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Jill Carroll
Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Jan. 7, 2006
She has been a good guest on my program. One of the very, very few to travel outside the Green Zone to do actual reporting.
Her Letter From Baghdad 2005

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Thur Jan 19 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

11:35 this morning:
How have red-light cameras worked out in Garland?

add 1028a
Osama bin Laden mug
Purported bin Laden tape: 'It's only a question of time'

Voice warns Americans of impending attacks

"...operations taking place in America, it's only a matter of time. They are in the planning stages and you will see them in the heart of your land as soon as the planning is complete."
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Osama --- RESULT
posted 1050a-1250a Thur Jan 19 2006
What's your reaction to today's bin Laden threat that another big attack in America is "only a matter of time"?
Water off a duck's back: doesn't bother me a bit.
Does bother me just a little.
Brings up my worry level quite a bit.
Scares me pretty bad.
Total votes 255-

Washington Post

Kidnappers' deadline for her death is tomorrow
Jill Carroll's mom appeals for daughter's release
The mother of abducted American reporter Jill Carroll appealed Thursday for her daughter's release, a day before the deadline captors set for killing her if U.S. authorities don't release all Iraqi women in military custody.

The Christian Science Monitor
Hostage video ignites wide call to free Carroll
Calls for the release of kidnapped journalist Jill Carroll poured in from around the world following the broadcast of a brief video showing her in captivity.


Gary Martin - Express-News Washington Bureau
10 years and $22M later, Cisneros report offers little new
Political intrigue surrounding its release focuses more on an alleged Clinton administration cover-up into possible tax fraud than on Cisneros' actions that led to the initial investigation.

Bill Clinton and Henry Cisneros

The New York Times
Cisneros inquiry ends with accusations of cover-up
After the longest independent counsel investigation in history, the prosecutor in the case of former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros is finally closing his operation with a scathing report accusing Clinton administration officials of thwarting an inquiry into whether Cisneros evaded paying income taxes.

The long-awaited final report by Independent Counsel David Barrett ... was severely censored by court order but not enough to sufficiently obscure its importance. As long forecast, it alleges serious corruption in the Clinton administration's Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The question is what was contained in 120 pages removed by the judges.
Nobody is interested in further prosecution of Henry Cisneros, an exceptional public figure who might well have become the first Hispanic-American governor of Texas and perhaps even president of the United States. Rather, an unredacted Barrett report is an opportunity to observe how the Internal Revenue Service decides when to prosecute, a place where Congress until now has feared to venture.


Sales of private phone-call records under scrutiny
The business of buying and selling private phone calling records is suddenly under considerable scrutiny.

Tribes, 'tired of being used,' reject senator's donation
The Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council has rejected a $111,000 donation from the campaign of Montana GOP Sen. Conrad Burns, with some saying the money is tainted because it originally came from lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his clients.

Houston Chronicle
DNA test to set man free after 18 years
Houston lawyer pushed for review of evidence, which eliminates man in 1986 assault

Victoria mom not home when fire killed 4 kids
Mom had taken quick trip to comfort a friend about a death in friend's family



Chertoff: Reports of Mexican military in U.S. are overblown
Reports of Mexican soldiers frequently crossing onto U.S. soil are overblown, and many of the incidents are just mistakes, claims Homeland Security Secretary

Lawmaker hits incursions by Mexico military
An Arizona congressman yesterday demanded the State Department take "immediate diplomatic action" to stop Mexican military incursions into the United States

Army secretary: Troops to get more armor

U.S. soldiers in Iraq could be wearing an extra 5 pounds of armor as soon as next month

Eviction guidelines for troops on active duty revised
Servicemembers who pay less than $2,615 in rent each month cannot be evicted from their apartments without a court order, under guidelines updated by the Defense Department this month.

Associated Press
Testimony: CO approved interrogation technique
FORT CARSON, Colo. — An Army officer charged with murder in the suffocation death of an Iraqi general was using an interrogation technique approved by his commander and was under intense pressure to extract information, his lawyer said Tuesday.


Lawyers Weekly USA
Top Ten Jury Verdicts of 2005
Florida (4 verdicts) and Texas (3 verdicts) were well represented in this year's list of mega-verdicts.
A Texas jury awarded $606 million to the family of an 82-year-old man who died from a chemotherapy overdose - but the high-low agreement limited the collection to $5 million ... state cap on punitive damages would have limited the $606 million verdict to just $9 million, even without the high-low agreement.


2006: An excessively optimistic look ahead

Tom Tomorrow panel




Vote for Roy Orbison
Sign the petition for a stamp honoring Roy Orbison HERE
Go to the Roy Orbison website his widow maintains HERE
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Roy's Stamp --- RESULT
posted Jan 18-19 2006
Would you support a US postage stamp commemorating the late Roy Orbison?
Total votes 346-