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Jan. 7, 2006



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Thur Mar 9 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

Governor's Race Petition Info
Carole Strayhorn | Kinky Friedman

US says to close Abu Ghraib prison
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The US military will close Abu Ghraib prison, probably within three months, and transfer some 4,500 prisoners to other jails in Iraq


'Support Our Troops' sign  

<<< On my program 11:08 tomorrow to tell us how tonight's Homeowners' Ass'n meeting came out

Before David Kelley went to Iraq, he bought his wife a "Support Our Troops" sign to display outside the couple's Florida home

<<< Stacey Kelley, the wife of an Army private now serving in Iraq, faces a $100-a-day fine for posting a 'Support Our Troops' sign in her Westchase, Florida yard. Homeowners' association rules prohibit residents from posting most signs.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Troop Support Signs --- VOTE NOW
posted 915a Thur Mar 9 2006
Should Stacey Kelley's "Support Our Troops" sign be allowed despite a Neighborhood Ass'n rule against yard signs? Comments OFF
Yes, have a heart and make an exception in this case!
No. What if someone wants to display an anti-war sign?

Tarrant vote spike was vote-machine snafu
An undetected computer glitch in Tarrant County led to inflated election returns in Tuesday's primaries but did not alter the outcome of any local race, elections and county officials said Wednesday. The error caused Tarrant County to report as many as 100,000 votes in both primaries that never were cast.
The problem stemmed from a programming error by Hart InterCivic, which manufactured the equipment and wrote the software for the local voting system.

governor petition signers
Signature search begins for 2 governor hopefuls

Friedman and Strayhorn campaigns start with UT campus in spirited, fast-paced drive to get on November ballot

Leininger effect altering Texas politics

Dr. James Leininger successfully ousted two incumbents Tuesday, but not everyone is happy with the tactics he used.
Patrick Hansen, outreach coordinator for Campaigns for People, said “Leininger has had them shaking in their boots for some time now,” he said. “He has demonstrated the ability to take a ‘no name’ and turn him into a viable candidate merely through his financial support. It’s just another example of why it’s not healthy for wealthy people to be able to give so much to one campaign.”

Carter Casteel is mulling her options in the face of her 44 vote loss to Nathan Macias. Several anomalies appear in the race including the fact that that the House race garnered about 680 more votes than any other race on the ballot. While no one is yet alleging any mischief, it is unusual that so many people went to the polls and simply skipped over races for governor, senator, county judge, sheriff and the like. There are 329 possible mail ballots still out, including 259 from Comal County voters. As those trickle in, it may change outcomes. She has sought legal advice and may yet request a recount.

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Gov't Canyon power lines
Delcia Lopez/Express-News
  Judge stops Government Canyon power tower project
a spokesman for the property owners who are suing to stop the line’s construction, said the plaintiffs hope the judge will send the decision back to the council, which has a new mayor and several new council members since the first decision.




Bexar official offers $200M for Marlins ballpark here

County Judge Nelson Wolff faxed a letter to the Florida Marlins on Wednesday promising that Bexar will provide up to $200 million to help build a stadium — if voters extend the hotel and rental-car taxes used to build the AT&T Center.

Marlins get a serious suitor
The San Antonio area initiated a bid to entice the Marlins to move from South Florida to Texas. It will take time, money and the backing of voters to be successful.

Top U.S. bishop accused of sex abuse of teen
A woman has accused the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops of sexually abusing her more than four decades ago when she was a child.

One-inch Japanese soccer robots ready for World Cup

Run on a watch motor and a lithium-ion battery and remote-controlled through infrared rays, the robot can move at 1.5 meters (five feet) per minute.

Texas ex-governor Ann Richards has cancer
Richards, 72, went in for tests Monday and got the diagnosis Tuesday. The former governor is waiting to hear from M.D. Anderson how advanced the cancer of the esophagus is and what her chances are.

Vanity Fair: Bush had ties to Abramoff
Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff says President Bush knew him well enough to joke with him about weightlifting. "What are you benching, buff guy?" Abramoff said Bush asked him. The president has said he doesn't know Abramoff.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Hate --- RESULT
Fred Phelps heckles military families at funerals
Hatemonger Fred Phelps has appeared on KTSA talk shows from time to time. In light of his latest hate campaign,
he should never be allowed on KTSA again!
he should be on because he represents a different point of view!
Vote Total 468-

add 10am
email phelps poll
Let's be fair here. The 10 foot Poll on Hatemonger Fred Phelps, given the choices available on the poll, appear to reflect an unwillingness by your audience to allow free speech. I don't think that is the case at all. It looks to me more like a case of Fred Phelps not being relevant to your listeners, so why waste time on him. If he represented 30% or more of the public's opinion it would be okay, but his viewpoint represents about .005% of the public's opinion at best and is not worthy of your listeners' time. The fires of his publicity are all that keep him going. And whie it's really not an educational experience having him on, it does appear to be an adrenalin rush for some.
Gary B.

Beavers proving to be more than a nuisance
Kathleen Stuman, a Comal County game warden, said it is not unheard of for beavers to populate the Comal County area. “Something is definitely eating the trees,” she said.

Hubble image
more Hubble Space Telescope images

robot climber
Tree-climbing robot
funded by DARPA's Biodynotics Biologically Inspired Multifunctional Dynamic Robotics (BIODYNOTICS) Program.

jet towel hand dryer
Jet Towel dries hands in 5 or 6 seconds

text2speech software
Text-to-speech software does a good job
. Type in a phrase and hear for yourself. (Clear the "oddjack" cookie after three entries to do more.)