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Jan. 7, 2006



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Wed Mar 8 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

2 of 'Leininger 5' win .
Casteel loses by 45 votes of 20,307 cast

"Although several Casteel supporters began clamoring for a recount as soon as her concession speech was finished, the defeated incumbent was not willing to talk about it yet."
Casteel: “What this means is that no representative can take an independent vote because someone with money might take issue with it,” she said. “That’s the tough part. I’ll be all right, but this race has changed Texas politics.”

( L5 candidate)
HD99 Geren 54% to Hatley 42
HD73 Casteel 49.8% to Macias 50.1
HD9 Blake 44% to Christian 56
HD83 D Jones 60% to Van Wilson 24
HD7 Merritt 58% to Williams 42

Dem. primary 99.28% reporting:
HD28 Henry Cueller 52.7% to Ciro Rodriguez 40.7%
Express-News "..Democratic primary election marred by voting irregularities that mirrored problems when the two met two years ago."

Uresti dethrones Madla
Dem. primary 98.1% reporting:
SD19 Uresti 57% to Madla 42%
In a bruising campaign that defied the power of incumbency, state Rep. Carlos Uresti took down longtime state Sen. Frank Madla, a South Side powerhouse.

Two-month countdown begins for Strayhorn, Friedman
"The state comptroller who dumped her Republican affiliation and the wisecracking musician and author from Kerrville both face a May 11 deadline to come up with 45,540 voter signatures. That would qualify them for a spot on the November ballot where they could face GOP incumbent Rick Perry and Democrat Chris Bell in a four-person free-for-all."

Congratulations to the new Kendall County Judge GAYLAN SCHROEDER (founder of Kendall County Air in Boerne)

Phelps hate sign
"Thank God for Dead Soldiers"

Fred Phelps is the pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka.  He and his family have picketed and heckled military families at more than 100 funerals since June. They say the soldiers are fighting for an army that represents a country that accepts homosexuality.
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Hate --- RESULT
Hatemonger Fred Phelps has appeared on KTSA talk shows from time to time. In light of his latest hate campaign,
he should never be allowed on KTSA again!
he should be on because he represents a different point of view!
Vote Total 468-


Illegal workers hold 1 of 20 civilian US jobs
24 percent of all jobs in farming, 17 percent in cleaning, 14 percent in construction and 12 percent in food preparation

Termites in Louisiana mulch: Urban myth?
E-mails flying around the Internet in recent days warn that hurricane-ravaged trees that were minced into mulch in Louisiana contain live termites that could be dangerous to homes. Beware of bargains on bags of mulch, the missives say.

For additional angle, also see
Claim: E-mail warns that buying mulch from major home improvement stores will spread the Formosan subterranean termite.
Status: False.


Teri Hatcher Vanity Fair cover
Teri Hatcher says her uncle sexually molested her 35 years ago

Washington Times
House GOP uniting to kill ports deal
Republican House leaders last night split with President Bush and said they would derail a Dubai-owned company's bid to take control of operations at six major U.S. ports.

Lawmakers hit UAE ties to Saddam, al Qaeda
Lawmakers from both parties say the United Arab Emirates has helped shuttle weapons components around the Middle East, has ties to al Qaeda and shouldn't be trusted to operate terminals in U.S. ports.

USA Today
Iran threatens U.S. with 'harm and pain'

for its role in hauling Tehran before the U.N. Security Council over its disputed nuclear program.

Employees at Iraqi security firm seized by people wearing police commando uniforms

Knight Ridder
Bush administration sending a mixed message on Iraq
Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday that conditions in Iraq were improving steadily, but the American ambassador in Baghdad has said the U.S. invasion opened a "Pandora's box" of ethnic and religious violence that could inflame the entire Middle East.

At conservative forum on Bush, everybody's a critic
If the ancient political wisdom is correct that a charge unanswered is a charge agreed to, the Bush White House pleaded guilty yesterday at the Cato Institute to some extraordinary allegations.

Fundamentalist group's West Texas temple appears complete

German farmer feeds family friend’s corpse to pigs

Woman fined for putting on make-up while driving