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Jill Carroll
Christian Science Monitor
Baghdad Jan. 7, 2006
She has been a good guest on my program. One of the very, very few to travel, unaccompanied, outside the Green Zone to do actual reporting.


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Latest News and
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Iraq War Dead 1 2 (2 has personal message boards)
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

DOD military casualty Info

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Wed Jan 11 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus


Brits plan total electronic surveillance of roads

In March, Britain will enhance its reputation as the surveillance capital of the West with a global first: recording the movements of all cars on the road and storing the data for at least two years.

DeLay took Indian money, then tried to shut down rival tribe's casinos
Then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tried to pressure the Bush administration into shutting down an Indian-owned casino that lobbyist Jack Abramoff wanted closed - shortly after a tribal client of Abramoff's donated to a DeLay political action committee
Link to LETTER pdf:

Men think about sex every seven seconds...
Ten most popular myths in science
A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's... Water drains backwards in the Southern Hemisphere due to the Earth's rotation...

Conservatives want return to core GOP principles
With Republicans embroiled in an influence-peddling scandal that could threaten their control of Congress, the biggest pressure for reform is coming from lawmakers who charge that the party’s woes have come from abandoning its core conservative principles.
Jeff Flake,



Gov. Rick Perry visits San Antonio today
One-day trip includes here, Houston, Corpus Christi, the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso "Adios, MoFo!"

Anti-toll group to picket Perry here
12:30pm at Reyes Industries, 1554 Cantrell Drive (off I-35 between SW Military and Zarzamora) 12:30 PM Texas Toll Party

“Front Porch of the Texas Hill Country” fights water problems
Mayor Sarah Stevick announced that independent tests of water in Bulverde showed the only area of concern for high levels of trihalomethane was Bulverde Hills subdivision

With emphasis on computers, Texas schools are writing off cursive

TxDOT doesn't know if it has red-light camera power
Houston, Garland, Richardson, Plano and Frisco are among the Texas cities that either have installed the cameras or plan to do so. Houston, after delaying its program for several months last year while the Legislature considered and rejected measures that would have banned the practice, has installed enforcement cameras at a handful of intersections. The city is trying equipment from several different vendors, all of whom would provide the equipment for free and then take a cut of each fine.

New Orleans has major plan for city's future

Arizona governor seeks $100M to stop illegals
Gov. Janet Napolitano has proposed spending $100 million in state money to fight illegal entry, including a crackdown on businesses that intentionally hire illegal aliens.

Feds to crack down on illegal immigrants
Government triples number of officers assigned to hunt for those ordered to be deported

Golden retriever finds way home


FBI checking prints in death row cases
Mistaken match leads to review of fingerprinting to determine whether errors led to sentences

Some libraries have human-skin-bound books
The practice of binding books in human skin was not uncommon in centuries past, even if it was not always discussed in polite society.