies have told the IRS that they oppose the new rules because they would make it too difficult for them to obtain permission to sell clients' information.

FCC Chief: AT&T can limit net bandwidth
FCC Chief Kevin Martin yesterday gave his support to AT&T and other telcos who want to be able to limit bandwidth to sites like Google, unless those sites pay extortion fees.

Air Force may merge commands, reduce staff

The Air Force is looking at combining support functions across its 10 major commands to save money and cut nearly 60,000 military and civilian personnel from the service.


"..a bomb exploded on the driver’s side of another M915 and the cab started to become engulfed in flames after the gas tank exploded. The disabled truck’s driver, Spc. Julie Cabell, and her truck commander, Sgt. Randal Divel, radioed for help. They were having trouble getting out of the cab.

email bikers
These Florida "bikers" will be us soon enough!




Effort to Reach Out to White House Press Corps, Observers Say

In what Washington insiders believe is an attempt to mend fences with an increasingly contentious White House press corps, Vice President Dick Cheney today invited veteran journalist Helen Thomas on a quail-hunting trip to Texas.

"I would like to extend an invitation to Helen to join me on a quail-hunting trip to the Armstrong Ranch," Mr. Cheney said in an official statement at the White House. "It will be a chance for the two of us to spend some quality time together."

The vice president's invitation took many Beltway observers by surprise, coming as it did only one day after a heated exchange at a White House press conference between Ms. Thomas and President George W. Bush.

But Ms. Thomas, never one to shrink from an opportunity, said today that she would be glad to join the vice president quail hunting in Texas so long as the Pentagon provided body armor for her first.

At the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that he was taking Ms. Thomas' request for body armor "very seriously" but warned that the Pentagon has been plagued by production delays.

"The earliest we could fit Helen Thomas with body armor would be spring 2009." He said.

Ms. Thomas said she was considering other protective measures, such as wearing a quail outfit: "If I look like a quail, there's no way Cheney will hit me."

Elsewhere, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that his department would beef up security at the nation's chemical plants by compiling a complete list of plants that are vulnerable to attack and publishing them online.


Houston Chronicle
Perry's disaster order questioned
Coastal authorities say a regional hurricane evacuation plan mandated by Gov. Rick Perry should not take away local control from mayors and county judges.

Dallas News
Official wants TTC-35 to be built east of I-35
In the next few weeks, state officials will probably unveil a map outlining a 10-mile-wide study area, stretching from the Red River to the Rio Grande, where the Trans-Texas Corridor could be located.

toll booth

Corridor plan depends on how the money flows
Jose Lopez, Cintra's director for North and South America [said] Texas 130 toll lanes should be extended 46 miles from Lockhart to Seguin. The segment to Georgetown is to open next year, and if all goes well, the rest could open in four years.

Carlos Guerra Carlos Guerra
Plenty of Texans are anxiously awaiting corridor impact draft

The document will reduce the options significantly, and possibly tell them if TTC-35 is going to take their farm or slice their ranch in two.

If Cowboys return, we won't pay
"The important part is that there is no cost to the taxpayer," Hardberger said. "I would not be paying anybody to come here, even the Dallas Cowboys."

San Antonio Meals on Wheels needs volunteers
Businesses, employees urged to deliver food during lunch breaks.

Texas anti-meth law "looked better on paper"
Eight months after legislators moved to crack down on methamphetamine, state regulators haven't inspected a single pharmacy or convenience store to check whether retailers are recording who buys drugs that contain meth ingredients.

The Texas Observer
Grusendorf is toppledWrath of the Soccer Moms
How a group of parents took on Tom Craddick and the state's Republican leadership (starring, among others, Leininger, Craddick, Casteel and Grusendorf)
In recent years, Texas Republican politics—aside from an occasional spasm from the right-wing grassroots—has been a top-down enterprise run by a small circle of powerful politicians financed by a few extremely rich ideologues.

email Crownridge Park
Hello Brad,
The grand opening of the first Natural Area Park is Saturday, March 25.
You have been such a wonderful supporter of the first Proposition 3 and then Proposition 1, I wanted you to know that you played an important role in getting information out to the voters.
Our sincere gratitude!
Bonnie Conner
and those who worked to promote these initiatives.

Crownridge Park opening 3/25/2006

Abu Ghraib dog
Light sentence for Army dog handler

Military jurors sentenced an Army dog handler to less than six months behind bars yesterday for using his Belgian shepherd to intimidate detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, one of the lightest sentences so far for a soldier implicated in the notorious abuse.

Dixie Chicks magazine cover
The Dixie Chicks are back with their first album in four years, and they are mad as hell.

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Lyrics on Dixie Chicks' home page

Okay, what the hell--

Kinky full frontal

Had sex with 4 student boys, gets 4-to-20 years