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Arredondo Group
Foundations: San Antonio, Austin, Laredo
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Wed Sept 7 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
3.3 million hits in August

1108am -- Sorry for the limited page today. Computer probs. -Brad

NEW San Antonio Area Foundation
Donation link, Phone numbers, Etc.

Austin setting up big Katrina fundraiser: Willie and others


Ten-Foot Poll on FEMA Director---RESULT
FEMA boss Michael BrownBIO
posted 940a-12p Tue 9/6/2005
Is current FEMA head Michael Brown the person you want in charge of recovery from the NEXT big disaster?
Total votes 882-

(Appears to have stalled as of 1053p last evening)

Associated Press
N.O. mayor Nagin okays forced removal of survivors but police Captain says would be PR nightmare and "That's an absolute last resort."

'Robin Hood Looters' helping flood victims

FEMA accused of flying evacuees to wrong Charleston

Jane Fonda abandons anti-war bus tour idea


Brad, What became of the $15 processing fee Greyhound was going to charge [people trying to make phone reservations to leave Louisiana]? You said you were going to embarrass them. Tell all.

Okay, it's checked out. The $15 charge is, and has been, a standard fee you pay if you buy a ticket for someone to pick up at Will Call in another town. It isn't new for post-Katrina. -Brad

Attached is an e-mail that I have sent to the Red Cross. Do you have any other sources that I can contact to volunteer? I also have a number of friends in my profession that would like to volunteer as well and could pass this information on to them:

I would like to assist with the current Katrina crisis and people that are now re-located to San Antonio. I am happy to work a food line, read books to kids, or just hold hands and listen -- whatever may help. I am fairly close to the Windsor Park shelter. I do want you to know that I have some other skills that may be helpful and would be willing to assist in specialized areas as needed. I am a psychologist / special education coordinator in a local school district and also have a Ph.D. in Mental Health. I also have a number of friends who have similar qualifications that would like to help. Thanks,

Folks, if you know an answer, please email me. I know that not everything is as well organized at first as it will be later and organizations have to take these situations as they arise. -Brad

I have been a member of the International Arabian Horse Association for many years. We hired Mike Brown as an independent view not in the horse business to look over and be in charge of the Judges that judge our competitions He got IAHA into such horrible litigation that we nearly went broke … Google IAHA Mike Brown and you will find some good stuff.


Andy Borowitz


Federal, Local Governments Deadlocked in Finger-pointing Contest

The ongoing blame game that began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is officially tied, as Federal and local governments have each dished out identical amounts of blame, the official scorekeeper of the blame game said today.

The scorekeeper, Karl Chanswood, is president of the National Blame Game Association, an organization that for the past forty years has promoted the blame game as a professional sport and hopes to see it included someday in the Olympics.

Mr. Chanswood said that in the current blame game, state and local governments pulled out to an early lead over the Federal government.

"Based on the early going, I would have guessed that the state and local governments had this particular blame game in the bag," Mr. Chanswood said.

But after initially stumbling, he said, the Federal government stepped up their finger-pointing and pulled into a dead heat with their state and local rivals.

"I have to hand it to the White House," Mr. Chanswood said. "They were way behind in this finger-pointing contest, but then they really brought their 'A' game."

At the White House, spokesman Scott McClellan brushed aside criticism that the White House responded too slowly to being blamed by state and local governments and should have started returning the blame much sooner.

Mr. McClellan pointed out that President Bush had recently authorized the release of the Strategic Blame Reserves, an emergency supply of blame that is used only in times of national crisis: "That's a sign of how seriously we take winning this blame game."

Elsewhere, after a new study showed that two-year-olds mimic their parents' smoking habits, singer Art Garfunkel's two-year-old was busted by police.

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