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Fri Sept 2 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
3.3 million hits in August

President Bush’s remarks
4th day after Katrina

Start 801am –

Who he had a meeting with blah blah...
Making progress “pullin’ people out of the SuperDome…”
Trying to get food and medicine to the convention center
Trying to get MPs to secure the site
"Lotta people workin’ hard…”
"The results are not acceptable..”
"We will deploy the assets that are necessary..”
"Lookin’ forward to mah trip down there..”

Ended 804am

New Orleans homeless on freeway

Anchor-ette Perceptive Quote of the Day:
Right after Bush said "The results are not acceptable..”
Katie Couric (NBC): “He clearly is not happy with the results."

1st Runner-Up
interviewing Rep. Bobby Jindal of Kenner, La.
Brigit Somebody (Fox): "Is there anything from the federal government that you would like to get that you just haven't got yet?"

Anchor-Hits-the-Mark Quote of the Day:
Matt Lauer says it's embarrassing that we "can't get relief helicopters in there" when Harry Connick, Jr. and all the reporters have been able to get there.

email add 952a Fri
After seeing the images of people in New Orleans Lauer also says he just never knew there were so many poor people in the US. Matt should get out of his 5th Ave apartment more often.



TODAY 6a-7p -- H-E-B taking hurricane relief donations
300 Olmos Dv at San Pedro • 6850 FM78 at Foster
7010 S Zarzamora at SW Military Drive • 9900 Wurzbach Road

Salvation Army San Antonio needs donation of 150,000 square foot warehouse, and some forklifts, to begin gathering donations of baby food and other much-needed supplies to be trucked to Katrina victims (call J.D. at 352-2000).
To donate money please call 1 800 SAL-ARMY

Viacom [owner of KTSA] is making a $1,000,000 cash contribution to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund and is also instituting a worldwide employee matching gift program for employee donations. For any donation made by a Viacom employee to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund, Viacom will match the amount, over and above the Company’s direct cash contribution. --Sumner Redstone



"Searching For" website

WDSU-TV New Orleans
WDSU-TV blog


Ten-Foot Poll on Katrina Rescues---RESULT
posted 825a-12a Thur 9/1/2005
How do you rate the speed and effectiveness of the Katrina rescue effort?
No stars


One star
Two stars
Three stars
Four stars
Total votes 618-


Fiery Chaos. Riverfront blast adds to New Orleans misery. Corpses still rot on sidewalks and armed thugs thwart rescue attempts.
BATTLE FOR NEW ORLEANS Bush: Response 'not acceptable'
Misery Amid Finger-Pointing
Chaos spreads despite gov't promises

Blast rocks New Orleans
ABC: " and orange flames over a city awash in corpses and under siege from looters."

Houston Chronicle
Astrodome at capacity, but buses with evacuees keep coming


Superdome evacuations begin second day
Refugees passed out and had to be lifted hand-over-hand overhead to medics. Pets were not allowed on the bus, and when a police officer confiscated a little boy's dog, the child cried until he vomited. "Snowball, snowball," he cried.




add 1046a
My Coast Guard grandson just called me from Interstate 10 at the La. border. They're handing out water to all the people on the buses. He said people are dropping off all kinds of donations, including clothes. Some of these refugees don't have shirts or shoes. Is there anything in the works to gather up clothing for the people here in San Antonio? If so, could you post it on your website.

Anyone know the answer to this? Email me

My wife and I were just in Lowe's tonight and saw their poster stating that they will match dollar for dollar any contribution to the Red Cross. What a good way to double your donation. Just thought you might want to get the word out. Thanks for all your good work.

… I just heard one of the most stupid statements I have ever heard from a government official. NBC was interviewing the director of FEMA on their program tonight, and when asked why aid was slow in coming, he responded “FEMA just learned about the people’s conditions today.” I still can’t believe I heard this…
Greg S., Victoria

Brad –
The mayor of New Orleans missed a sure bet when the hurricane was ending. If he had called the President and a few Congressional leaders and told them (1) that it was rumored that there were weapons of mass destruction in the area, (2) that mobile labs had been spotted and (3) that a member of Al Qaeda had once, in the distant past, attended a Mardi Graz event, he would have had assistance within the hour…


Helpless at Convention Center


… you cannot just rush in to any event due to contamination, staging area setup, fuel, food, security, etc... Why don't you get the emergency management coordinator from San Antonio on the air with you, that way he can explain why it takes time to set up response and recovery efforts on such a large event…  A long time listener. 
F. Anderson

[I contacted] the Davis Shelter and the red cross. they informed me that they only wanted to talk to people that could house multiple families. Well I have a hard time in believing this is the way they think. If I can offer a room with a/c food privacy and help fellow Americans (also save tax dollars) what the hell is their problem. I have no idea what it is like to come home to nothing and really hope I never have to find out. I am not rich but I would like to help people in need. hell I am a Texan… If you would pass this on maybe I can find out how I can help at least one couple.
Walt F.

