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Rewrite of Endangered Species Act proposed
wants the federal government to compensate landowners for lost property value. He also wants to eliminate the critical habitat designation that has caused so many lawsuits between environmental groups and the federal government.

War? What war?
Bush to promote border protection
Tucson today, El Paso manana: President Bush today will call for a crackdown on illegal immigration, a move aimed at further rallying conservatives

New Orleans mayor in Houston to update evacuees
Most schools remain closed, questions about the environmental safety in the city linger, thousands of homes are uninhabitable.


Thorndale woman, 76, killed by dogs
Pack of six pit bull-Rottweiler mixed-breed dogs also injured a would-be rescuer

Tennessee school paper gagged over controversial articles

She told an officer she drove to her husband’s work site because they had not been getting along and she had learned some new curse words in Spanish she wanted to use on him.

"They're exhibitionists," said Stockford, noting that's she's had no trouble finding models for the window


Pretty goofy (real, actual) patents

The Iraq story: how troops see it

Like many soldiers and marines returning from Iraq, Mayer looks at the bleak portrayal of the war at home with perplexity - if not annoyance. It is a perception gap that has put the military and media at odds


Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan waits for people
to show up at her book signing near President
Bush's ranch Saturday in Crawford, Texas.

Few dozen war protesters depart camp near Bush ranch
The landowner who let demonstrators use the property the last few weeks of the August vigil has leased it to them through next year. Before last week's protest, the group had water and electricity installed.



Injured chicken conquers all and finds a coop in a coupe

At the end of the driveway, in the ditch, lay the body of a chicken - a Rhode Island Red hen. I started to walk by on the other side, and then was hit hard by my conscience. So I went back.

PETA warns kids to run from Daddy
The comic book, titled "Your Daddy Kills Animals," features a grinning lunatic gutting a fish, and warns kids to keep their puppies and kittens away from Dad because he's "hooked on killing."

More than 500 colors
by color name, Hex value, RGB value and Microsoft Access code number

Balloon man


To verify the origin of a website:

Copy and paste the line below into the address line of your web browser when you are on the web page that you want to verify (some browsers then want you to hit Return)

javascript:alert("The actual URL of this site has been verified as: " + location.protocol + "//" + location.hostname +"/");

It will tell you where that web page really originates.

Here's an example of a not-very-clever phishing site:

Looks kind of official, doesn't it. But the really pro phishing sites also fake the address line. That's when you should use the Javascript code.





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