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Legislative logjam blocking textbooks
As Texas schoolchildren begin returning to the classroom next week, many will find tattered old textbooks used for years – while glossy new replacements gather dust in warehouses in the Dallas area and Lubbock.

Jourdanton dog-drowning probe over, D.A. to get case
police have beefed up their presence at City Hall this week after officials were inundated with angry phone calls and e-mails, including threats from people upset over how the dogs were killed. "..special meeting will be held Monday night for residents to voice their concerns regarding the dog deaths."

Maria Anglin
Dog drownings cruel, illegal and, worse, a well-kept secret

Jessica Simpson in Daisy Duke shorts
Jessica Simpson giving Daisy Dukes a comeback

They were called "hot pants" back in the 1960s and early 1970s, when women across the country wore them with wide belts and go-go boots.

email Indians
You know I was raised in North Dakota. I found some pics of what the North Dakota State Patrol uses on patches, patrol cars, etc. I wonder why they haven't attacked the state over the use of an Indian head.

New online game goal is to bomb London subways and escape


Al Qaeda threatens more UK and U.S. attacks

Osama bin Laden's No. 2 man in al Qaeda is threatening more destruction in London and the United States. In a video, Ayman al-Zawahiri said British Prime Minister Tony Blair caused the destruction in London and "more will come, God willing." He also warned the U.S. that the 9/11 attacks "are nothing compared to what you will see next."

2 Iraq veterans stationed at Fort Hood kill themselves

Men claim US kept them captive 18+ months without charges
"..say they were held in solitary confinement in secret, underground U.S. detention facilities in an unknown country and interrogated by masked men for more than 18 months without being charged or allowed any contact with the outside world."

Marine sniper from Cedar Park dies in Iraq
".. assigned to the 4th Marine Division in San Antonio, was patrolling near the town of Haditha with a small contingent of other snipers when they apparently were overcome by insurgents.."

Insurgents' bombs getting bigger and more deadly

President insists it's to be called the War On Terror
President Bush publicly overruled some of his top advisers on Wednesday in a debate about what to call the conflict with Islamic extremists

And in case you have been wondering whether it was Osama bin Laden believers from Saudi Arabia who attacked us, or Saddam Hussein's people from Iraq, the president seems to insist that it was, in fact, Saddam's Iraqis:
"We're at war with an enemy that attacked us on September the 11th, 2001," Mr. Bush said.

Repeat something often enough, people will start believing it:
"We're at war with an enemy that attacked us on [9/11]."
"We're at war with an enemy that attacked us on [9/11]."
"We're at war with an enemy that attacked us on [9/11]."
"We're at war with an enemy that attacked us on [9/11]."


Ten-Foot Poll on The Real Enemy---RESULT
posted 950a-12p 8/4/2005
Are we at war against the people who attacked us on 9-11, or against some different people?
The people who attacked us
Some different people
Sort of a little of both
Total vote 359

Monarch butterfly-chasing aircraft
Ultralight airplane to follow monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico

The story erroneously calls the aircraft a hang-glider

Fake critic's quotes mean movie rebates
Sony to pay $1.5 million to filmgoers

Marshmallow Shooter booth dismantled
Marshmallow Shooter booth removed from Bangor state fair
because getting insurance for a mallow-shooting blowgun turns out to be, uh, complicated


Cops hunting big, hefty girly-man who flashes his black bra and panties

26 years later, DNA clears Florida man of rapes
"Victory," 67-year-old Luis Diaz said as he walked out of the courthouse a free man.

In a million years you wouldn't guess how it turned out after a homeowner chased and stabbed a burglar and was himself attacked by construction guys and in the confusion the burglar drove away and then the surprise happened

email Sandra
Every time you show Sandra on your web page, I'm FORCED to look at the "see through" link. All I can say is GOD BLESS HER! She can serve buns from her sister's bakery anytime as long as you have a link to it.
S.D. in beautiful Leon Springs Texas


How things deteriorated when Jared Gipson tried to rob the women at Blalock's Beauty College "..was beaten with everything inside the shop that wasn't nailed down, including table legs, curling irons and blow dryers, but a 4-by-4 fence post probably caused the most damage."

Internet cop poses as minor, catches a perv, whose lawyer gets him off because the cop wasn't really, really a minor

Remote Fort Davis area is having internet land boom in the middle of nowhere
Land has no water, electricity, sewers, roads or other amenities. "You could live there in a tent, if you could find your land," said Jeff Davis County Clerk Sue Blackley. "But you'd have to helicopter everything in."

Always a Way for Lobbyists
Exemptions from ethics rules allow lawmakers to accept almost anything.

Energy bill highlights influence of Texans
When Congress doled out billions of dollars last week in a sweeping package meant to lay out a new national energy policy, it handed a huge economic boost to the home state of those who wrote and shepherded the bill: Texas.

Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
The Republican pork barrel
At $286.4 BILLION, the highway bill just passed by Congress is the most expensive public works legislation in US history. In addition to funding the interstate highway system and other federal transportation programs, it sets a new record for pork-barrel spending, earmarking $24 billion for a staggering 6,376 pet projects.
Once upon a time Republicans actually described themselves with pride as fiscal conservatives.

The Hooters sign that's causing the trouble reads "Only a rooster gets a better piece of chicken" ".. it's degrading to women," said Councilwoman Marlen Garcia."


Collapsed man repays star's kindness with grope on rear another odd chapter in the life of a Texas singer on the road again


Religious sect in Utah says Ten Commandments displays ought to have to include 7 more that Moses got on his second trip to the mountain

Toronto crash survivor
Photo gallery from Toronto plane crash which everyone survived


There's a story all right, but NO PHOTO of the $4-per-trick hooker


No big surprise. This cartoon is from the Sacramento Bee, which is not exactly a hotbed of conservative thought.....

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