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Mon Sept 12 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
3.3 million hits in August

After two weeks, Bush hits ground

Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, President Bush today is getting his first ground tour of New Orleans since the storm hit. The visit is the president's third to the region since the disaster.

Famous attorney Pat Maloney Sr. dead at 81

T. Boone Pickens charters jet for 80 Louisiana pets

Ten-Foot Poll on School Zones---RESULT
posted 950a-955p Mon 9/12/2005
Should school zone speed limits be changed to apply ONLY when children are present?
Yes. Slowing down when school is still in session is stupid.
No. Maybe a driver would run over an unseen child.
Total votes 527-

email 2 ?s
1. If you or one of the other employees at KTSA decided you no longer wanted to receive E-mails from me, can you have my E-mails blocked?
2. What kind Officer(military, police?) is Officer Michael Jones? Is he on active duty or retired?
Thank you for taking time to respond.
Lyle J.

I can block email to I don't know what's possible on but I'd guess there is probably a way.
Mike is a San Antonio Police patrol officer.


Andy Borowitz


'You'll Never Take Me Alive,' says shotgun-wielding Brown

A tense standoff continued in Washington, D.C. today as Federal Emergency Management Agency head Michael Brown refused to be evacuated from his office at FEMA headquarters.

The White House made the call to evacuate Mr. Brown from his office after it decided that his decision to remain there posed a threat to everyone in the Gulf region.

Agents from the Department of Homeland Security first approached Mr. Brown's office over the weekend, urging him to evacuate and offering to help him empty out his desk and pack up his files.

"We offered to move him to another office far away from the FEMA building, where he could do no harm," said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. "We told him that he would have a nice desk, a telephone and a secretary, and that he could spend all day rewriting his resume."

The Homeland Security agents had hoped that the evacuation of the FEMA chief would proceed without incident, but instead of an agreeable team player, the Michael Brown they encountered was a shotgun-wielding madman who doggedly refused to budge.

"You bastards!" shrieked a visibly unhinged Mr. Brown. "You'll never take me alive!"

As the standoff moved into its third day, Mr. Brown told reporters that he had enough food and water to remain in his office for another six months and that it was unfair to evacuate him after "only one major screw-up."

"They would never do this to Rumsfeld," he said.

Elsewhere, climatologists said today that President Bush's approval rating is now below sea level and should remain there for at least three years.


Ten-Foot Poll on Forced Evacuation---RESULT
posted 10a Fri 9/9- 145p Sun 9/11/2005
Should people who do not want to leave their New Orleans homes be physically forced to do so?
Total votes 789-

(NOTE: They have since decided to NOT forcably make anyone leave.)



San Antonio Area Foundation
Donation link, Phone numbers, Etc.

The way they have it set up now, it's best to go to their main page and click the KATRINA BLOG link (because if you try to go straight to the blog you're likely to get an outdated page)

MSNBC's Katrina Blog
Kari Huus and Jim Seida are traveling through Katrina-ravaged areas along the Gulf Coast, reporting on refugees' efforts to rebuild their lives.

Boston Globe
Chronology of errors: how a disaster spread
New Orleans mayor delayed evac order 12 hours, Chertoff and FEMA delayed a day-plus

Red Cross debit cards bought $800 Louis Vuitton purses

add 1057a
IT help

I appreciate all your efforts to help during this natural disaster and displacement of people. ..
The Red Cross is now looking for volunteers with computer skills.
A group of us met yesterday to establish the IT centers for the victims of Katrina and are now looking for people with data entry skills, basic application skills and technical skills. If any of your viewers are interested in assisting with these functions I ask that they visit (created with the help of local company Rackspace) to assist in this effort.
Frank Kenisky IV, CISSP, CISA, CISM
Information Technical Security Specialist
(210) 301-6433 - (210) 887-6985


Poll suggests Bush could be Katrina’s next casualty
52 percent, say they do not trust the president “to make the right decisions during a domestic crisis” (45 percent do). The numbers are exactly the same when the subject is trust of the president to make the right decisions during an international crisis.

Katrina exodus could scramble voting patterns in Texas

As the ad says, you have a RIGHT to better vision...
Zeiss-Ikon eyes


Rustlers raiding California farms for diesel
With diesel prices hovering around $3.25 a gallon, rural tanks have become targets for theft.

All the President's friends
"...what we really should be asking is whether FEMA's decline and fall is unique, or part of a larger pattern. What other government functions have been crippled by politicization, cronyism and/or the departure of experienced professionals?"

GI Bill benefits might extend to spouses if soldiers re-enlist

Even supporters question Iraq war tactics

Staunch supporters of the Bush administration's policy in Iraq have become more vocal and public with their concern over the way things are going there, prompting observers to suggest that even Republicans are getting nervous.

stripped for art
1,500 strip for art's sake in French city
with larger, poor-quality photo

Brits make embryos using so-called "virgin conception" technique

Homeless woman who turned in $800 is rewarded

12-year-old girl sees dead dad in police drunk driving presentation

Did God send Katrina to punish sin and homosexuality?

100-square-mile bulge in Oregon's Cascade mountains

Aggie cops nab transgendered "woman" after shelter shower

Man, 31, posed as 13-year-old
31-year-old posed as 13-year-old to molest boys
No, this is not a Michael Jackson "BEFORE" photo

Two thrashing about in water didn't need rescuing They apparently just needed each other