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Mon June 6 2005
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This site surpassed 2-million hits in May
Good morning Guatamala, India and Argentina!

Tomorrow San Antonio mayor and Dist 6 and 7 council runoff election • Voting locations and related info HERE

Christian Science Monitor
In San Antonio mayoral race, a fight for city's future
Tuesday's runoff is a contest between two very different men - and a stage for a Hispanic rising star.
SAN ANTONIO -- Phil Hardberger is all smiles as he meets with influential San Antonio Hispanics over heaping plates of chilaquiles, machacado omelettes, and refried beans. For the first time since he entered the mayor's race eight months ago, he is leading in the polls.
"..many believe Mayor Garza has given youth a bad name - and hurt Castro's chances - with two terms marred by fraud and ineffectiveness."

Final mayoral debate 5-6pm today on AM550 KTSA


Supreme Court outlaws use of medical marijuana Federal authorities may prosecute sick people who smoke pot on doctors' orders
Ten-Foot Poll on Medical Pot---RESULT
posted 1145a-12p Mon 6/6/2005
Do you agree with the Supreme Court's decision on medical marijuana?
Total votes 257

Drug Policy Alliance write to Congress




Lubbock developers creating sex offender-free neighborhood The subdivision's ban appears to be legal, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Sex offenders are not a protected class under the Fair Housing Act, HUD spokesman Jerry Brown said.

Lege didn't do much on toll road issue Gov. Rick Perry, who signed the 2003 law making conversions legal but would have to approve any in the future, has said he opposes them now. So does just about any politician or appointed transportation official you ask, now that angry crowds across the state have condemned the practice. No actual conversions have occurred.


Zeta-Jones stalker to be sentenced

This story is presented the way all babe-related stories should be: just a little typing, plus an over-supply of photos of the babe


EDITORIAL need a password and ID? Try luckyducky for both
Greene principal part of problem in public schools

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Marine gets apology after being 'expelled' from school

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Free credit reports
available through each of the three national credit bureaus: Experian, Trans-Union and Equifax. They may be contacted individually or as a group at Requests can be made online or by calling 1-877-322-8228

Louisiana's coastline is sinking; Texas' could be next
A controversial conclusion of a new report published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration finds the northern Gulf of Mexico is sinking much faster than geologists thought. By century's end, much of southern Louisiana may sink into the Gulf. The Texas coastline, including Galveston, could soon follow.

Missing A&M student found OK after 7 years was hiding from her family

The Mobility Myth
The gap between the rich and everybody else in this country is fast becoming an unbridgeable chasm.


secu·lar·ist n.

Poll: Religious devotion high in U.S. Religious devotion sets the United States apart from some of its closest allies. Americans profess unquestioning belief in God and are far more willing to mix faith and politics than people in other countries. In Western Europe ... Pope Benedict XVI complains that growing secularism has left churches unfilled on Sundays

Gov. Blow-dry criticized for bill-signing at evangelical school Making good on a Republican campaign call to celebrate with "Christian friends," Gov. Rick Perry traveled to an evangelical school in Ft. Worth on Sunday to put his signature on measures to restrict abortion and prohibit same-sex marriage. Gov. Perry said, "I'm confused where God is: He's everywhere. If we did this in a parking lot of Wal-Mart, God would be there."



Andy Borowitz


Former President Bush Unveils Dynastic Plans on 'Larry King Live'

In an appearance on CNN'S "Larry King Live," former President George H. W. Bush unveiled ambitious plans to extend the Bush dynasty in the White House, indicating that if all goes as planned the Bushes will rule the U.S. until 2090.

When asked if he hoped that his son, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, would run for president in 2008, the former president replied, "Yes, Larry, I think it's the smart one's turn."

The former president added that plans for a Bush dynasty had been in the works for years, and that a wall-sized chart outlining the family's plans to hold the White House for the better part of a century dominates the Bush family rec room at their Kennebunkport, Maine estate.

According to the former president, Gov. Bush's eight years as president would be followed by another eight by First Lady Laura Bush, at which time, he said, "The stage would be set for Barb and Jenna."

With the presidency of Jenna Bush wrapping up in the year 2040, he said, it would be time for "as-yet unimagined Bushes" to ascend to the nation's highest office.

Presidential historian Davis Logden of the University of Minnesota said he sees advantages in such an unprecedented White House dynasty: "It could provide useful continuity to have a Bush in the White House in 2090, because we will most likely still be in Iraq."

Elsewhere, in a sign of his improving health, former President Bill Clinton announced that he would join the search for America's Next Top Model.


Woman charged with smuggling fish in skirt

Yet more evidence of pedophile priest coverup


Lighthouse giveaway continues Pigeon Point, about 20 miles south of Half Moon Bay in California, is the latest of the nation's lighthouses the U.S. Coast Guard has opted to give away


FBI pushed on with botchy software Some FBI officials began raising doubts about the bureau's attempts to create a computerized case management system as early as 2003, two years before the $170 million project was abandoned altogether, according to a confidential report to the House Appropriations Committee. By 2004, the report found, the FBI had identified 400 problems with early versions of the troubled software -- but never told the contractors

US spending big bucks on port security ".. detectors so primitive that they can't tell the difference between highly enriched uranium and naturally occurring radiation in cat litter."

Standing ovations for Dan Rather at investigative reporters and editors conference in Denver. "Rather, who choked up several times, received standing ovations at the start and end of his 45-minute appearance."


Iowa Pork Queen

It isn't easy being Iowa Pork Queen

You get a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call, put on a rhinestone tiara and say things like: "A lot of your beauty products even have hog in them."


Six minutes of exercise 'as good as six hours' study was published in this month's Journal of Applied Physiology



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