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Thur Dec 8 2005

Austin American-Statesman
Blast of winter weather wallops Central Texas
Austin, other districts cancel classes; Austin Energy reports outage; ice still exists on area roadways. KVET meteorologist Troy Kimmel said this morning that temperatures will probably remain below freezing until noon, and only then creep into the mid-30s

Winter blast makes Texas travel treacherous
Central Texas cities of Austin, Georgetown and San Marcos seemed among the worst hit by the winter blast.

Thanks to Cal at Deco Surfaces Plus:

Houston bans stepping into street to collect donations
The council vote, which came after a lengthy debate, didn't address the thorny legal issue of panhandling, which city lawyers say is difficult to prevent without violating free speech and equal protection rights.


Cops asked a Deerfield Township, Ohio, man who covered his house with 25,000 Christmas lights rigged to dance when holiday music plays to pull the plug on the display after a car wreck Tuesday night
Yes, it is the guy whose home was pictured on this website a few days ago. You can re-visit the story - and the video - HERE

College's new handbook bans snow art that isn't "tasteful"

Bush approval rating rose in latest poll
Despite his gains, Mr. Bush's 40 percent approval rating remains among his lowest

House passes three tax cuts but doesn't cut spending
In a highly partisan atmosphere, tax cutting without regard to the growing federal debt appears to be one area that both parties can agree on

George F. Will
Congressional votes to pay for high definition TVs illustrate that no matter how deeply you distrust government's judgment, you are too trusting.

House Deals Casinos Out of Katrina Recovery Plan
Lawmakers vote to exclude Gulf Coast liquor stores, massage parlors, tanning salons and the gambling industry from tax incentives.

Katrina evacuees involved in Houston school trouble
A brawl that began in the Westbury High School cafeteria Wednesday and spilled outdoors capped weeks of growing tension between Houston students and Hurricane Katrina evacuees and resulted in the arrest of 27 students.

Safety group emoting against our higher speed limits
But the nation's traffic fatality rate in 2004 was a record low of 1.46 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Bush "Holiday" Cards---RESULT
posted 11a Wed Dec 7 - 8a Thur Dec 8 2005
Should the White House cards mention Christmas, or just a generic "Holiday" greeting?
Should say Christmas
"Holiday" is appropriate
Total votes 305-


How common is US abuse of detainees?
Any analysis of America's record on detainee abuse in the war on terror begins with a single set of numbers: Amid the handling of an estimated 70,000 detainees, military officials say they have found fewer than 600 credible allegations of abuse.

New York Daily News
White House officials are telling associates they expect Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to quit early next year, once a new government is formed in Iraq

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San Antonio Astronomical Ass'n
"It is to help people who are looking to buy telescopes this Christmas and to show them a little bit about astronomy and what's up there."

Santa hanged and blindfolded
Santa blindfolded and hung from homeowner's tree

Akron traffic cams nab school-zone speeders
The take in fines in a 19-day period: nearly half a million dollars. In many cases, the cameras didn't cut much slack: 40 percent of those fined $150 were going 10 mph or less over the posted limit. One person was going only 5 mph over a 20 mph limit.

Citizenship test, called 'too simple,' will be rewritten
The government began studying changes to the test in 1997. The effort is expected to cost more than $6 million.

Seizure of Social Security upheld
The government can seize part of a person's monthly Social Security benefit to pay off old student loans, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday.


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Andy Borowitz


Reports Significant Process in Parallel Universe

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld today announced that despite the steady drumbeat of bad news about the war in Iraq, the war is actually going very well in the parallel universe known as Earth II.

Secretary Rumsfeld made his comments about Earth II in a press briefing at the Pentagon, where he blasted the press for "not reporting all of the good news coming out of Earth II."

With that, the defense secretary unfurled a map of Earth II, showing a terrain more familiar to science fiction fans and video game enthusiasts than to the general public.

According to the defense secretary, on Earth II Iraqi troops are being trained at a rate much faster than anticipated and the insurgency is "on the verge of crumbling."

Additionally, Iraqis have embraced democracy, causing freedom to flower in such neighboring countries as "Iran II, Egypt II and Saudi Arabia II."

Partially because of these gains, Mr. Rumsfeld said, President Bush's approval rating on Earth II currently stands at 89 percent.

Secretary Rumsfeld brushed aside a reporter's question about escalating violence in Iraq, saying that his new policy was to answer "no questions whatsoever" that involve Earth I.

"The press would be better served if they would get off the planet they're on and start living in a parallel universe, like all of us in this Administration do," Mr. Rumsfeld said.

Elsewhere, one day after actor Mel Gibson announced that he would produce a four-hour miniseries about the Holocaust, singer Courtney Love said that she would produce a four-hour miniseries about sobriety.