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Fri Oct 7 2005
Columbus Day 3-day Weekend
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My KTSA airshift is now 11am 'til 1pm

San Antonio left out of first FEMA payments
The federal government Thursday reimbursed Texas cities $72 million for costs to house and feed evacuees after Hurricane Katrina — but none of the funds were being funneled to San Antonio or South Texas

Beaumont and Jasper angered by Red Cross "empty promises"

FEMA to "rebid" some Katrina no-bid deals

Woman Booted Off Flight For Anti-Bush Shirt
RENO -- A Washington state woman was bounced from a Southwest Airlines flight in Reno for wearing a T-shirt with the pictures of Bush, Cheney and Rice, with the phrase "Meet the Fockers" changed to the F-word.
Lorrie Heasley said she plans to press a civil-rights complaint against the airline over Tuesday's action at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Heasley said the airline offered to let her continue her flight if she were to change her shirt, which she refused to do.
"I didn't feel that I should have to change my shirt, because we live in the United States, and it's freedom of speech and it was based on the movie 'The Fockers,' and I didn't think it should have offended anyone," Heasley told KRNV.
Southwest officials said other passengers complained about her shirt, and that rules prohibit offensive clothing.
But the American Civil Liberties Union said Heasley's T-shirt is "protected" free speech under the Constitution.
(CNN/Money story with more details HERE)

Ten-Foot Poll on Free-Speech T-Shirt---RESULT
posted 12a Friday 10/7 - 750p Sun 10/9/2005
Was the airline right to kick her off the flight?
Total votes 13,445-

add 3:35 p.m. Sat

In light of the huge turnaround between Friday and Saturday on the "Fokkers" T-Shirt incident, I can only conclude that some type of automated input is being used to reverse the results.
Did this turnaround occur gradually or in a quantum leap?
Dick H.

I think it comes in steadily, like a faucet at fast drip. It apparently amuses whomever is sending the repeat votes. I have the security setting on voting at Low. When I set it higher, some people can't vote at all and that understandably upsets them. These online polls have many inherent weaknesses.

Koppel's last NIghtline will be next month

Opinions of Bush sink to ever-lower record
Poll finds an American public increasingly pessimistic about the economy, the war in Iraq, the overall direction of the country, and the President.
His little graph bars are shrinking shorter in an unmanly manner...

email CBS poll
Hi Brad ...
Did you happen to notice that one of the CBS Poll questions asks, "What is America's most important problem?"?
More people said Bush is the most important problem (5%) than those who said terrorism is the most important problem (4%).
Mike G.

A different poll...
Bush's falling poll numbers
SINCE WE ALL know — from President Bush himself, no less — that he is such a selfless leader that he never even peeks at opinion polls, let’s take a naughty glimpse at the latest anyway.


Re. the Beacon of Democracy


Christian Science Monitor
Senators aim to bar cruelty to detainees
Despite White House objections, they voted to codify military standards.
WASHINGTON – Nearly 18 months after images of abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison stunned the world, the US Senate voted Wednesday to clarify rules that govern the military's treatment of detainees.
The amendment's overwhelming passage, despite objections from the White House, marks a rare congressional challenge to President Bush as commander-in-chief at a time when public support for his presidency is at a low.

DOD reimbursing troops for protective gear

Pentagon officials this week issued long-overdue guidelines for reimbursing troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who bought their own body armor and other protective gear

DeLay's evolving story raises new questions
DeLay and his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, have changed their stories this week about what DeLay knew about the money and when

Vatican reportedly will allow gay but celibate priests
What could possibly go wrong?

