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Mon Oct 10 2005
Columbus Day
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America 'faces worst disaster in its history'
A plan drawn up by the Bush Administration to combat a pandemic bird flu outbreak reveals that America is grossly unprepared to deal with what would likely be the worst disaster in US history.

San Antonio Chief: evacuee crime "insignificant"
"The criminal element, the gang element, the spikes in crime have not manifested themselves," Ortiz said

Home Depot stores in a bind over day laborers
in Los Angeles, a city councilman has proposed requiring all new large home-improvement stores to build shelters that would provide day laborers with basic amenities such as toilets and drinking water.

Activists urge fence across southern border
Group trying to curb illegal immigration finds little support in Congress for $8B barricade.


Pat Tillman, our hero
The very private Tillmans have revealed a picture of Pat profoundly at odds with the GI Joe image created by Pentagon spinmeisters and their media stenographers.

Good news from Iraq
General John Abizaid's Central Command newsletter reports positive developments one after another

USA Today
Rebuilding Iraq
U.S. money drying up
Fading of funds causes reconstruction to slow
The higher than expected cost of protecting workers against insurgent attacks — about 25 cents of every reconstruction dollar now pays for security — has sent the cost of projects skyward.

Family feels misled by recruiter
''Recruiters are under pressure, and they will say anything," said Neil Berman, a Somerville lawyer and volunteer for the GI Rights Hotline, a national organization that advises enlistees who are trying to leave the military.

Military Exoskeleton research DARPA spending $50M on "exoskeleton" research
Systems will range from un-powered mechanical devices that assist a particular aspect of human function to fully-mechanised exoskeletons relying on chemical or hydrocarbon fuels for totally independent operation by soldiers in the field.

Hurricane forecasting center battles broken equipment
Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have struggled for more than a decade to issue accurate storm reports using broken equipment, an overbooked airplane fleet and tight budgets

Fire destroys 'Wallace and Gromit' warehouse
The company said Monday its "entire history" has been destroyed

Wallace and Gromit posters 'banned'

Lexus RH400h
Lexus RX 400h

This is every sane person’s dream machine — a 4x4 SUV that doesn’t need its own North Sea pipeline to get to town and back

Smoking ban hits Austin club where politicians hang out
Is it any wonder the lobbyists can't close a deal at the state Capitol when they can't blow cigar smoke in each other's faces over cocktails in a private club?

New Braunfels FEMA floodplain maps will affect hundreds
Although the new map will not take effect until next year, city council is set to approve it today, putting regulations in effect immediately.

Polar satellite launch
European polar satellite crashes into sea

Location tracking -- for people, products, places -- is here

Washington Times (pro-Bush)
Half of Republican Senators doubt Miers

Little science is behind baby-feeding advice
experts say children over 6 months can handle ’most anything

Ten-Foot Poll on Free-Speech T-Shirt---RESULT
posted 12a Friday 10/7 - 750p Sun 10/9/2005
Was the airline right to kick her off the flight?
Total votes 13,445-

add 3:35 p.m. Sat

In light of the huge turnaround between Friday and Saturday on the "Fokkers" T-Shirt incident, I can only conclude that some type of automated input is being used to reverse the results.
Did this turnaround occur gradually or in a quantum leap?
Dick H.

I think it comes in steadily, like a faucet at fast drip. It apparently amuses whomever is sending the repeat votes. I have the security setting on voting at Low. When I set it higher, some people can't vote at all and that understandably upsets them. These online polls have many inherent weaknesses.

Andy Borowitz (satire)
'Out of the Loop' On Iraq, Almighty Says
Pat Robertson (not satire, supposedly)
Hurricanes may point to Second Coming

FBI considers relaxing rules in previous pot use
Senior FBI managers have been deeply frustrated that they could not hire applicants who acknowledged occasional marijuana use in college

Churches observe Porn Sunday
Not only church members struggle with pornography; pastors do, too. Foster cited an anonymous poll of pastors that said 37 percent said they struggle with it.

Rhein-Main air base reverting to German control today
Air base was vital hub for U.S. military operations

Yuma sheriff gets armored car to patrol border

Oregon teacher
Oregon teacher arrested for sex with 15-year-old student

Pumpkin-toss crowd
Pumpkin-hurling world record broken again

Old neighbors' feud includes riding lawnmower attack