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Thur Dec 22 2005

add 1149 a.m.

Robbers spattered gunfire into law enforcement vehicles and the cars of innocent bystanders (by-drivers, I guess they would be) in a high speed chase from San Antonio down I-35 to Lytle, where they were captured.
Witnesses called KTSA reporting 60 or 70 police, sheriff and DPS cars taking part in the chase. One witness said her car was passed near South Park Mall by the robbers, one of whom was firing out the rear window and hitting law vehicles and shattering windows of civilian cars and one truck.
This morning around 10:30, a San Antonio credit union office was robbed.
Full updates on KTSA news....


Michigan couple celebrates Festivus
"Seinfeld" fans know that Festivus is celebrated on Dec. 23 and is marked by a tinsel-free aluminum pole, feats of strength and the airing of grievances, during which followers tell loved ones how they have disappointed them during the year.

Associated Press version
Judge: Bush too changable with detainee policy
A government request to transfer terrorism suspect Jose Padilla [Ed. note: Padilla himself pronounces the L's, as in "vanilla" and not "DEE'uh"] from military to civilian custody was rejected by an appeals court that said the administration's shifting tactics in the case threatens its credibility with the courts.

Washington Post version
Court rejects Padilla's transfer
Bush administration strongly rebuked in handling of the high-profile terrorism case.

Judges to review secret-spying program
Several members of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court said in interviews that they want to know why the administration believed that secretly listening in on telephone calls and reading e-mails of U.S. citizens without court authorization was legal.

CIA surveillance of Americans awkward

As a PowerPoint presentation posted on the agency's Web site puts it, for an American to be a target, "Court Order Required in the United States."

  • Did agency officials volunteer to perform the eavesdropping without warrants, or did the White House order it over agency objections?
  • Why was it not possible to use warrants, as the law appears to require, from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which granted 1,754 such warrants last year and did not deny a single application?
  • Or, if the court was considered too slow or cumbersome, why did the agency not ask Congress to adjust the law and legalize what it wanted to do?


Congress bans harsh treatment of suspects
President Bush is expected to sign a voluminous defense bill that requires the humane treatment of foreign terrorism suspects even though the measure rebukes some of his wartime policies.

New life for Patriot Act is no victory for Bush
The Senate's six-month extension effectively kills a compromise that would have made key provisions of the anti-terror law permanent.

New Orleans: different kind of darkness

Willis Winter, who came to New Orleans to help rebuild the city, burns a dresser in a barbecue pit to keep warm in the Lower 9th Ward. Areas once vibrant at night are now eerily empty.

Texas won't allow Canadian drugs after all
A new state law intended to help Texas consumers buy less expensive prescription drugs from Canada was struck down Wednesday by Attorney General Greg Abbott, who ruled that it violated federal law.

Next big thing in cars might be very small

Suzuki Santa

Las Vegas cabbies win kickback war
County to repeal the rule preventing taxi cabs from getting kickbacks for delivering customers to topless bars

Growing population shifts political power
Southern and Western states are growing so much faster than the rest of the country that several are expected to grab House seats from the Northeast and Midwest when Congress is reapportioned in 2010. "But if you ever banned air conditioning," Bennett added, "I think people would flock back."


Minneapolis Star-Tribune Editorial
Bush's speech got tone right, not facts

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jay Bookman Opinion
Congress, citizens, this means war
In asserting his right to ignore the law, President Bush has slapped Congress right across the face and told them they better like it.


My nominee for wierdest story since Dan Rather's "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
Letterman lawyers fight restraining order "granted to a Santa Fe woman who contends the CBS late-night host used code words to show he wanted to marry her and train her as his co-host."

Marriage of Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney annulled

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