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Jill Carroll

Jill Carroll
Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Jan. 7, 2006
She has been a good guest on my program. One of the very, very few to travel outside the Green Zone to do actual reporting.
Her Letter From Baghdad 2005

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Mon Jan 30 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus


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Kidnapped journalist shown on new video

The U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, weeping and veiled, appeared on a new videotape aired today by Al-Jazeera

Marlboro Man MarineThe photo of the ‘Marlboro Man’ in Fallujah became a symbol of the Iraq conflict when it ran in newspapers across America in 2004. Now the soldier has returned home to Kentucky, where he battles the demons of post-traumatic stress

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Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Center for the Intrepid to Provide Rehabilitation and Training for Disabled Military Personnel

Sig Christenson's article
A rehabilitation center for amputees and other wounded soldiers that's rising near Brooke Army Medical Center comes with a virtual-reality roller coaster, a $37 million price tag and a question: Why isn't the federal government paying for any of it?

Plano, Richardson turn on red-light cameras today
Alamo Heights is considering RLCs also, and will receive a briefing from a RLC supplier in a couple of weeks.
From How Stuff Works: Red Light Cameras

Dell to hire 5,000 more in India

As Senate asks questions, White House gets testy
Federal agencies have refused to turn over documents about their communications with the White House related to Hurricane Katrina to two congressional committees that are investigating the federal response to the disaster.

FEMA did not use available equipment
Hundreds of available trucks, boats, planes and federal officers were unused in search and rescue efforts immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit because FEMA failed to give them missions, new documents show.

State of the Union to focus on energy
Bush to promote fuel-saving technologies in address

Congressional pet projects boom -- in secret
Members of Congress inserted a record number of pet projects in last year's budget, feeding the burgeoning Washington lobbying industry that lawmakers in both parties insist they want to reform.

US Army seized wives as tactic in Iraq
The U.S. Army in Iraq has at least twice seized and jailed the wives of suspected insurgents in hopes of "leveraging" their husbands into surrender, U.S. military documents show.

Male relatives were terror suspects, released Iraqi says
U.S. detention of female prisoners is a sensitive issue for the Iraqi populace, which considers the mistreatment of a woman a dishonor to her family.

US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty
The Army said stop-loss is vital to maintain units that are cohesive and ready to fight. But some experts said it shows how badly the Army is stretched and could further complicate efforts to attract new recruits.

cartoon: Dear Leader Bush

Britain's education budget at work:
British school bans raising hands

Luby's waiter gets Ford Taurus as tip
Before receiving the gift, Ervin had no car and walked to work

Uncle Sam's web search interest puts users on edge
She suddenly had a frightening thought. Would Google have to inform the government that she was looking for a rent boy — a young male prostitute?

Drought takes its toll across Texas

Farmers lose crops, cattle ranchers struggle to feed herds, and fires keep flaring

Lost in Arabia poster