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Wed Mar 22 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

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Gov. Rick Perry Gov. Rick Perry has invited some media types to his mansion for an event that will include introducing his proposed revamp of Texas taxes, which will be considered during the upcoming special session of the legislature. Some of the other KTSA talk hosts will drive up to Gomorrah-on-the-Colorado to hobnob. I have declined. I find the governor is available to me when he wants something: otherwise, never.

Bush to ban torture evidence
The new rule, expected to be issued this week, comes before Supreme Court arguments next Tuesday over the legality of the special courts, known as military commissions, which President Bush authorized after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to prosecute non-U.S. citizens for war crimes.
The pending rule follows a pattern in which the Bush administration has unveiled changes in counterterrorism policies, nodding to critics, shortly before the high court was to hear challenges to them.


Black box problems stop San Angelo recount
"..the [Hart InterCivic] machines that were used to register early votes printed out only 75 percent to 80 percent of the votes believed to have been cast."

Perry issues order on hurricane evacuations
requiring state officials to develop more detailed hurricane evacuation plans, including a plan for opening major highways to one-way outbound traffic as storms bear down on the Texas coast.

Pathetic Texas state park support

Don't mess with Texas, except for its parks?
Parks are poorly maintained, camping is restricted and, in some cases, eliminated altogether. And some historic sites, in a state so enamored of its history and traditions, are open only a few days of the week. Texas should do better.

Parks: a form of patriotism
legislators who couldn't properly fund schools or health insurance for children in low-income families not surprisingly also decided they couldn't properly fund parks.

add 1155a
State Parks Director WALT DABNEY on my program, speaking of the lack of money for state parks: "We're really up on blocks."


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Free Speech --- RESULT
Is it acceptable for an American in another country to criticize US war policies?
Yes. Free expression doesn't end at our border.
No. In foreign lands, we should at least pretend to be united.
Total votes 491-

Snowbound family rescued
Missing Oregon family found after two weeks in snow

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — Inside their snowbound RV, the family's supplies and fuel were running low, and news reports indicated that a search for the six missing relatives had been called off.




Military Launches 'Operation Incomprehensible Program' Across Iraq

In an effort to confuse Iraqi insurgents, the Pentagon announced today that the U.S. had begun bombarding insurgent positions with copies of President Bush's Medicare prescription drug plan.

At a press briefing at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that the idea of confusing the insurgents with the President's Medicare plan was hatched last week, after Mr. Bush appeared at a series of town hall meetings at which seniors in his audience seemed thoroughly bewildered by the intricate new program.

"We realized, if this prescription drug plan is that confusing in English, imagine how incoherent it would seem once it was translated into Arabic," Secretary Rumsfeld said.

As soon as Pentagon planners seized upon the idea of using the President's plan to confuse the insurgents, Operation Incomprehensible Program was launched.

According to Secretary Rumsfeld, U.S. warplanes pounded insurgent positions in the citiers of Tikrit and Najaf with copies of the prescription drug plan in the early morning hours of Monday.

Mr. Rumsfeld said that satellite photos of those positions have been encouraging thus far, showing dozens of Iraqi insurgents reading the prescription drug plan and scratching their heads.

The Defense Secretary said he was hopeful that Operation Incomprehensible Program would leave the Iraqi insurgents totally baffled, but he hinted that the Pentagon had other tactics up its sleeve: "We are fully prepared to bombard them with copies of my press briefings."

Elsewhere, one day after Seoul National University dismissed him for falsifying results, South Korean cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk claimed that the other nine of him still had jobs.


Abu Ghraib dog
Convicted Abu Ghraib dog handler is unrepentant

GM offers workers up to $140K to leave
The offer, which is being made to all 113,000 hourly employees in North America, is confirmed by a source familiar with terms of the offer. Those accepting that lump sum will not get the retiree health care coverage that has become a crippling burden for the automaker.

Scams on eBay getting more sophisticated
Scammers are getting better at gaming the system by stealing the reputations of others.

Bogus healer convicted in mermaids case

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
Eva Longoria makes follow-up claims about their sex life

Tom Tomorrow panel 032206


Corpus Christi plans beach driving barrier
Flush with visions of a "world-class resort" reshaping the economic future of their city, officials in Corpus Christi voted Tuesday for a controversial measure to close a mile and a half of beach to vehicles.

Teacher sues school because farting chair made her the butt of jokes