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Wed Jan 4 2006
Hit count for 2005 was 24-million-plus

2006 Hooters Calendar

Bush can bypass new torture ban
When President Bush last week signed the bill outlawing the torture of detainees, he quietly reserved the right to bypass the law under his powers as commander in chief.
Some legal specialists said yesterday that the president's signing statement, which was posted on the White House website but had gone unnoticed over the New Year's weekend, raises serious questions about whether he intends to follow the law.

Daniele Bennett's father died in the mine. Family members had been told that 12 of the 13 miners survived. (Getty Images)

Tragic change: 12 confirmed dead in W. Va. mine blast
Families say officials gave them bad news hours after initial report brought jubilation to small town


Travis D.A. hunts links between Abramoff and DeLay fundraising
The Travis County district attorney issued four subpoenas Tuesday in an attempt to find any links between discredited Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Congressman Tom DeLay's 2002 Texas fundraising

Battle over property rights goes on, despite ruling
A mediator will decide if homes in New London, Conn., will be razed to make way for private development
The moment of truth is yet to arrive in the now-famous Fort Trumbull neighborhood. Six months after the US Supreme Court ruled that the city could seize and demolish private homes to make way for a commercial development project, determined residents are still living in their homes in the targeted neighborhood.

Can competing cadaver exhibits draw the living?

Two Houston museums will unveil similar shows that offer an inside peek at preserved corpses
Ten-Foot Poll on Dead Body Exhibits --- RESULT
posted 905a-12m Wed Jan 4 2006
Would you go see a museum-quality exhibit of dead human bodies?

Yes, but wouldn't take my kids
Yes, and I'd take the kids
Total votes 244-

Desire for gay sex ended up like this

Arrest warrants have been issued for a 49-year-old Middletown man who had to be hoisted to safety by a police helicopter after getting stuck in waist-deep mud when a would-be sexual rendezvous in a marsh went bad


Andy Borowitz


Michael Brown Apologizes For Delay

Former Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael Brown said today that he had not yet made his New Year's resolutions for 2006 but vowed to have them done by March 1 "at the very latest."

Mr. Brown apologized for the delay at a Washington press conference that was originally called for ten o'clock this morning but was not actually held until four in the afternoon.

The former FEMA chief, visibly embarrassed by not having made his New Year's resolutions in a timely fashion, said that he had been "caught unawares" by the change in years.

"I turned on the TV and saw that ball dropping, and I was like, holy cow, I better get on this," Mr. Brown said.

Despite his delay in making his resolutions, Mr. Brown said he expects 2006 to be a big year for him and his new disaster preparedness consulting firm, adding, "By the end of 2006, the name Michael Brown will be synonymous with disaster."

At the White House, President Bush briefly commented on Mr. Brown's delay in making his New Year's resolutions, telling reporters, "I'm sure that whenever Brownie eventually makes them he'll do a heckuva job."

For his part, Mr. Brown gave reporters a sneak peek at his list of resolutions, saying that number one on the list would be "Get things done sooner" and that number two was "Remember to buy more Post-its."

Elsewhere, legal experts called the trial of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein "the trial of the century," explaining that it would take at least that long to complete.



Did Marine sergeant's wife poison her husband?

Accused of poisoning her husband with arsenic and then using his life insurance to pay for breast enhancement and a libertine lifestyle

Are you an alien abductee?
58 common indicators of UFO encounters or abductions by alien beings

Up, up and bam!
In the kiteboarding community they call it a kitemare

Wife says divorce is news to her
A lawsuit accuses an ex-Casselberry official of divorcing without telling her

Diane Lane and some guy in Unfaithful
A 'time of the month' to fool around?
Studies suggest women have an evolutionary tendency toward infidelity during ovulation

Judge rules that mooning is distasteful, but not illegal

Boston Globe Special Report

"I miss and love you all..."
Last words of those who died in 2005