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add Sunday 11/20/2005

War debate wreaks havoc with Bush agenda
After simmering on Congress's back burner for months, the Iraq war debate has eclipsed every other issue in the capital, slowing progress on some matters while stopping it on others.

Germans claim Bush mischaracterized Curveball's WMD info

Homeland security: Red alert
Things are going from bad to worse at the Bush Department of Homeland Security.



House okays sale of government land to developers and others
Mining Claim rewrite, on the surface, reads like the mundane nip and tuck of federal mining law its authors say it is. But lawyers who have parsed its language say the real beneficiaries could be real estate developers

Congress helps itself to a $3,100 pay raise
the issue was not mentioned on the floor of either the House or Senate

House votes to cut $700 million in food stamps

Man sues Disney for gay 'Wife Swap'
A man who participated in the popular "Wife Swap" television show is suing producers for $10,225,000 after the "wife" they sent to his home was a gay man.

Cindy Sheehan book, "Not One More Mother's Child," to be released Wednesday

"Black Friday" update
What will be on sale where, day after Thanksgiving

Congressmen ask for second opinion on Iraq

Battalion commanders are asked for what the military calls "ground truth"—the unvarnished story of what's going on in Iraq.

New Braunfels Cheer Fund aims to feed hundreds

"... an outcome even more amazing than he had ever hoped, an outcome no one could have anticipated for the simple reason that no one imagined it possible. The secret to nonstaining colored bubbles, it turns out, is a dye that could unlock a revolution in color chemistry. All you need to do is make color disappear. "

Texas honchos slam FEMA plan to move evacuees
Texas' emergency management coordinator told the state Senate Finance Committee that the state won't allow Louisiana hurricane evacuees to be put out of their hotels by the Dec. 1 deadline. He added, though, that he wasn't sure how the state would prevent it.

Texas watchdog groups back GOP into corner
"What we've seen in Texas is a $10 million corporate takeover of Texas politics," said Tom "Smitty" Smith, director of Public Citizen in Texas.

“Miracle” HIV patient didn't have virus in first place

Miffed Idaho developer threatens to use pig farm as revenge
But county and city officials doubt that Nagel will follow through, noting that threats to go into the hog business have become planning dispute cliches.
"That's the first thing they say: 'I'm going to put a pig farm on it,'" Rathdrum Mayor Brian Steele said.

Burnet preacher's wife arrested for steamy letters to 15-year-old
Woman, 27, posed as 16-year-old, had phone sex with boy, police say. White told police that the letters were "very dirty" and that she knew it was wrong to write them

COLOR MATCH : Find colors that match (use sliders)

School super near Waco had setup to secretly take nude photos
Danny Edward Doyen, 46, told investigators that he bought the camera with a school district credit card and placed it in a restroom to obtain nude photos of female employees

Englishman Can Visualize Complex Math, Learn Icelandic in Seven Days, But Had Difficulty Learning to Walk and Express Himself

Amuse yourself mindlessly...


Also try the interesting

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on War Criticism --- RESULT
Posted 9am Wed Nov 16 - 10pm Thur Nov 17, 2005
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel says Americans have the right to criticize Iraq War policy without their patriotism being questioned by President Bush
Hagel is rightly defending free speech
225 -
Hagel is hurting the war effort and troops
79 -
Total votes 304 -

Murtha calls for Iraq pullout

"Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency," Murtha said in a Capitol news conference that left him in tears. Islamic insurgents "are united against U.S. forces, and we have become a catalyst for violence," he said. ". . . It's time to bring them home."
Murtha's action, coupled with stinging rhetoric from the White House, was the catalyst for a remarkable outpouring of rage on Capitol Hill about Iraqi war policy, an issue that for months was relatively dormant but now is dominating congressional debate.

Army to halt call-ups of inactive soldiers
"..suspended plans to expand an unwieldy, 16-month-old program to call up inactive soldiers for military duty, after thousands have requested delays or exemptions or failed to show up."

Sheehan, 28 others, convicted In White House war protest

Talk is cheap; administration needs to deliver on promises

By Joseph L. Galloway, Knight Ridder Newspapers
What's a president to do when his approval ratings have tanked, the special prosecutor is still rooting around under the rocks in his garden, and the same Republican senators who once wrote him a blank check are threatening to put a stop-payment on it?

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