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Tue Aug 2 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
2.3 million hits July

1208 - Jourdanton city councilman on dog story LATE DEVELOPMENT BELOW
1238 - Cows cause more pollution than cars in California valley
138 - Zetas rule US-Mexican border


7 Marines killed in Iraq: US toll now 1801
As an emailer put it yesterday (with a smaller number), that is exactly 1,801 more than the number of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq


Toyota to expand San Antonio Tundra production
Toyota was initially projected to roll out 150,000 Tundra trucks annually from its San Antonio plant, which is set to open in late 2006. But that figure has now been bumped up to roughly 200,000 trucks annually

Stray dog drowning probe continues in Jourdanton
Mayor Tammy Clark said she was "appalled" at what happened to the dogs and will discuss with the city manager additional disciplinary actions that could be taken.
Jourdanton veterinarian who was "on vacation" when Jourdanton dogs were drowned was NOT ON VACATION, says Vicki Eckart, an animal sanctuary owner (on Jack Riccardi show 1145am)

Ten-Foot Poll on Dog Drowners---RESULT
posted 955a-1155p Mon 8/1/2005
What should happen to the Jourdanton city employees involved in drowning pound dogs in sewage?
Letters of reprimand
Counseling sessions
Unpaid leaves from their jobs
Criminal charges and probation
Criminal charges and jail
Leave them alone. Animals are disposed of by drowning all the time.
Total vote 481-

San Antonio school scores moving backward
Ten Bexar County public schools earned the designation of academically unacceptable, including four schools in North East School District

email failing schools

When the resident citizens of NEISD were asked to vote for over $1 billion in new school capital appropriations, our Superintendent promised wonderful results for the "chilluns" in NEISD.

This morning's Express-News, puts the result of the expenditures on the front page and in bold print. The district doing the worst is not the poorest, not the one whose chief administrator stays at Motel 6 in Austin, but the district whose Superintendent who earns north of $250,000 per year. I can only surmise that the millions spent for press boxes at the football stadium, and the new board room was not well spent.

I for one am disgusted that the trustees of NEISD will put up with the pitiful ratings for Churchill, MacArthur and Roosevelt high schools. For those counting, there are only 6 "main stream" high schools in NEISD, not including magnet and "special" schools.

When 50% of the high schools fail, it is time to evaluate the district's top management and the lack of focus given to the intent of high school. 50% unacceptable high schools is a failing grade, that should not be rewarded.

It is criminal to continue to demand the taxpayers in NEISD pay off bonds for palaces, and administrators to fly off on junkets when kids at 50% of the high schools cannot pass the basic test. Don't look for the results published in today's E-N, on NEISD's website, the district only shows the "great" results from previous years.

It is time for accountability to mean something at NEISD.

Stuart Katz


From: Richard Middleton
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: my feelings

Mr. Katz,
If you read the article carefully you will notice that the reason the schools were rated low was because of the scores made by the special education students. Churchill would have been a Recognized campus otherwise. Do you think the scores of the special education students reflect the overall achievement of the school? We do not. But we know that we must educate all students to greater levels that ever before.
All of our teachers are working very hard to increase student productivity. We work hard every day with students who have all kinds of challenges. All we expect is that you would at least read the story and try to understand how complex the scoring system is...


email host websites

I looked at all you guys' websites this morning. Trey has one picture of himself on his. Jack has one. You have one. Chris has 10 photos of himself on his website. What should I make of this?

John R., Boerne

Each website reflects the personality of its owner and we all have distinctly individual ideas about what our sites ought to accomplish.
Thanks for writing.
The Swiss Embassy

DNA test frees man after 19 years
During his nearly two decades in prison on a rape conviction, Thomas A. Doswell was denied parole four times because he refused to accept responsibility for the crime. But DNA evidence has finally proved what he's been saying all along: He didn't do it.

U.S. calls on Fox to end Nuevo Laredo violence
since the federal government took control of Nuevo Laredo's security, which was part of a wider national program called "Secure Mexico," murders there have increased markedly. For several weeks in mid-July, an average of two people a day were being killed in Nuevo Laredo.

Bible course accused of preaching to students
Course used in 52 Texas districts also contains errors, group says

Smog checks for California dairy cows?
San Joaquin Valley officials blame cows for air pollution and plan stricter regulations on the booming dairy industry. Critics call it 'fart science.'
"..cattle in the San Joaquin Valley produce more organic compounds than are generated by either cars or trucks or pesticides, the air district said."

A bird that sings with its wings

Largest woodpeckers confirmed in Arkansas

Country clubs must give discount to gay partners
California court gives domestic partners same benefit as married ones

False tales of turkey on a tray
It's what people think you do that matters. And, don't worry, everyone's too busy to check your resume for embellishments. Perhaps no one illustrates this new world better than the dearly departed octogenarian who claimed to have invented the frozen TV dinner.

Scholar will go to air guitar world championships

Mt. Soledad cross San Diego
Cross on San Diego's Mount Soledad under fire

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