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Tue Oct 4 2005
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My new KTSA airshift is 11am 'til 1pm
Trey 6-9 Ricci 9-11 Me 11-1 Ramsey 1-4 Chris 4-7 Jack 7-10
10th anniversary of the O.J. verdict - Frontline 8pm

DeLay indicted again: money-laundering, conspiracy
Accused of agreeing to send $190,000 of corporate money to the Republican National Committee, which, in turn, donated $190,000 of noncorporate money to seven Texas legislative candidates.
DeLay's lawyers said the transaction is legal because the corporate money was kept in separate accounts from the political donations. Prosecutors claim the exchange was money laundering and an attempt to circumvent the state ban against corporate money being spent in connection with a campaign.
Today is the third anniversary of the donation to the Texas candidates' campaigns. The statute of limitations for indictment is three years.

Mike Ramirez, Los Angeles Times

Renewed call for conservation: Drive 55mph
The Bush administration yesterday again urged Americans to conserve energy to combat high costs this winter

Truck and SUV sales plunge after gas prices soar
Car and Driver editor 11:10a

Ten-Foot Poll on Saving Gas---RESULT
posted 940a-850p Tue 10/4/2005
Will you follow the Bush administration request to drive 55mph to conserve fuel? (WHEN THE SPEED LIMIT IS 60 OR HIGHER. WE AIN'T TALKING SCHOOL ZONES HERE...)
Maybe sometimes
Total votes 343-

Americans find different ways to cope with gasoline prices

Thanks, Charlie

Andy Borowitz (Uh, it's satire)


200-Vehicle Convoy to Send Message of Conservation, President Says

Hoping to send a powerful message about energy conservation, President George W. Bush said today that he would embark on an historic cross-country motorcade to promote less driving.

"The time has come for the American people to wean themselves from their dependence on foreign oil, and I intend to get behind the wheel myself to send that message," Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House today.

Taking a hands-on role in the symbolic odyssey, Mr. Bush said that he would pilot the lead car in the motorcade, a Ford F250 pickup that he uses to drive around his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

The president said that he personally ordered a ranch hand to drive the pickup truck from Crawford to Washington, D.C. so that Mr. Bush would have it in time for the historic journey.

Mr. Bush added that in the event a national security emergency should require him to leave his energy conservation tour before it is complete, Air Force One will hover over the motorcade at all times, refueling in midair.

While some skeptics wondered whether Mr. Bush's cross-country trek would succeed in convincing Americans to drive less, it has already inspired one citizen to do so, as Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex) today volunteered to cancel his trip to Texas to stand trial on conspiracy charges.

"I asked myself, 'Is this trip necessary?' and I decided it wasn't," Rep. DeLay said.

Elsewhere, First Lady Laura Bush said she would appear on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," while Vice President Dick Cheney said he would appear on "Lost."

Ten-Foot Poll on Rebuilding After Hurricanes---RESULT
posted 12a Sun 10/2 - 930a Tue 10/4/2005
To what extent should tax money be spent to repair hurricane damage?

No help at all. They chose where to live.
Just restore basics: water, electricity, etc.
Restore basics plus streets, docks, bridges.
All the above plus every damaged or destroyed house.
Blank check: make everything like it was.
Total votes 1,390-

South Carolina named one of 10 "Islands of Ignorance"
Louisiana and Arkansas humiliated over not making the list

He said that when he mentioned the other woman's name "all hell broke loose".

Girls, age 10, whack martial arts teacher/burglar

True or False?
The Patriot Act lets the government get details about your Web surfing habits, such as your recent Google searches, without probable cause. ANSWER (4)

Town reschedules Halloween for soldier

Town bans seed eaters

Cody Land
Cody Land, 24, was living in his brother and sister-in-law's backyard in Arkansas, when they decided to auction off a trip with him on eBay.

Ultimate Hippie Vacation' Gains Fans

Arkansas Couple Sells Trip with Unemployed Brother Who May Have Found a New Career

Woman shocked to get undeserved $6,000 from FEMA

True or False?
Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman sent out a mass "Dear Republican" email urging support for Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, saying: "Before Ms. Miers was even announced many Democrat groups said they would oppose her." ANSWER

US bombs bridges as new offensive begins
Air strikes by U.S. warplanes and dozens of helicopters set off explosions that lit the city skylines of Haqlaniyah, Parwana and Haditha before dawn Tuesday
USA Today military reporter Steve Komarow 11:38a from Baghdad

US Army 8% short of its recruitment goal for the year

FBI criminal cases down by almost half

Scottsdale students will remove humping reindeer display