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Fri June 10 2005
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Some on council wary about toll road secrecy The tradeoff of sacrificing open government to attract private investment in toll roads is beginning to sink in for some local elected leaders. At stake is local oversight of construction and operation of 47 miles of toll roads on Loop 1604 and U.S. 281 on the North Side


If cash is short, so is Texas Lotto payoff a little-known lottery rule does not guarantee winners the full, advertised jackpot.


Affidavit Changed in Lodi Accusation Attorneys for a Central Valley father and son arrested in connection with a broad FBI terrorism probe plan to challenge the government case in court today over significantly differing versions of the affidavit used to charge the two men. "..defense attorney Johnny L. Griffin III, who represents the father, 47-year-old Lodi ice cream truck driver Umer Hayat, accused the government of "releasing information it knew it could not authenticate."


Nuevo Laredo police chief's slaying 'a message from cartels'
When Alejandro Dominguez was sworn in as police chief of this violent border city Wednesday, reporters asked him if he was afraid of dying. Six hours later, Dominguez, 52, lay dead, felled by a fusillade of bullets as he left his office in the center of town.


Report details FBI's missteps before 9/11 Five chances were bungled to find two hijackers. Many passages in the public version of the report were blacked out to shield information considered sensitive by the government


Four 'taxi-boat' Cubans allowed to stay in U.S.

The family had proper documents, but the other 10 will be sent back



Jacko “suicide” email spreads virus The email asks recipients to click on a link that takes them to a website which secretly installs malicious code on their computers.


Cops debunk Los Alamos Whistleblower beating story



Army: Confusion over Tillman's death The Army general investigating the death of Pat Tillman acknowledged that the Army knew almost immediately that he had been killed by fellow soldiers rather than enemy fire, but blamed confusing regulations — not a coverup — for its failure to tell his family what really happened until after he was buried.

Shortly after Tillman's death, the Army said he was killed while leading troops in battle, scaling a hill to ensure the safety of other U.S. soldiers following him. Days after his death, the Army awarded him the Silver Star, praising his gallantry under enemy fire. A few weeks later, the Army said he probably died as a result of so-called friendly fire.


Military recruiting numbers to fall short again Worries deepen over U.S. ability to maintain strength of services.

Army bonuses may rise to $40,000 Congress must approve plan, which recruiters say could help ease manpower shortage.



3rd Infantry Division in Tikrit
photo appears today on DOD news site DefendAmerica which is always linked in my left column in the military box



Insurgency forcing change in Iraq strategy Military operations in Iraq have not succeeded in weakening the insurgency, and Iraq's government, with US support, is now seeking a political reconciliation among the nation's ethnic and tribal factions as the only viable route to stability.

Despite US estimates that it kills or captures between 1,000 and 3,000 insurgents a month, the number of daily attacks is going back up. Down to about 30 to 40 a day in February, attacks are now up to at least 70 per day, according to statistics of US Central Command. The insurgency has demonstrated a keen ability to shift its tactics in the face of persistent US and Iraqi battlefield victories.



Heck. As of today The New York Times has started using those very-annoying gateway ads, the kind already used by USA Today, in which you (sometimes) have to click through a full-page ad to get to the story you want.



EDITORIAL - Washington Post
Tobacco Sellout
SINCE TAKING office, the Bush administration has spent more than $100 million suing the tobacco industry. This week it scuttled its own case just as it was approaching judgment. The episode looks like politically inspired malfeasance, and it should be investigated.

The decision appears to be the result of political pressure, not a judgment of the legal merits of the case made by the career lawyers trying it. It was made at the political echelon of the Justice Department and imposed on the trial team -- which strongly objected

COMMENTARY - Christian Science Monitor
Smoke alarms just went off
Why did government attorneys undercut a significant penalty against big tobacco? The court must overrule them.




Rise in bird attacks From Houston to Washington, it's been the year of aggressive mockingbirds, crows, hawks, and even woodpeckers.

Warning over crow attacks in London Joggers are today being warned about violent crows in London parks after an attack left a man bloodied and needing hospital treatment.



Cousin Brucie goes to satellite Veteran New York disc jockey Bruce Morrow, ignominiously dumped last week when WCBS-FM switched away from its oldies format, signed on Thursday with Sirius Satellite Radio. A phone call last Friday from management informed him that after 33 years as a New York institution, the station was going to a "Jack" format with a new playlist.

The announcement came on the same day that Sirius took out full-page newspaper ads in Chicago and New York plugging its satellite service to customers upset by Infinity's format changes last week at oldies stations in both cities.



Burglars smeared in oil wear only underwear

Man loses shorts at adult bookstore

3 a.m. lawnmower driver charged with DUI


The Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper has growed on up (more photos)
Danica McKellar lingerie


Pennsylvania "Naked Zorro" sighted again

New device invented allowing to see guardian angel

Crazy coffins exhibit opens (photos)



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