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Iraq War Dead 1 2 (2 has personal message boards)
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

DOD military casualty Info

Organizations that help you provide troop support HERE (donate Frequent Flyer miles, etc.)

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Smart Furniture

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Items that can be found tax free this weekend
Friday through Sunday, many items can be purchased tax free. See what you can buy

Baghdad Jane Fonda's bus


Jourdanton council obeyed Open Meetings Act and prevented citizens from speaking out on the drowned dogs issue
Disenchanted residents weren't able to speak out Tuesday against the intentional drowning of stray dogs at the city's sewer plant but will have the opportunity to be heard at a specially called City Council meeting as early as next week. The issue has received reaction from all over the nation.

Some Maryland counties have Animal Matters Hearing Boards

Cassandra Burch returned to her home in Waldorf one Sunday in April to find her rabbit Sammy slain in the grass, his fence bashed in and the neighbor's American pit bull fleeing the yard.

Four Scotltish towns battle over which is birthplace of Scotty, the fictional Starship Enterprise engineer

Did I murder a hitchhiker or was that just something I made up so my wife would divorce me?

Provo unimpressed by "religious sculpture" made of old, stacked-up Maytag washing machines

Apple introduces its first computer mouse with multiple buttons, including four sensors and a tiny scroll ball

Sandra Bullock at bakery
Sandra Bullock worked opening-day counter at her sister's bakery in Vermont, said she wouldn't depend on the shop for a job, but would work there occasionally. "Only when I need the money."

Almost every time I run an SB story I link to the wonderful photo of her in her magic see-thru dress HERE

Man says Florida cop dumped ashes of his dead infant daughter

Valero and other refiners cited for "accidental" pollution in Texas cities

Houston ex-choir director gets 30 years for boys' abuse
After pleading guilty, he was told to 'rot in hell' by 1 of 3 brothers sexually assaulted

Maribel Cuevas, age 11, could spend up to four years in prison if rock-throwing allegations against her are found to be true.
"..baffled, angry reactions from as far away as France, as observers question whether adult penalties are being levied on what amounts to childish behavior gone awry."

UPDATE: Rock-Assault Girl Spared From Jail
Lawyers have been able to cut a deal to spare a rocking-throwing girl from serving time in jail.

Court rules UT can block online dating e-mails

1969 Dodge Charger
Anyone who owns a 1969 Dodge Charger can yell "Yee-haw!" over the boost in value the cars have received from The Dukes of Hazzard

Lawyer argues that a woman who sued archdiocese for child support should have used birth control

Ford, Chrysler and GM decide to not end "employee discount" promotions

Rick Casey - Houston Chronicle
You can't judge a school by its Texas accountability ratings any more than you can, in the words of an admirable T-shirt, judge a book by its movie.

Will Indian icons stay on the team?
The Apaches are facing extinction. So are the Seminoles. And even the Sioux

New federal highway bill chock full o' pork
"..projects in the six-year, $286.4 billion highway and mass transit bill passed by Congress last week [include] $200,000 for a deer avoidance system in Weedsport, New York..."



Army Times reporter describes Iraq attack

"I heard the two shots from a soldier’s M16 rifle, but I had no idea he was firing at a suicide car-bomber steering straight for us."

14 Marines killed by roadside bomb Wednesday in one of the deadliest single attacks in Iraq against American forces

Iraqi general died while being severely beaten during interrogation

Christian Science Monitor
Special Briefing: Jihad: Who's joining, and why?
How the extremist movement is evolving at a time of concern about terror cells in Western cities such as London

eye jewelry

Jannemiek Sonneveld, 27, turns her left eye to show the Jewel Eye. The eye jewel, made of platinum and available in the shape of a heart, star or circle, is implanted under the cornea of the eye and is not visible unless the eye is turned. Strange Cosmos

Cough medicine made from snail slime

No hunks in alcohol ads, please — we're British
British regulators, seeking to curb binge drinking among the young, recently introduced new rules barring depictions of links between sex and drinking in alcohol advertisements. Not all links — just the ones between attractive people.

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