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Jill Carroll
Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Jan. 7, 2006
She has been a good guest on my program. One of the very, very few to travel outside the Green Zone to do actual reporting.
Her Letter From Baghdad 2005


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Wed Feb 15 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus
• Tomorrow 11a-12 O'Brien's Tax expert Jack Hrubetz

Noon Briefing
at Corpus Christi Christus Spohn hospital
Status Update: Harry Whittington stable, in ICU only for privacy reasons as "he just needed to rest yesterday." Will continue monitoring but no high-end CAT scan until after he goes home to Austin. He's "doing extremely well" - How many BBs inside him? No Comment. We are 100% satisfied the heart BB won't move. No complications so far. Doing EKG daily, monitoring vital signs which are "stable" so far. Was blood alcohol level tested? No Comment.

1pm - Cheney to break silence with Fox TV interview

'Beer quote' pulled from MSNBC Cheney hunting party article

Larry Wright - Detroit News

Corpus Christi Caller
Heart attack minor: prognosis looks good
Cheney phones hunting pal

Corpus Christi Caller
Callers to DA: will you prosecute?
this media frenzy, [the District Attorney] said, is nothing compared to what started on March 31, 1995, when Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez was shot to death.

email Cheney
Not to complain, but you media types have asked every possible question except the only one that really matters: Did he get the bird or not?

Well, JR, there's another question that has occurred to quite a few people, and that is: Is it possible that one or more of the hunters might have been whiskeyed up, and the reason for the delay in reporting the shooting was to give them time to sober up?

Corpus Christi Caller
One hunter got citation, not a warning
Parks and Wildlife says which to issue up to each warden

Mike Lester - Rome News-Tribune


Ten-Foot Poll on Iran --- RESULT
Tue Feb 14 2006
If the President said IRAN is a nuclear threat which we must deal with by military force, would you believe him?
Absolutely. He knows stuff we don't.
I'd support him, but with some doubts.
I'd oppose military action and probably wouldn't believe him 100%.
Yeah... as far as I can throw him.
Total votes 361-

Mardi Gras will be free in Galveston this weekend
Hoping to draw more people to the big party's opening days, organizers are putting a total of 15 musical groups on stages in the city's historic downtown Friday and Saturday and opening the area to all comers instead of making people buy tickets as in years past.

Abramoff billed Malaysia $1.2M for Bush invite
The country wanted to fix its bad reputation, so it hired Abramoff to get a White House visit. The lobbyist, an eyewitness says, called Karl Rove

Chicago mayor favors surveillance of late-night bars
Mayor Richard Daley wants to require bars open until 4 a.m. to install security cameras that can identify people entering and leaving the building.

Ten-Foot Poll on Councilwoman--- RESULT
posted 945a Fri Feb 10 2006
What action should Councilwoman Elena Guajardo take in the wake of the suicide of a man who wrote her an email and was then fired?
She should take no action
She should apologize to the man's family
She should apologize AND resign
Total votes 723-

On Friday 2/10 my producer Susan resumed inviting Zachry Construction and Councilwoman Elena Guajardo to be my guests on KTSA. Each had previously declined, citing a desire to avoid placing additional strain on the family of fired Zachry employee George "Tripp" Dickerson in the immediate aftermath of his suicide. He took his life after being fired for using a company computer to send a personal email to the councilwoman, who says she informed Zachry of Mr. Dickerson's personal use of company email. Many people are interested in hearing the company's and the councilwoman's views on the various issues raised.

add Mon 2/13/06
Zachry's PR spokeswoman tells my producer Susan that Zachry will NOT be commenting on this "because that poor man needs to rest in peace."

add Wed 2/15/06
All Said
Councilwoman Elena Guajardo declines the invitation to appear on KTSA because, says her PR person, she has "said all that she can" about the issue.

New Abu Ghraib abuse photos broadcast in Australia

The grainy still photographs and video images show prisoners, some blood-soaked or hooded, bound to various kinds of apparatus, sometimes pictured with a smiling guard beside them.

Rita, the forgotten storm, torments Louisianans
There were caskets in the oak trees. Hurricane Rita put them there. The Category 3 storm that smacked Louisiana nearly a month after Hurricane Katrina last fall may not have killed anyone in Cameron Parish, but Rita was powerful enough to unearth more than 350 graves and wash away homes of the 10,000 people who lived here. Now, four months after Rita, the living are still gone and the dead still missing.

Forget a thousand words. This photo's worth $2.9 million

Michigan man sentenced in sheep abuse case

MIT star working on flying car
Transition will be best understood as a ''drivable airplane." Their hope is that it will fit into the new FAA category of light sport aircraft and would take off from airports rather than lifting off from a driveway or roadway.

Standing in front of a Hungarian flag with the symbol of the Soviet Union cut out of its center, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice smiles while addressing guests at a reception commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution at the State Department in Washington, February 13, 2006. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque.

Would-be cross suicide nails one hand, then can't nail his other hand
Recycled old story from 2004

Toilet water is cleaner than ice at fast-food restaurants?

"happy b-day from ur friendy rooftop booglar"

Snowmen parade in Moscow street