I agree with you about the lack of support that our Gov't has given to the taxpapers of New Orleans. Is it me or does it seem like the Govenor of La. is full of a lot of words but no action? …

… it rips me wide open that hospitals in New Orleans are without power and supplies when the military has "pre-positioned" hospitals all over the world. As a former Chief Nurse of a 400 bed Field Hospital. I know that a couple of 60KW generators would power most hospitals to meet their needs during this time and one of them would probably provide enough power to energize the entire SuperDome and more! They can be easily dropped by a helicopter and run all day on a couple tanks of Diesel fuel. It's sickening to see how FEMA has failed to prioritize the needs in this disaster. Ugh!!!!

CNN coverage of the New Orleans disaster has criticized Bush, FEMA, and the National Guard for the unhurried response to the plight of the survivors. But I've yet to see any criticism of the Governor of Louisiana or the Mayor of New Orleans whatsoever. Just guessing, but is there any chance that they are both Democrats? Also, why hasn't the state of Louisiana done more to prevent the failure of levees? They've known for at least 40 years (since Hurricane Camille) that a direct hit on New Orleans would destroy the city.
Gary G.

add 954a
Dear Brad,
I don't take credit for thinking of this - it came from a caller on our local Austin talk radio station: All those buses sent in to pick up people were empty, right? Why weren't the buses sent in loaded with water and food rather than empty? They could have offloaded supplies before picking up people.
Jodie B.

with your prejudiced view, I wasn't surprised at how hard you came down on the US government today. Have you ever been on the ground during a disaster or assisted the Red Cross or FEMA? You seem to have forgotten that the Feds had to deal with 4 states (don't forget FL) - and numerous city and county (parish) governments. Plus, no one could have foreseen, contrary to what you said, the severity of the destruction…

You have exceeded any past ignorance and stupidity that you have offered in the past and that has been a BUNCH …  I have submitted your name to FEMA as an EXPERT (ex=has been, spert=remnants of a drip) who gives the impression that he knows more than the people running the system. FEMA probably will be slightly more work than sitting on your ass and running off at the mouth 2 hours a day about things you have no working knowledge of! …  Has it ever occurred to you that a disaster of this magnitude defies any possible pre planning that anyone could imagine. …  It is my belief that a s s h o l e s like you will rot in hell! Former listener
Mark M.

Dear Brad
You have criticized the rescue operations, yet you don't realize the magnitude of the problems. My son who is Coast Guard stationed in Mobile at the air station is working around the clock. Resources are stretched to the max. This is way beyond what anyone could have planned for. Pilots and other personnel are coming in from other areas to work with no facility's to accommodate them. Local hotel and motels are closed because of the damage. These guys are working around the clock with little or no acommendations. Many of the local Coasties are working knowing that their own property is damaged or destroyed. They are themselves victims of this disaster.
Douglas M., Maxwell, TX
Parent of a Coastie

Funny how England could rescue their soldiers on German Beach, using nothing but civilians, funny how We could have a Berlin Air Lift. But we can’t help our own?
Arline H., Dilley, Texas

Enjoy your show. Why are we not dropping food and water by air to the victims in New Orleans (especially) and other affected areas? If this were another country we would be there in a heartbeat feeding the starving …  The victims only hear help is coming – they don’t see any. The people in charge of the rescue effort apparently are spending too much time “patting themselves on the butt.” Thanks,

If Clinton was president you would be praising the existing rescue efforts in Louisiana.

