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Iraq War Dead 1 2 (2 has personal message boards)
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

DOD military casualty Info

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O'Brien's Tax Service
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Arredondo Group

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Smart Furniture

Ron Hoover RV
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New Heights
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Thur June 30 2005 - New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri

Need a laptop fixed? The Laptop Specialists, B.J. Associates, say mention Brad and they'll knock 20% off labor. 344-4563 (offer may end Friday, July 29)

  TSA wasted millions Federal audit faults spending by contracting firm hired to improve airport security after the Sept. 11 attacks.
· $1,180 for 20 gallons of Starbucks Coffee -- $3.69 a cup -- at the Santa Clara Marriott in California
· $1,540 to rent 14 extension cords at $5 each per day for three weeks at a Wyndham Peaks Resort and Golden Door Spa


Bush nightclub cartoon

Good to see Bush supporters take part in the Ten-Foot Poll. Thanks for registering your opinion!
Ten-Foot Poll on Bush---RESULT
posted 1130p Tue 6/28 - 1115p Wed 6/29/2005
Did last night's speech (6/28) change your mind about how the war is going, or how the president is handling it?
I'm much more positive
10% }
} 249 positive
A little more positive
No change: I remain a supporter
No change: I remain opposed
24% }
} 240 negative
A little more negative
I'm much more negative
Total votes 4890


ABC pulls 'Neighborhood' reality series show was shot in Austin

Mad cow case traced to Waco pet food plant

Three Iowa 19-year-olds charged in torture of opossums

US hostages in Iran in 1979 say president-elect looks very familiar

SBC goes after cable customers to slow its losses SBC Communications Inc. is offering free satellite TV and high-speed Internet service to customers who defect from a cable TV provider. SBC is making the move because cable companies are luring SBC clients with combined phone, Web and TV services and may take 355,000 phone lines from SBC this year, Banc of America Securities analyst David Barden estimated.


Mexicans in US to gain voting clout
A new law will let citizens abroad cast mail-in ballots in 2006, but only if they're already registered at home.

Canada may restrict export of Rx drugs Canada will take steps to restrict the flow of cheaper prescription drugs to American consumers, the health minister announced Wednesday, countering a move in the U.S. Congress to legalize the import of Canadian drugs.

Health funds for veterans misjudged The Bush administration admitted that it badly miscalculated health care spending for veterans this year and agreed to send Congress an emergency spending request to make up a shortfall of at least $1 billion.

Two Iraqis caught trying to cross Mexico-US border The Mexican Attorney General's Office said the Iraqis have family members who live in the San Diego area ... said the two men had no known connection to terrorists and, at this point, faced "absolutely nothing more than charges of being unable to prove they were in Mexican territory legally."

Shark shows interest in Fla. hottie (with photos of both)

Northern Virginia to turn off 'spy' red-light cameras as a 10-year pilot program expires. Critics, including delegates who voted to end the program, say the cameras are money-making devices that invade a residents' privacy and cause rear-end collisions.


Science changes its mind again Chapter 362
Does dirty air COOL the climate?
Emissions clean-ups, while good for the air, may contribute to global warming.

One in six countries facing food shortage because of severe droughts that could become semi-permanent under climate change, UN scientists warned.


Virginia woman wins lawsuit against ''Girls Gone Wild''

Wedding was canceled, but party went on with homeless people invited

Sharon Stone used body doubles for raunchy scenes in Basic Instinct 2



Patriot Act used to justify evicting homeless from NJ train station

NASA set for a crash with comet late Sunday night
As fireworks displays go, this one will be out of this world. Early on the morning of July 4, a NASA probe traveling 6 miles a second will slam into a comet 83 million miles from earth.

U.S. House agrees to $3,100 pay raise for 2006 In a House riven by partisanship, raising members' pay is one of the few things Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., agree on.


Mexican postage stamp draws fire

The Mexican government has issued postage stamps depicting an exaggerated black cartoon character known as Memin Pinguin, just weeks after remarks by President Vicente Fox angered blacks in the United States.

Frito Bandito
BUT the old Frito Bandito was "too racist" and was scrapped


email Bandito
This is the original Frito Bandito, I only have this one, as this one seems to be rarer than the others. I have 2 with the western hats on, and several of WC Fields, they were all pencil erasers from Frito packages.


Pennsylvania House session halted for an hour after a black member called a white member a "cracker"

911 operator told caller "It's not my problem!"



Texas measure seeks to limit power to take property
Some lawmakers hope Gov. Rick Perry will expand the special session agenda so they can pass legislation to protect property owners in Texas.
Rep. Scott Campbell, R-San Angelo, and Rep. Frank Corte, R-San Antonio, have filed legislation that would amend the state Constitution to prohibit local governments from taking private property for economic development reasons.



Write, email or call your Texas state representative and state senator to encourage action to limit the eminent domain laws in Texas. Start here: Who represents me?

Eminent domain ruling slaps down the owner
Your government, as always, knows what is best, red and blue precincts alike, and if New London politicians see the financial merit of placing a hotel, offices and a health club on your home of more than 70 years, then tough. Get out. Move. You are a nobody.




'Blue on White' in Iraq
Tensions rise between American contractors and U.S. military personnel serving in war zone

‘Doonesbury’ comes to aid of Fisher House

Love him or hate him, Garry Trudeau, the man responsible for the “Doonesbury” comic strip, is doing his part to help wounded troops and their families.


Spain legalizes gay marriage
Parliament defies conservaties and clergy to make Spain the third nation to allow same-sex unions.

Andy Borowitz


U.S. Tightens Both Borders

One day after the Canadian House of Commons voted to make gay marriages legal across Canada, Mexican President Vicente Fox announced that gay divorces would be legal across Mexico.

In a nationally televised address, President Fox acknowledged that offering gay divorces nationwide in Mexico was a “drastic measure,” but added that it was necessary to compete with Canada’s bold move.

“Canada stands to reap billions in tourist dollars from couples seeking gay marriages,” he said. “But when those marriages go south, we want those tourist dollars to go south, too.”

Speaking directly to the gay married population, Mr. Fox said, “When your gay marriage isn’t so gay anymore, say ‘Hola’ to Mexico.”

Privately, aides to President Fox said he was “furious” at the Canadians for legalizing gay marriage across the country on Tuesday, since he had been planning for months to offer “quickie” gay marriages across Mexico.

“Vicente was totally pissed at the Canadians when they legalized gay marriages,” one aide to Mr. Fox said. “They only did it to make up for the loss of hockey.”

At the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that Canada’s decision to offer gay marriages, coupled with Mexico’s decision to offer gay divorces, would cause the U.S. to tighten both borders.

“We don’t want to turn the United States of America into some kind of thoroughfare for unhappy gay couples sprinting for Splitsville,” Mr. Chertoff said, adding that the Department of Homeland Security would raise the alert level to pink.

Elsewhere, the Pentagon announced that it was launching a new offensive in Iraq called “Operation Stay There Indefinitely.”



toilet cafeTaiwan bowled over by toilet-theme restaurant



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