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Mon Sept 5 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
3.3 million hits in August

City of San Antonio: To volunteer for local relief efforts call 2-1-1

220p -- NOTES News conference at KellyUSA
Gov. Rick Perry...Corpus Christi, Lubbock, El Paso and some other TX cities still can take more refugees,,, Louisiana healthcare professionals can come to Texas to help and their LA credentials will be recognized here (cut red tape)... state health bureaucracy now working on longer-term medical care plans

HHS Sec'y Michael Leavitt.. expressed gratitude to Texas "Thank you on behalf of 290-million citizens." Says we are just beginning.. declaring a Public Health Emergency in TX to accelerate the speed of our response to the thousands who need help..



Two Carnival cruise ships to hold refugees at Galveston
Ecstasy, normally ported at Galveston, and Sensation, normally in New Orleans, will both be pulled Monday and are scheduled to dock and house Katrina refugees in Galveston
Length 855 feet
Capacity 2,040 passengers
Staff 920
Cruising speed 21 knots
Registry: Panama
All staterooms have telephone; television; room service; and twin beds that convert to king-size.
Length / Tons: 855' / 70,367
Number of Cabins: 1,022
Number of Passengers: 2,044
Officers: Italian

AP 828a -- Greece says it's offered the U.S. the use of two cruise ships "for several months" to help house thousands made homeless by the storm.
Greece is also offering relief supplies and emergency crews.

Many other nations have offered help. GOOGLE the phrase "nations offer Katrina aid"

An open letter to the President
The New Orleans Times-Picayune, in an open letter to President Bush, called for the firing of every official at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, saying they failed to rescue thousands of citizens stranded by Katrina. "We're angry, Mr. President, and we'll be angry long after our beloved city and surrounding parishes have been pumped dry," the editorial said. "Our people deserved rescuing. Many who could have been were not. That's to the government's shame."

New Orleans FUBAR

Why FEMA was missing in action
Most of the agency's preparedness budget and focus are related to terrorism, not disasters.

Homeland Security unaware of what was on every TV newscast
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said yesterday [that] neither he nor Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Michael Brown was told of the deteriorating situation in New Orleans until Thursday night.

Ten-Foot Poll on Katrina Response---RESULT
posted 10a-1140p Mon 9/5/2005
Now that a week has gone by and I've had time to think about it
I am less critical of the government's Katrina response
25% } 61%
I wasn't critical in the first place and that's how I still feel
I am more critical of the government's response
12% } 40%
I was very critical then and still am now
Total votes 497-


New York Times
If nation couldn't respond to this hurricane, how could they handle large-scale terrorist attack?
The pre-Katrina plan for this Congressional season was to enact more upper-bracket tax cuts for the least needy, while cutting into the safety-net programs for sick and impoverished Americans.

Viacom [owner of KTSA] is making a $1,000,000 cash contribution to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund and is also instituting a worldwide employee matching gift program for employee donations. For any donation made by a Viacom employee to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund, Viacom will match the amount, over and above the Company’s direct cash contribution. --Sumner Redstone



"Searching For" website

WDSU-TV New Orleans
WDSU-TV blog

Evacuees anguished at leaving pets behind
Cries at leaving pet behins
Evacuee Valerie Bennett, with husband Lorne
at an Atlanta hospital, breaks into tears
over leaving their pets behind.


Trite saying I would most like to never hear again:
This is bringing out the best in people... and the worst in people.

Halliburton's KBR will work Katrina cleanups at bases

Forbes: oil to fall to $30-35 a barrel within a year

Al Qaeda seizes town in Iraq
Abu Musab Zarqawi's foreign-led Al Qaeda in Iraq took open control of a key western town at the Syrian border

Court to hear arguments on banning fingerprint evidence

More people live alone than in "nuclear family"

Bush picks John Roberts to succeed Rehnquist as chief justice of Supreme Court.
'As ugly a scene' as imaginable: Teams go house to house in New Orleans in search for corpses
New Orleans Begins Counting Dead: Now that New Orleans is near empty, the city began gathering the dead.
Former presidents announce hurricane aid fund
Keeping order amid chaos
Houston Chronicle
Bush nominates John Roberts as chief justice of Supreme Court

Steve Kelley - New Orleans Times-Picayune

$400,000 grant to try to make imitation gecko feet

Singing lesbians to rescue Brit opera house