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Computer system problems at home again today. I'm uploading what I have, and will try to finish the job later on my system at the station

Hell freezes over
Bush takes responsibility
President Bush took the blame Tuesday for the sluggish federal response to Hurricane Katrina, and said the breakdown among various government agencies raised questions about America's preparedness for terror attacks or another disaster.

Ten-Foot Poll on Bush and Katrina---RESULT
posted 930a-830p Wed 9/14/2005
What do you think of President Bush saying "I take responsibility" for slow Katrina response?
It's what I expected because he almost always does the right thing.
It surprised me because he seldom (if ever) admits mistakes.
Rove finally convinced him to make a P.R. move.
It was empty posturing and meant nothing.
Total votes 3,153-

"Dead" man opens his eyes 'Like a ghost'
The National Guard team of searchers was about to call in a "DB" (dead body) at 1927 Lopez St. in the Broadmoor district when Lt. Frederick Fell decided to investigate.

Some hurricane victims piling up credit card debt

San Antonio snags News Orleans conventions
"..the convention bureau is working with the city to give a portion of the income to a hurricane relief fund."

Attacks in Iraq kill at least 152
A dozen explosions ripped through Baghdad today, killing at least 152 people and wounding 542. The one-day death toll was believed to be the worst in the capital since major combat ended in May 2003...

Ten-Foot Poll on Gitmo---RESULT
posted 940a-1115p Tue 9/13/2005
Detaining people for 3.5 years at Guantanamo prison, without filing charges against them is
A clever move
} 31%
Probably necessary
} 69%
Pretty shameful
Total votes 1,568-

Army concept patrol vehicleConcept vehicle for military patrols being exhibited
The concept vehicle, known as the ULTRA AP (Armored Patrol), was built to help the U.S. military evaluate multiple science and technology options – including ballistic and mine protection

The dreaded liberal Molly Ivins:
"...the first winner out of the gate on Katrina is none other than the Halliburton Co., whose deserving subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root has already been granted a $29.8 million contract for cleanup work in the wake of Katrina."

Newport Beach sea lions sink man's antique sailboat


Andy Borowitz


Color-coded System Would Warn Public of Sluggish Government Response

Reacting to criticism that the federal government does not respond quickly enough in times of emergency and crisis, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff today unveiled what he called "a color-coded apathy alert system" that will warn the public of just how sluggish the government's response will be.

"In the past, people have asked, what is taking the government so long to help?" Mr. Chertoff said in a press conference in Washington. "It is my firm belief that this color-coded system will keep the public better informed about the government's precise level of apathy and indifference."

"In times of crisis, people have had to guess whether the government cares or not," Mr. Chertoff added. "This apathy alert system should totally take the guesswork out of that."

The color-coded system consists of five different colors, each corresponding to the government's degree of sluggishness, Mr. Chertoff explained, using a chart and a pointer to demonstrate the system for reporters.

According to the new system, the color yellow means "normal apathy - will wait and see how situation develops," orange means "heightened apathy - will not return phone calls" and red means "severe apathy - will not cut short summer vacation in Nantucket."

But even as he unveiled the new apathy alert system, Mr. Chertoff was less specific about how and when the system would be implemented on a national basis.

"I don't see what the rush is all about," he said, telling reporters he was late for a golf date.

Elsewhere, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts entered his second day of not answering questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee.




Egg-balancing champion


The semi-great Lindsay Lohan Breast Controversy with photos

Louisiana U.S. Rep used National Guard during Katrina