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Mon Dec 5 2005

Christmas Present Wrapping
"Wrappin' with Jack"
Jack Riccardi, Tuesday Dec. 13, 6-9 PM
Northside Ford 281@Nakoma

9/11 Commission: U.S. precautions inadequate
"People are not paying attention," chairman Thomas Kean, a former Republican governor of New Jersey, said Sunday. "God help us if we have another attack."
9/11 Public Discourse Project

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Toll Roads---RESULT
posted 915a-7p Mon Dec 5 2005
The rather sudden move to toll roads in San Antonio is
A necessary response to changing times
Total votes 266-

Battleship Texas might be repositioned on dry land
The Texas is the last remaining battleship afloat that fought in both world wars. Its keel was laid in 1911 and it was armed with what then were the largest naval guns in the world

Christmas Hairdo

Rice denies U.S. transports detainees for torture
"We must bring terrorists to justice wherever possible," she said. "But there have been many cases where the local government cannot detain or prosecute a suspect, and traditional extradition is not a good option. In those cases," she added, "the local government can make the sovereign choice to cooperate in the transfer of a suspect to a third country, which is known as a rendition. "Sometimes, these efforts are misunderstood," she said.


Man detained by U.S. claims torture
"..shows how pressure on the CIA to arrest terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has led to detention sometimes based on thin or speculative evidence."

McCain pushes White House to ban U.S. torture

Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) says a distinction has to be drawn between fighting terrorism and the insurgency when it comes to Iraq. "Terrorism is in Afghanistan," Murtha said, "and the insurgency is in Iraq. The insurgents are all internal. Just 3 to 7 percent are al Qaeda."

People on their own in New Orleans
" recent weeks, a new reality has settled in as the agencies that were stepping up to help guide the city's comeback have stepped back down again."

New Orleans levee inspections fell short
Before Hurricane Katrina, levee inspections in New Orleans were so superficial that one engineer who used to work for the Army Corps of Engineers said he conducted more diligent inspections on Florida levees that protected cattle.

Sinking homes stymie flood survey experts
"Over in east New Orleans, the 9th Ward, places like that, those places have sunk substantially over the last several years. Some of those places may be 1 to 2 feet lower than (residents) think they are."

Battle of Katrina MP3
This song is controversial. Should Brad have even put the link on this website?

RESULT: 31 No, 301 Yes


Katrina Blue-Roof Christmas display Metairie Louisiana 2005BLUE-ROOF CHRISTMAS IS BACK
Metairie mall resurrects display of Hurricane Town
A model train runs past home models with blue tarps, debris and repair work in progress in a Christmas display at Lakeside Mall in Metairie, La. The display mirrors the lives of residents in the New Orleans area.(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
Four more photos of Lakeside Mall Christmas Village HERE

'Murder by perjury' in Cantu case?
Juan Moreno, who survived being shot nine times to testify it was Ruben Cantu who pulled the trigger, later recanted, but not before Cantu was executed. Now the San Antonio DA tells Chronicle columnist Rick Casey she is considering charges against Moreno, not for perjury -- but for murder.

Some stores get tough on returns
Sears, Target and many others slap fees on returned items— but not Walmart

U.S. has a long way to go to achieve objectives in Iraq
President Bush has laid out his markers for victory in Iraq, which raises an obvious question: How's it going over there?

Refurbished laptops with a great warranty
B.J. Associates - The Laptop Specialists
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Christmas lights video: Lights coordinated with music

Okay, is this real, or some spliced-up
Photoshop fakery? As usual, to check
on such things, go to

The issue is taxes
A whopping 40 percent of the House tax cuts would go to 345,000 American millionaires, and just 7.5 percent to the 90 million U.S. taxpayers who earn less than $50,000.
House Republicans face a test of character when they return to work this week. They can follow the example of their Senate colleagues and nudge the country on a path to tax reform. Or they can waffle on their stated principles and opt to save a windfall for the wealthiest Americans.


A woman named Sam Buck thought it would be cute to name her coffee shop Sambuck's. Starbuck didn't like that, and now Buck has to change her shop's name -- and pay a few hundred grand to the coffee giant.

A city official says: "The city's sign ordinance says you can't have any lewd language. I know it's the name of a product [Sexy Hair Concepts], but people objected to the word 'sexy' on the sign."




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