Just received word from my son that the entire combat brigade of the 1-5 CAV from Ft. Hood is being deployed to Mississippi and Louisiana tomorrow (Friday) to help keep the peace. My son is a Sergeant and is looking forward to this mission. This brigade is heavily experienced and the most decorated from any troops in the Army that were in Iraq. They will have a big surprise for anyone looting unnecessary items and the punk-asses that call themselves “gangs”. They will soon find out what martial law is all about

I think it is easy to understand how we can look at the same situation and disagree. Your abiding and blatant disgust with President Bush has colored and continues to influence your view on anything having to do with government. In fact, it is so transparent and so completely negative that it makes me unwilling to listen any longer. Thank you,
Michael in Dripping Springs

… the massive deployment of our military, natural resources and money to Iraq has seriously undermined this country's ability to take care of its own in a national disaster. As you pointed out, some of the federal money that should have gone to strengthen the levee system around New Orleans was not funded to "other priorities," that is, Iraq.
Steve W.

I wish I had your wisdom and insight. I guess I am just not as bright as you, since I voted 4 stars.

add 758a Fri
Since my e-mail from yesterday I think I am gaining a little more insight. I would like to change my vote to 1 star.

add 852a Fri
I had to duct tape my head to keep it from exploding after hearing the results of your ten foot poll! Who are these people!!? Are they living in caves or what!!? I can’t help but wonder what the outcome of help would have been if these people weren’t poor black folks. If I hear another ignorant person say “why didn’t they leave”, I will scream! These people live well below the poverty line and lack the resources to go across town less than only out of town. Had the city of New Orleans had better logistical planning they would have been better results.
Signed, a Pissed off, retired military veteran and not so proud to be an American!

Thank You for being a “voice in the wilderness” of conservative “talk” radio and exhibiting some common sense. You are absolutely right regarding the bureaucrats “fiddling while Rome burns” on the New Orleans disaster. When does Halliburton get their “no-bid” contracts for the clean up of this mess? I really believe the current administration will go down in history as one of the worst in our country’s history.
Gene M.

I was getting ready to leave to go out of state to my sons wedding. I did not catch WHERE the article was on the levee money diverted for Iraq?. PLEASE, let me know how to find that. I would really appreciate it.
David P. in Wimberley

It was: Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?
'Times-Picayune' Had Repeatedly Raised Federal Spending Issues

Thank God we have a mayor the high caliber of Phil Hardberger. He is probably going to end up being the best mayor SA has ever seen.

Hi Brad
I just wanted to say thanks for putting the truth out there. I am in the Army here is San Antonio. I know for a fact that Fort Sam. Lackland AB, Brooks City Base and Camp Bullis have all kinds of room available to put all the Displaced people from N.O. and the Gulf coast these people have NOTHING> Instead of News Conferences we need action. In the Unit that I am in, we have generators, Mobile Kitchens, and water trailers to say the least. This is Crazy I thought our country was better than this. Action, Action, Action. Thanks again. You’re the only one telling the real story. if you read this please do not use my name thanks.

You take the cake you can sit in S.A. and get on your radio and talk all day long and say that this isn’t happening and that isn’t happening but you are not under the conditions that they are operating under and on a crusade and bad month all government official like you usually do. You have become overly negative on all subjects. It is real hard take anything you say with a grain of salt. Come on these people are operating under very, very bad conditions, they are not sitting at home with their family and enjoying life give them a break. I know this is not changing your outlook but I got it off my chest. Have a nice day in S.A.
Al N.

Below is a near first-hand account of an escape from New Orleans. The author is Terri D., my wife. The situation in NO is unbelievably worse than we’re hearing.
Mark D.

“… Bridgett is an ICU nurse. When the hurricane was approaching, she offered to stay at the hospital .. She was the last caretaker in ICU. The hospital had been looted, now it was being ransacked for everything, not just drugs. The ransackers/looters now were coming in with guns. The small group of caretakers left decided they had to run. They got down to the underground parking lot where they found a fireman in a truck. The fireman said "follow me out and don't slow down". The small caravan of staff (squeezed into the cars) raced out of the garage right behind the firetruck. Kerry H. was driving a car with a gun in his lap. As they sped through NO, people tried to stop them, jump on them, threw things at the windows, etc. They saw where people were shooting at the rescue helicopters so they could get on. They managed to drive straight through to Birmingham, where Bridgett has a brother. They are quite traumatized. The sad thing is that they left 29 patients. …

I know you would prefer to blame the Bush administration, but Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I had another question. If N.O. had a mandatory evacuation for a Cat 5 storm, why didn't they provide public transportation for those people without cars. Everybody knew of the large number of poor in the city. There was no way for a large portion of the city to evacuate. When the times comes to start looking for blame, and that is not now, don't you think that chronologically we should ask why the poor weren't offered a way to evacuate? Then we can go on to look at response.
Dorothy C., Floresville