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Jill Carroll
Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Jan. 7, 2006
She has been a good guest on my program. One of the very, very few to travel outside the Green Zone to do actual reporting.
Her Letter From Baghdad 2005

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Mon Jan 23 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus


Running notes on President Bush's Kansas State University speech on the War on Terrorism:

1153a - Appreciates the invitation, but "I know Laura was first choice."
1154a - "To the men and women in uniform, thanks for serving our country" (long applause)
1156a - Standard stump speech joke about inviting his old friends to the WH and them asking "how did YOU get here, Bush?"
1158 - "I'm going back to Texas with the exact same values as when I came to Washington, D.C."
1200p - On 9-11 the attack came and "I resolved on that day to do everything I can to protect the American people." My "most important job is to protect the security of the American people."
1202p - "There is an enemy that is relentless" ... which has an idelogy "the exact opposite of our view of the world." ... "They have no heart. No conscience. They kill women and children to meet their objectives."
1206p - On intelligence "a lot of the decisions I make" ... will depend on "the best intelligence possible" ... noted Afghanistan became "a safe haven" for the enemy, told Afghanistan to get rid of the "barbaric" Taliban regime so we sent our military in and now Afg is a democracy with free elections.
1211p - "Because oceans no longer protect us, the USA must confront threats before they cause us harm." ... "geography doesn't protect us." I "saw a threat in Saddam Hussein" because he was shooting at our planes over the No-Fly Zones. He was a "state sponsor of terror" who "had used weapons of mass destruction" and "the world thought" he had WMDs.
1214p - UN resolutions were doing no good, so Saddam was given a choice "and he chose war" and the world is better off without him.
1215p - Endorsed Americans' right to disagree

1218p - Well, he still hasn't got to the expected topic-- domestic wiretaps without warrants. I think KTSA will bail out of the speech...

picked up again on the air
1236p - "Congress gave me the authority to .. protect the American people" regarding the enemy "if they're making phone calls into the United States we need to know why."

Speech ended with no new facts about the President's justifications for warrantless domestic wiretapping.



email Nice soldier story
I was sitting watching the football games at the Atlanta airport this weekend. As I was sitting there enjoying the game, all of a sudden people around me starting standing up and cheering. Outside the bar where I had been sitting there were about a dozen soldiers heading to a flight.. As the soldiers made their way down the terminal, everyone stood and applauded as they walked by. It looked like a homecoming parade (except they were going the other way). I thought this was fantastic - showing support for our guys! Puts things in perspective for you.
Kevin H.
PS - Keep up the good work - I enjoy listening on the Internet.

Workers, cities brace for Ford closings
Ford Motor Co., hurt by falling sales of sport utility vehicles, is expected to close plants and cut thousands of jobs in North America as part of a restructuring program to be announced this morning

Senate probes alleged Iraq bad-water coverup
The accusations are that roops and civilians at Camp Junction City in Ramadi were exposed to contaminated water, and that Halliburton employees couldn't get their company to tell camp residents

Father gets acting role as corpse
An Ohio man who has posed as a dead body on his Web site in hopes of landing a movie role has found one in a comedy about a hearse driver.
His website is HERE

Oklahoma's oldest radio station switches to Spanish
WKY dropped its news/talk format and began simulcasting Spanish

Five months later, Katrina victims still in tents

Aurora borealis photo link

As local meth labs close, potent Mexican meth moves in
Sometimes called ice, crystal methamphetamine is far purer, and therefore even more highly addictive, than powdered home-cooked methamphetamine, a change that health officials say has led to greater risk of overdose. And because crystal methamphetamine costs more, the police say thefts are increasing, as people who once cooked at home now have to buy it.

Contractors leaving Iraq
U.S. private contractors, until now the biggest private-sector employers in Iraq, are preparing to leave as U.S. money runs out and Iraqi ministries take charge of the reconstruction effort.

White House steps up defense of spying
Bush speech today kicks off activities to back warrantless surveillance

The White House launches a political campaign this week, not for a candidate but for a controversial program: warrantless surveillance of some U.S. citizens by the National Security Agency.

Growing a chair, or a home, from living trees

woven tree
Bonfante Gardens "Home of the Circus Trees"


"West Wing" to end in May after 7 seasons

and NBC is moving "Law & Order" up an hour to Wednesdays at 8 p.m., competing directly with ABC's blockbuster "Lost."


Jimmy Kimmel talking-deer-on-hood segment
Deer Hunter still
3.7 MB

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