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Tom Cruise proposing to Katie Holmes

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Lodi "terrorism" case falling apart?
A federal grand jury indicted a Lodi ice cream truck driver and his son Thursday on charges they lied to FBI agents during an investigation into potential ties to Pakistan terrorist training camps.
Johnny Griffin III, attorney for the elder Hayat, said a "true terrorism case" would have involved charges such as conspiracy to levy war or provide assistance to Al Queda. "We don't see any of that here," Griffin said. "If the government can prove they attended a camp and therefore are terrorists, then why didn't they charge them with that?"



So. Texas supposedly lowest in pot use: Boulder and Boston highest


State caves to public pressure, kills toll road conversions in Comal County Current TxDOT plans call for the portion of U.S. 281 from the Guadalupe River to FM 306 to be expanded from two lanes to a four-lane divided highway within seven years


Lawsuit: School nurse forced girl to take pregnancy test
San Marcos teen's dad says her privacy, constitutional rights were violated.


Passengers sue NCL for $100 million over rogue wave
The Miami attorney representing passengers of a ship that was struck by a rogue wave in April blamed Norwegian Cruise Line for endangering everyone on board in order to get the ship Norwegian Dawn back to port in time for an appearance on Donald Trump's TV show, The Apprentice.

Mickey Mouse Club songwriter dies
later in his career, after Disney, worked on The Vampire Hookers


Houston Chronicle
Is Mexico going to be the next Colombia?
NUEVO LAREDO, MEXICO - With the body count rising and Mexico's government vowing a war without quarter on the country's powerful drug gangs, the "C word" — Colombia — is springing to the minds of many again.


'Dream Home' winners losing fight to afford HGTV house in Tyler


Andy Borowitz


Asks Accuser's Mom to Testify Against Him

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein startled the international legal community today by requesting that the jury in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial be empanelled to sit in judgment of him when his trial gets underway in Baghdad.

The Iraqi dictator made the extraordinary request in a special hearing today, telling the judge in his case, "There is no jury in the world better qualified to hear my case than those twelve people who just let Michael Jackson walk."

In addition to requesting the Jackson jury, Saddam also requested that the mother of Mr. Jackson's accuser be called upon to testify against him in his trial.

The Iraqi madman, who had been gloomy and depressed in recent months, reportedly "perked up" when the Jackson verdict was announced earlier this week, sources inside his prison said.

"When the verdict was read and it was not guilty on all counts, Saddam practically jumped out of his chair," one source said. "He was like, 'I've got to get that jury - they're awesome!'"

While international human rights groups scrambled to examine the legal and ethical issues involved in bringing the entire Jackson jury to Iraq, a spokesperson for the jury said that the twelve men and women might not be willing to make the journey from Santa Maria, California to Baghdad.

"These are twelve very busy people," said the spokesperson, Stacy DeLone. "They all have book and movie deals - plus, Milosevic asked first."

Elsewhere, coach Phil Jackson called his return to the Los Angeles Lakers "a story of redemption, reconciliation, and 10 million dollars a year."




U.S. House won't restrict imports of .50 caliber weapons


Forest Service ending some picnic fees Outdoor enthusiasts who object to paying $5 or $10 to use some national forest sites will appreciate news that the Forest Service is eliminating recreation fees at about 500 picnic areas and trailheads.


Sale of Texas prison horses for meat opposed
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has sold more than 50 of its horses over the last three years to a plant in Kaufman that processes horse meat for sale in Europe and Japan, records show.
Facilities ... use the same technique on horses that is used to kill cattle ... The horse is stunned with a steel bolt driven into its head, then bled to death.

Lawsuits and legislation aimed at horse slaughter in US


Bush seeks to calm anxieties about Iraq
Facing growing pressure to bring troops home from Iraq, President Bush is launching a public relations campaign to try to calm anxieties about the war.

Bush's support on major issues tumbles in poll
Pessimistic about Iraq and skeptical about Social Security reform, Americans are in a season of political discontent.


add 10:45am
email Iraq deaths
Brad ...
Please consider giving this as much exposure as possible. They're lying to us about the total number of US military casualties.
Mike G.
US Military Report: The High Death Rates exposed U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals have not previously been counted. They total about 6,210 as of 1 January, 2005.

Okay, I'll run this link, but as of now I've had no time to check this guy out and have no idea whether this report might be credible. I will begin doing some homework.
Anyone know anything about this guy? Email me


Congress said to steer military funds to pet projects
US analysts see war effort hurt
Congress, taking advantage of wartime support of national defense spending, is using the military's budget to steer billions to pet projects that apparently have little to do with Iraq or the ongoing war on terrorism.



Goodyear blimp crashes in Coral Springs, Florida
Pilots walk away



Denver's pit bull ban roils owners
Supporters say the breed is unfairly stereotyped, but the city renewed its prohibition anyway.


Cat born with two faces


Pennsylvania county's brochure features scratch 'n sniff manure
"This is to educate people that if they have a farmer for a neighbor, they might have manure smells."


Pennsylvania law agency issues composite of Naked Zorro
but who was looking at his face anyway?...