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Fri Dec 30 2005
Hit count for 2005 has been 24-million-plus

NSA eavesdropping leak to be probed by DOJ

San Antonio Express-News
Uninsured cars here to be towed starting Sunday
Police Chief Albert Ortiz touted the towing plan during the city's annual budget process as a way to deal with people violating the law and as a revenue generator expected to bring an additional $1.7 million into city coffers. The change in policy has caught the attention of local insurers. Claudia Zavala, regional manager of Fred Loya Insurance, said the company has seen an increase in new policies as well as a spike in calls from current customers who want to make sure they're covered.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Uninsured Cars --- RESULT
posted 8a Fri Dec 30 2005 - 1145a Sun Jan 1 2006
SAPD starts impounding uninsured cars this Sunday. In the newspaper, a woman asks, "What if it's a poor family and they have children in the car and they just don't have the money to get insurance, but they might have it next week?"
• Enforce the new law evenly no matter what, and let the chips fall where they will.
• Have a heart, make exceptions and give second chances in a case such as this.
Total votes 342-


Saints likely to forsake Alamodome, return home to what's left

High fire danger now
Fire officials across the state are begging Texans to skip the celebratory New Year's fireworks this weekend because dry, windy conditions make the threat of more wildfires extremely high.

Prefers iPod rather than an iPod box with raw meat inside

Houston Chronicle Foreign Service
Tourism fueling child sex in Mexico
Authorities want to rein in the prostitution that's rampant in resort areas
Many of those who pay for sex with the boys and girls are American, Canadian and European tourists.
Mexican authorities and child-protection advocates say a weak justice system, police corruption and a lack of facilities to help homeless children have hindered attempts in Mexico to curb the problem.

Windows flaw Is 'severe'
PCs left vulnerable to spyware and viruses as Microsoft scrambles to come up with fix.

We Mac people have known for many years that the dominant Windows operating systems are vastly inferior, but y'all have to just keep learning the hard way.

Although now a larger problem than illegal drugs, Federal budget for fighting computer crime cut to $16 million.


New Orleans Times-Picayune
Corps never pursued levee design doubts
Higher-ups raised red flag, then dropped it

The engineering mistakes that led to the canal levee failures that flooded most of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina were found and then dismissed in the Army Corps of Engineers' design review process in 1990

Lynndie England burned in prison kitchen accident

In her airport luggage, hmmm: three condoms filled with flour

10-year-old in pedal-car pulled over in snowstorm by cops

See Firewire Steve Wozniak shoot sparks from his mouth
13 things that do not make sense

The placebo effect, The horizon problem, Ultra-energetic cosmic rays, Belfast homeopathy results, Dark matter, Viking's methane, Tetraneutrons, The Pioneer anomaly, Dark energy, The Kuiper cliff, The Wow signal, Not-so-constant constants, Cold fusion.


Study finds plastic in 95% of dead North Sea birds

Roto-Rooter's 2005 report on unusual things recovered from plumbing

Scoutmaster molested scouts while on camping trips

Lotto couple plan to buy new iron

A woman who won $26-million on the lottery says she plans to buy a new iron
'Functionality' of Hooters Girls hauled back into court
Hooters, dissatisfied with a district court ruling (Dec. 7, 2004) that it could not use the mechanism of trademark law to preclude competing restaurants from having tank-top-clad waitresses serve mediocre chicken wings, has appealed


100 things we didn't know this time last year