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I will be off the air, and this website will not be updated, during the final two weeks of September (19th-30th). When I return on October 3 my new airshift on KTSA will run an hour earlier. The new time slot will be 11am 'til 1pm. —Brad

add 1248p --
Camp Casey near the Bush Ranch has been obliterated by a vandal or vandals. Tents, blankets, pillows and all the roadside crosses and flowers completely disappeared today-- despite a tipoff call to the McLennan County Sheriff's office warning that the camp was about to be vandalized. Volunteer guards who have watched over the roadsite site were away at the time. I learned this from Lone Star Iconoclast reporter Deborah Mathews when I called her to ask about another story, the decision by the County Commissioners to ban parking along 26 miles of roads near the President's ranch (story link below) --Brad

add 134p - In an off-air conversation, reporter Mathews tells me that Cindy Sheehan was in tears to learn that the boots that belonged to her son Casey were also taken. They were beside Casey's cross, which is also gone. The boots were the only ones she had.

add late afternoon
Lone Star Iconoclast
Camp Casey Memorial Stolen with photos

Thanks Jim K.
Washington Post - by Anne Hull

In rural Texas, blessings and culture shock
SEGUIN, Tex. -- It was after the local bank hosted a noontime barbecue dinner for hurricane evacuees that Oscar Jackson made his bold proclamation. "The Jackson family is here to stay," he announced, flashing his broad smile. "These are my new neighbors."

Hurricane puts strain on S.A. schools

Canyon High idea: parade bare floats, give saved money to Katrina victims

New Orleans stranded-dog rescues flounder in red tape
The conflict between authorities in Louisiana and groups like Bexar County's Humane Society comes as conditions for the thousands of animals left behind in Katrina's wake grow more dire.

ITEM: The Senate on Wednesday scuttled an attempt to establish an independent, bipartisan panel patterned after the 9/11 Commission to investigate what went wrong with federal, state and local governments' response to Hurricane Katrina.
Ten-Foot Poll on Katrina Response---RESULT
posted 10a-1115p Thur 9/15/2005
Should Congress investigate the Katrina response problems, or should it be done by an independent 9/11-type commission?
No investigation needed
Total votes 658-

add 1050a
email Brad slipping
Darn it Brad, you missed the obvious organization to conduct hearings: the United Nations.
You're slipping.

email Poll voting
I usually take your ten-foot poll in the morning around 9am. Lately I've noticed the poll tends to lean toward the right in the am. When I check in the next day the poll results have swayed to the left. Just an observation. Maybe the left are still asleep while the right have starting working?

add 7pm
email poll voting
I have been at work for 9 hours by the time Walter manages to work up the energy to click his mouse and vote in your poll. Some of us actually have to work while we're "at work" and we don't have time to surf the net until we've completed our 12 hour shift, pick our kids up from school, taken them to football, soccer, and baseball practice, and then made them dinner. I usually vote just before I leave for work at around 11:30 p.m. You suppose those folks on the right who work 9-5 are actually just pampered?

Ten-Foot Poll on Bush and Katrina---RESULT
posted 930a-830p Wed 9/14/2005
What do you think of President Bush saying "I take responsibility" for slow Katrina response?
It's what I expected because he almost always does the right thing.
It surprised me because he seldom (if ever) admits mistakes.
Rove finally convinced him to make a P.R. move.
It was empty posturing and meant nothing.
Total votes 3,153-

Land speculators rush in as water recedes
Would-be buyers see New Orleans becoming a boomtown. But many of the city's poorest residents could find themselves forced out.

Bush finally fooling none of the people
Visiting New Orleans on Monday, Bush argued that "it is preposterous to claim that the engagement in Iraq meant there weren't enough troops" to help with hurricane relief. Oh yeah? Tell that to the nearly 35% of Louisiana's Army and Air National Guard forces and 37% of Mississippi's National Guard troops deployed abroad, mostly in Iraq.

NY Times / CBS Poll
Support for Bush continues to drop
A summer of bad news from Iraq, high gasoline prices, economic unease and now the devastation of Hurricane Katrina has left President Bush with overall approval ratings for his job performance and handling of Iraq, foreign policy and the economy at or near the lowest levels of his presidency

Katrina hit timber, poultry, cotton, Christmas tree farms

Maker of Rubbermaid, Sharpie pens cutting back

Manicure machine paints photos on nails

Teacher Lafave's attorney tries to block photos

Ghirardelli Chocolate sued over trash-can Peeping Tom

Reality TV show involves sheep slaughter

Woman complains to cops that hired hitman didn't perform

email Brad's giant intellect
Bush has an undergraduate degree from Yale and a masters from Harvard you putz. What is the basis for your giant intellect!

Well, heck, Ross-- I suppose part of the basis would be that I don't use an exclamation point to end a sentence that's a question, if you want to count that, and knowing that intellect and education are not the same thing, and putting an apostrophe in Master's where it belongs, for a start.

Apple to open retail store in San Antonio
Apple plans to open a new retail store Friday at 15900 La Cantera Parkway, between Nordstrom and Dillard's San Antonio Apple store location map

Officials ban parking along roads near Bush's ranch

Gillette announces five-blade razor because people will believe anything


Falling Rocks sign hit by rocks