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Fri Jan 6 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

add 950a Sat
email Iraq armor
The Republicans are the ones who are strong on defense. Brad, the question is whose? Certainly not the soldiers who are actually fighting this stupid war for the Repubs.. otherwise, they might actually fund some armor for them, huh?
Extra Armor Could Have Saved Many Lives, Study Shows
Too many of these young men are dying because they'd rather give tax cuts to their rich buddies than fund the military properly.
And yet, they keep getting touted as being the ones to depend on for our safety. Bah.

add 956a Sat
email Uncle Sam opening mail
Brad: Now the department of Homeland Stasi Security is opening your mail.
Homeland Security opening private mail
Retired professor confused, angered when letter from abroad is opened

Robert W., Jr.

add 1008a Sat
email Dixiecans editorial
The link to this editorial was sent to me by David P.
Abramoff illustrates scourge of 'Dixiecans'
Republicans need to get rid of them, just as Democrats did



Plane through Golden Gate bridge

Brush Fire could have destroyed Earth!!!
Yeah, I know that once the first local TV station went live, the others felt like they would suck if they didn't, so yesterday the locals were wall to wall, breathlessly covering a relatively small brush fire, on and off for at least 8 hours that I know of.
How big was the fire? They said 100 acres. That can be visualized as a grid of 9 football fields by 8 fields (excluding end zones). "Massive"?
Put another way, 9 brush fires that size would fit inside McAllister Park, with plenty of room remaining for almost any number of TV reporters and cans of hair spray.
It needed to be covered, sure. But— "massive"?

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Lobbyist Bribes --- RESULT
posted 9a-950p Thur Jan 5 2006
If a politician takes a bribe from a lobbyist to buy a vote, then later gives back the bribe, has a crime been committed?
Certainly! If a bank robber gives back the loot, he's still a robber!
Absolutely not! He gave it back! No crime! C'mon!
Total votes 343-

Perry: Add intelligent design to teaching
Theory has a place in Texas schools, he says; most rivals disagree
Intelligent design holds that life is so complex that it must have been guided by some outside intelligence. Critics have chided its lack of a testable thesis and have called it creationism — adherence to the biblical account of creation in Genesis — in disguise.

Deaths were peaceful, miners wrote in notes

GOP scrambling to find leadership thru scandal
An internal battle is underway among House Republicans to permanently replace Rep. Tom DeLay (Tex.) as majority leader and put in place a new leadership lineup that is better equipped to deal with the growing corruption scandal.

Pat Robertson wacks out again
Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine punishment

Knight Ridder Newspapers

At Gator Swamp Outpost, the war is close and personal

Wisconsin voting machine code must be open source
Governor Jim Doyle signed into law on Wednesday a bill that will require the software of touch-screen voting machines used in elections to have its source code opened up to public viewing.

Redneck Moving Day - Thanks, Richard H.Redneck moving day


Florida deputy stopped bear with taser

Connecticut State Rep., tired of endless ads, is proposing legislation that would require movie theaters to post the actual starting time of a movie


Boston Globe Special Report

"I miss and love you all..."
Last words of those who died in 2005