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Jill Carroll
Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Jan. 7, 2006
She has been a good guest on my program. One of the very, very few to travel outside the Green Zone to do actual reporting.
Her Letter From Baghdad 2005

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Tue Jan 24 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

Gov. Perry inspects troops in Iraq
Queen of England inspects swimmers
No, wait, that's the Queen of England doing the inspecting...

CORRECTION: Here's Gov. Perry:
add 3pm
Gov Rick Perry in Tikrit
Perry visits troops in Iraq, urges patience back home

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, visiting Texas troops in Baghdad today, urged Americans to remain patient despite fresh news of hobbled rebuilding efforts in Iraq
On my program tomorrow: Gov. Perry live from Baghdad

Thanks, Richard H.

Texas homeowner-protection panel doesn't
An agency designed to protect homeowners from construction defects actually shields builders from responsibility, according to an audit released by the Texas Comptroller's Office.
"It is clear that the Texas Residential Construction Commission functions as a builder protection agency."

Senate committee convenes hearings
today into federal response

hurricane clouds
White House had accurate pre-Katrina damage info
In the 48 hours before Hurricane Katrina hit
, the White House received detailed warnings about the storm's likely impact, including eerily prescient predictions of breached levees, massive flooding, and major losses of life and property
President Bush, in a televised interview three days after Katrina hit, suggested that the scale of the flooding in New Orleans was unexpected. "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees. They did anticipate a serious storm," Bush said in a Sept. 1 interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Mayor Nagin "Got Milk?" T-shirt
Mayor Nagin T-shirt
Nagin "chocolate" gaffe becomes stuff of legend

'Chocolate city' parodies proliferate on web and TV

Lobbyists getting cooler response from lawmakers
Skyboxes are suddenly empty. Trips have been canceled. Members of Congress and their aides are insisting on paying for their own meals — if they're willing to be seen in public with a lobbyist at all.

In honor of Benjamin Franklin’s 300th birthday

More than 500 different photographs of all-things-Franklin were shot by Inquirer photographer Tom Gralish around Philadelphia in the last year. The photos were processed through Arcsoft PhotoMontage software to build this 1200-image portrait. Zoomify software was used to make this interactive Flash graphic.

Lackland, other bases sold un-cleared equipment
Pentagon inspectors say officials at four Air Force bases often approved selling equipment as surplus without ensuring removal of components or data that America does not want to fall into the hands of enemies. That includes selling computers without verifying that their memories were erased.

fat cat

GOP closed-door deal made $22-billion difference
Republican negotiators criticized for closed-door changes to Medicare legislation that would save the health-insurance industry billions

email thanking vets
A fellow I was interviewing the other day was a Korean Vet. During the course of the interview his buddy who is also a Korean Vet and wears a baseball hat with that on it, said that recently younger people, from 16 to 25 have stopped him in the mall or when he is traveling around and said, "Thanks for your service." He said he was amazed because its only lately that this has been occurring. Something is going on, you can feel it, but we can't see yet.
Gary B.


Fairies stop developers in their tracks

"..The Planning Inspectorate has no specific guidelines on fairies but a spokesman said: “Planning guidance states that local customs and beliefs must be taken into account.."

Kerr County to mark 150th anniversary on Jan. 26

Boliver lighthouse Boliver lighthouse
Free parking may end along Bolivar beaches
A $10 annual fee could be in place by Memorial Day, if the plan wins state approval

Beach access laws were born in Galveston
The Texas Open Beaches Act - the law that declares the state's beaches open to the public by default - has its origin on Galveston Island



NASA official takes job seeking extraterrestrial life

Lassie helps 90-year-old injured owner

Religious convention ends plan for a Rev. Pat Robertson speech

Can you really catch cancer?
"..stomach cancer [is] triggered by a ... bacterium ... That discovery netted a recent Nobel prize. "Fifteen to 20 years ago ... nobody would have taken seriously the theory that stomach cancer was the result of infection."

Brits' spy rock in Moscow
British agents caught red-handed by Russia

Russia said yesterday it had caught four British diplomats "red-handed" in espionage after releasing surveillance video revealing how they used a fake rock as an electronic version of the age-old "dead-letter drop".

DaimlerChrysler cutting 6,000 administrative jobs

Disney rollercoaster
Disney launches new $100M rollercoaster

Disney officials are hoping a thrill ride through the Himalayan Mountains will boost attendance numbers at the Animal Kingdom theme park

Reality TV wannabes line up to make a baby

Herring make flatulent sounds at night and may be using them to talk to each other