Mmm, mmmm! Doesn't this sweet little marzipan candy "baby" look good enough to eat?

email military knows best

You said you could not understand why President Bush would not sign a bill which would outline the treatment of prisoners. You also went on to critize the military for their prisoner abuse (1).
I know I won't change your mind, but.. Why do we need additional laws on how prisoners should be treated. This smacks of the same thing as the hate crimes law. We don't need additional laws, we need to enforce the ones already on the books (2).
I do not condone what happened in the Iraq prison. But to infer that those involved in the supposed unjust treatment were directed to do so by higher authority, is abolute ignorance. Outside of the few things that were "conveniently" published around election time what is the abuse, that we didn't kiss thier butts and ask if we could rub there backs too.
What are the supposed abuses at Gitmo. That some G.I. showed some disrespect for the koran. They don't respect our religeous values at all.
I doubt this will make it to your desk. But, just in case it does, The military does not need additional guidance from a bunch of self important people in Washington who neither know or understand enough of what is REALLY going on to make these decisions (3).
The military knows how to fight a war. We do in fact have the best anywhere. However, continual handcuffing by people who do not know what it is like, except what they have read in their papers or heard on the radio or TV is going to have an effect on out military. Having spent two thirds of my life associated with DOD. I honestly don't know why some of them even bother. No credit until something needs to be done and as soon as that has begun to be taken care of the public starts crying against the military again. Why would anyone want to put up with that kind of B<S<
Alton F.

Thanks for the note, Alton, and thanks for your service to our country.
(1) I didn't "criticize the military for their prisoner abuse" today. I said military interrogators and guards say they were unclear and confused about whether what they were doing was legal or approved.
(2) Additional interpretations of the laws were put together (by now-Att'y Gen. Alberto Gonzales, Pentagon officers, and White House staffers) after 9-11 in an effort to find useable loopholes that would allow much-tougher prisoner interrogations. Those interpretations are the basis of the widespread confusion which the Senate has voted to end via new, clear rules against various forms of "cruel" treatment.
(3) Blame the guys who wrote the Constitution. They put elected legislators in charge of overseeing the military.




Andy Borowitz (satire)


'Operation Iron Junk' In Full Swing Across Iraq, Says Rumsfeld

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced today that the U.S. military was taking advantage of American car dealers' huge inventory of unsold sport utility vehicles by dropping the SUVs on insurgent positions across Iraq.

The defense secretary revealed details of the new offensive, called Operation Iron Junk, at a briefing today at the Pentagon.

"Car dealers can't get rid of SUVs, and we can't seem to get rid of those pesky insurgents," Mr. Rumsfeld told reporters. "Hopefully, by dropping SUVs on insurgents, we will get rid of both."

Operation Iron Junk began over the weekend when a C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane pounded insurgent positions in the town of Qaim near the Syrian border by opening its cargo hold and dumping fourteen fully loaded Lincoln Navigators on foreign fighters and suspected al Qaeda operatives.

"There is nothing scarier than seeing one of those mammoth gas guzzlers falling from the sky," chuckled Mr. Rumsfeld. "I wish I'd been there!"

Mr. Rumsfeld said that wile most of the SUV strikes have been successful, a few have missed their mark, including a sortie on Sunday in which a Ford Expedition landed on an unoccupied Toyota Prius, instantly crushing it.

But on the whole, the defense secretary was prepared to call Operation Iron Junk a success: "This is by far the most mileage anyone has ever gotten out of an SUV."

Elsewhere, in a possible breach of the separation of church and state, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex) introduced a bill in Congress calling for God to smite a Texas grand jury with locusts.



2,900 Texas state workers to lose jobs in May

USA Today
SBC name to disappear: will become AT&T
[sources] caution that it's possible SBC's plan could still change. The company might also choose to keep the SBC name in a limited way, perhaps only in the 13 states where it now provides traditional phone service. But barring a reversal, the 130-year-old AT&T brand is poised to endure.

Comal working to avoid toll roads

Bryce Harper for New York Times
Staff Sgt. Ian E. Davis checking the R.O.T.C. class at Wagner High School. He and other recruiters are given almost unlimited access to high school students.

Front page of today's New York Times website:

San Antonio proudly lines up behind military recruiter

The Army, which has struggled to sign up new soldiers, has found the San Antonio area to be a reliable source of recruits.



Man-made diamonds sparkle with potential
This year, Apollo expects to grow diamonds as big as 2 carats. By the end of 2005, it might expand to 10 carats. The diamonds will probably start moving into the jewelry market as early as next year — at perhaps one-third the price of a mined diamond.

Son shoots goose, it falls onto dad's head, knocks him silly

No one spilled the beans about 33-cent gas mistake

Blind woman recognizes colors by touch