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Write, email or call your Texas state representative and state senator to encourage action to limit the eminent domain laws in Texas. Start here: Who represents me?

Ten-Foot Poll on Home Seizures---RESULT
posted 930a Fri 6/24 - 11a Sun 6/26/2005
Should people's homes on the South Side be seized for a new Texas A&M campus, or should the school be built on nearby land (Brooks City Base) that is already owned by the government?
Take their homes
- 1%
Put it at Brooks
- 99%
Total votes 2602

San Antonio Express-News
06/26/2005 Lynnell Burkett

Best campus plan or clever land deal?
In an editorial last week, this newspaper asked an important question: Why is the city buying property and displacing nearly 100 homes and businesses for a Texas A&M University campus on the South Side when property nearby is available without cost?

I'm on it:
On Friday 6/24 state rep Mike Villareal told me he has ALREADY asked the Texas Legislative Council to come up with proposed language for a new state law that would LIMIT taking people's private property in order to give it to other private owners, developers and such.
State rep Frank Corte Jr told me he had already contacted the governor in an effort to get this issue on the agenda for the current Special Session, which is just astonishingly fast action. I told him that if the governor does allow the issue to be considered during this session, I will never again call him Gov. Blow-dry.

One man's castle = another man's mall

Links re. the Freeport private marina story I was talking about today:



NOTE: Media offensive by Bush administration now underway, aimed at reversing growing doubts among Americans that the war in Iraq can be won. President Bush is scheduled to address the nation Tuesday on the issue. KTSA will carry the speech at 7 p.m. Central time

Four bombings of Iraqi forces kill 38 in North
The attacks came as Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said that the insurgency could last a dozen years. Today, a U.S. helicopter crashed northwest of Baghdad.

Poll shows Bush's Iraq optimism premature
A majority of Americans reject claims by the Bush Administration that the insurgency in Iraq is weakening and are divided on whether victory over the insurgents will have a major impact on terrorism elsewhere in the world


Baghdad's last nightclub closed



Followup report on "Lodi terrorists"
on my program today (6/27) 1:08p

Johnny Griffin III Guest: Attorney Johnny Griffin III

Friday in Sacramento, a Lodi father and son appeared in federal court, where prosecutors agreed to turn over evidence against them.

Umer and Hamid Hayat, 47 and 22 respectively, were arrested earlier this month and accused of being involved with terrorism. Neither man is charged with any terror-related crimes; a grand jury indicted them on charges of lying to federal agents.

Federal prosecutors agreed to turn over some of their evidence, but U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Nowinski rejected a request to make prosecutors reveal what led them to suspect Hamid Hayat and put him on the government's "no fly" list.

Nowinski said he wasn't going to let defense lawyer Johnny L. Griffin III "muck around in national security information."

"It's a serious false statement case," Nowinski said. "It's a case where someone lied about terrorist activities."

The FBI has said it was investigating possible Lodi links to terrorism for several years. The case sped up when Hamid Hayat boarded a plane and began heading back to the U.S. after spending two years in Pakistan.

--Lodi, Calif. News-Sentinel

Terror suspects will have day in court
Lodi columnist Joe Guzzardi with some of the "Lodi terrorists" story's shades of grey


SBC plan to provide TV thru wires is floundering
SBC, based in San Antonio, has been unable to win battles in state legislatures that would speed up the process for gaining local approval to sell its television service. Reaching agreements with the program providers in Hollywood has been slow, too.



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Supremes split on Commandments cases
Ruling on Kentucky case restricts Ten Commandments inside courthouses, but okays Ten Commandments display at Texas statehouse



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micro miniskirt
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NASA update on the mission to a comet



Houston's red-light cameras may be fooled by glare spray

Record haul by D.C. speed cameras
The Metropolitan Police Department collected nearly $2.58 million in fines from its automated speed cameras in May -- the most lucrative month in the program's four-year history.

Contractor sues to keep Trans-Texas details hidden
Cintra Zachry, the only developer under contract with the state for a leg of the project, asked a court in Austin to block release of its development and financing plans, which Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has said are public record.

Discovery of small knife sends Rome-bound plane back to Chicago

The "AccuWeather Bill"
Congress could end free weather service forecasts

Boys' baseball team benched for being too good


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