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Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne
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kitchen remodeling
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New Heights
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Mon June 20 2005 - New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri

KTSA will resume Internet streaming of our programs soon
Weekly visit with Mayor Phil Hardberger starts Tuesday 1:38pm

Guantanamo comments dog senator GOP calls for a fuller apology from Democratic leader Durbin


Boy can't sing soprano in All-State Choir does not allow boys to sing soprano or alto, or girls to sing tenor or bass... "because of concerns that girls auditioning for tenor parts were hurting their voices by singing too low."
Ten-Foot Poll on Soprano---RESULT
posted 10a-11p Mon 6/20/2005
If a boy can sing soprano, you see any problem with letting him sing soprano in a choir?
Problem. It might hurt his voice.
Problem. It's kinda sissy.
Problem. Texas' image would suffer.
No problem. Get a life, busybodies!
Total votes 294

email soprano
What about Steven Tyler in Areosmith? Is he a sissy? Duh!!!!


Minutemen leader to meet with Goliad landowners this evening Lifelong Goliad resident Bill Parmley, a petroleum geologist, said he invited Simcox to the community because he is concerned by illegal immigrants passing through the area, about 200 miles from the border. "Our children cannot ride their bicycles," he said. "Women cannot go out in the evening."

Texas ranchers call for border action landowners say they're tired of illegal immigrants crossing their property, and they're turning to Minutemen for advice


FBI failed to hire, promote terror expertsThe FBI vowed to build national expertise for fighting terrorists after the Sept. 11 attacks, but the supervisors who crafted that war plan now say Middle East and terrorism experience haven't been important for choosing their agents.

Frugal teacher gives $2.1 million to Prairie View A&M Making just $28,000 a year when he retired, Green wore second-hand clothing, purchased out-of-date meats, shopped at auctions and stopped talking to a relative for two years because of a $6.76 debt.


Like to ride those circular swings at the amusement park? Then don't watch this wmv movie.


Newark Airport screeners clear passenger with 5" steak knife

Pastor's ashes to be shot Heavenward in July 4th fireworks show




Credit card practices under fire average household credit card debt has more than tripled, from $2,966 in 1990 to $9,312 in 2004. If a family made the minimum 2 percent payment on that $9,312 at a 16 percent interest rate, it would take more than 43 years to pay off the balance — at a total cost of $27,265.44. Of that, nearly $18,000 is interest.

Thanks Scott R.
Growing threat from bad data Steven Calderon had a clean record, a clean conscience and no reason to think that his new employer's routine background check would cause any problem at all. Then the sheriff showed up at the office and took him to jail on warrants for child molestation and rape.

Is freezing your credit the way to safeguard your ID? At the beginning of the year, only four states — California, Vermont, Texas and Louisiana — had adopted credit-freeze laws.


Big Shot Bob saves Spurs
San Antonio's Robert Horry converted an impossible left-handed dunk while being fouled moments before drilling the game-winning three-pointer with 5.8 seconds left in OT to steal Game 5 from the Pistons, 96-95, before a devastated Palace.


Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraq police HQ insurgency appears unfazed by U.S.-Iraqi offensives.

Daring Abu Ghraib attack impressed U.S. Sophisticated operation in April demonstrated insurgents' skills but revealed their methods

Authorities say border violence stretches to Dallas Since 2003, a group of Mexican soldiers who defected and became drug cartel enforcers has been working in the Dallas area, according to a U.S. Justice Department memo. Known as the Zetas, the group got its name from the radio code they once used and some members were apparently trained in the United States by the Army special forces.


Senate silence on 'biggest junket there is' Sen. Ted Stevens, the powerful Alaska Republican who led the congressional delegation to the posh Paris Air Show -- which has been called "the biggest junket there is" -- refuses to disclose how many members came along, how much it cost taxpayers, and offered few details about the event.

Wal-Mart takes aim at Target Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which has gained a reputation for leaving opponents limping into bankruptcy court, is taking on Target Corp. in a fight that it just might lose

Anti-divorce columnist says she'll soon be divorced

Trooper orders young couple to strip to their underwear

You can bet no more practical jokes for this dentist Dentist Robert Woo's problems began when he put fake boar's tusks in an anesthetized patient's mouth and snapped a photo.

Driver looked in mirror and saw airplane wing approaching


Upside down hot air balloon


Told grandma the pot plants were tomatoes



Welcome to the Large Dangerous Rocket Ship launch, where even failure is fun, if the explosion’s big enough



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